Qualcomm's New Fingerprint Recognition Could Be Better Than Touch ID

With the launch of the iPhone 5S, Apple set an incredibly high bar for fingerprint recognition with TouchID. Until now, Android phones have failed to compete — but now Qualcomm is launching a fingerprint sensor that could change that.

The Tech That Will Kill Passwords Dead

Passwords are broken. Most people pick crappy passwords, and that inevitably leads to trouble.(We’re looking at you Sony Pictures.) Good passwords are basically impossible to remember. Heck, even the dude who invented passwords thinks they’re a total nightmare. The time to kill the password is overdue, and thankfully there’s some promising technology that will enable us to do that quite soon.

The Ultra-Laborious Way The FBI Matched Fingerprints To Paper Files

The FBI just switched over to Next-Generation Identification, a new digital system for keeping track of the 83 million fingerprint cards the bureau maintains. That means dismantling thousands of filing cabinets that were once hand-searched by Bureau employees, twenty-four hours a day. Here’s how they did it.

New Method For Analysing Fingerprints Uses Tiny Patterns Of Sweat

Fingerprints, as most of us know, are composed of whorls, loops and arches. But keep zooming in, and you’ll find tiny, tiny sweat pores arranged in patterns equally unique. Scientists in Korea have found a new way to map those pores that could help identify decade-old fingerprint fragments.

Apple Wants To Use Your Fingerprints To Unlock Your iPhone

Apple was just granted a patent for technology that could lead to a fancy new biometric unlocking mechanism on future products. The technology could also be used to implement new security features for ecommerce. The patent comes just a few months after Apple bought security technology company AuthenTec for $US356 million.

World's Smallest Fingerprint Reader Borders On Adorable

Following in the footsteps of USB flash drives that have shrunk to mere slivers of plastic, Eikon’s new Mini biometric fingerprint reader is barely noticeable as it hangs off your laptop. And the convenience of not having to remember passwords will cost you just $US10.

Police Save Blind Woman's Invisible Writing

Trish Vickers is a woman who went blind seven years ago because of diabetes. Instead of complaining, she’s been writing a book. Recently, however, she lost 26 pages of her novel because she didn’t realise the pen she was using had run out of ink.

Your Fingerprints Can Now Reveal Your Raging Coke Habit

Occasional tokers and functioning cokeheads beware. The latest in narc technology will now come in the form of a device that can tell if you’re stoned just by your fingerprints. In minutes!

Aussie Scientists Use Nanotechnology To Detect 'Unreadable' Prints

Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney have announced an major breakthrough in the field of forensic science that may help resolve countless decades-old cold cases by lifting prints off virtually any surface.

Turn Your iPod Touch Into A Fingerprint Scanner

I got my fingerprints done the other day (no, I wasn’t in trouble), and I was surprised at how stone-aged the whole process was. The FbF MobileOne actually smartens up fingerprintin’—it uses an iPod Touch to grab ‘em.