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Glowing Fingerprints Are The Latest In CSIRO's Forensic Arsenal

One CSIRO scientist who had his house broken into saw a potential for scientific development out of the crime scene that unfolded in his home. Seeing how much the police still relied on fingerprinting, he went on to develop a ground-breaking new crime scene identification technique to help collect criminals’ fingerprints. Rather than the outdated ‘dusting’ method that is ubiquitous in crime shows and murder mysteries, the new technique instead uses a liquid containing tiny crystals. Used on a surface, this liquid can make fingerprints stand out and glow under a UV light.

Your Computer Probably Can't Use One Of Windows 10's Features

How did I just do that? I’m using Windows Hello, a new feature of Windows 10 that logs you in with your face instead of a password.

New Software Turns Nearly Any Touchscreen Into A Biometric Scanner

In an effort to fix our broken password system, manufacturers are looking to the world of biometrics, sticking fingerprint scanners into everything from photocopiers to school buses. Now, a team of Yahoo researchers might have come up with a way to extend biometric recognition to anything with a touchscreen.

Apple Patent Could Bring TouchID To iPads And Macs

The next generation of MacBook laptops and iPad tablets could be opened with a scan of a fingerprint (or nipple-print, or toe-print, or sausage-print), as Apple’s TouchID patent looks ready to cover a wider range of the Cupertino firm’s products.

Rumour: HTC One Max Might Have Fingerprint Scanner

One starts, then everyone follows. Well, possibly: leaked images of HTC’s rumoured new One Max smartphone appear to show a fingerprint scanner nestled amongst its hardware, a la iPhone 5s.

WSJ: New iPhone Will Include Fingerprint Scanner

Ahead of today’s big Apple event, the Wall Street Journal is reaffirming rumours that the more expensive of the two phones to be announced will feature fingerprint scanning technology.

The iPhone 5S Home Button Ring Could Look Like HAL 2013

While it seems pretty certain that the next iPhone will come with a fingerprint scanner, what it will look like remains an open question. A “silver ring” around the home button (see below) is the prevailing theory; our friend Martin Hajek has taken a closer look at what that might mean in practice.

Sony Selling World's Tiniest USB Finger Vein Reader

Fingerprint security? Ha! Maybe that’s fine for those of you wearing zebra pants and slap bracelets.

Prevent Imposter Lovers With The Fingerprint Ring

Are you paranoid that your lover uses a lookalike stunt double on occasion? That her twin sister shows up instead of her? With the fingerprint ring, you can just compare fingerprints and know when it’s the real thing.

Future iPhone Patents Show Fingerprint ID For Different Gestures

MacRumors found three interesting patents that point to various new interaction techniques. The most interesting is the fingerprint ID directly on the screen so that the iPhone can see which finger you’re using and accept gestures appropriately.

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