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US Government Fines Google 0.0008% Of How Much It Made Last Quarter

Leave it to the US Federal Communications Commission to stick it to nefarious corporate overreaching: USA Today reports the FCC just slammed Google with a $US25,000 fine for collecting private information about American Wi-Fi networks. That’ll stop ’em!

Nokia Fined $55K For Aussie SMS Spam

Nokia got busted by ACMA today to the tune of $55,000 for sending out spam SMS to customers. Ouch!

New Yorkers Face Fines For Yapping On Phones While Street-Crossing

This isn’t the first time Senator Karl Kruger’s proposed a ban on mobile phone-use and listening to MP3 players when crossing the street. The motion didn’t get passed in 2007, so let’s hope the same happens again. [CBS via Gawker]

FCC Fines Verizon A Record-Breaking $US25 Million For Screwing Customers

Remember when Verizon recently said “sorry” to 15 million of its mobile phone customers for overcharging them to the tune of $US52.8 million? So does the FCC, which just levied a massive $US25 million fine against them for the error.

Secret Recording Busts Quota-Pushing Cops

Police quotas – mandatory numbers for nailing you with parking tickets and traffic violations – have always been one of those unconfirmed realities of urban living. But the New York Times has new proof, exposing an agenda from the top at the New York Police Department.

Speeding Fine Provokes Man To Purchase Expired Police Domain

Getting a speeding fine is enough to drive anyone to road-rage, but Brian McCrary decided to do something entirely different with his rage. While browsing the local police department’s website, he saw the domain was close to expiring…

Samsung-Led Cartel Fined $US404m In Price-Fixing Scandal

Nine chip makers – including heavy hitters like Samsung and Hitachi – have collectively been fined $US404 million by the European Commission over DRAM price fixing. Cartels: they’re not just for drug lords anymore.

Teen Hauled To Jail For Overdue Library DVD

What started as a routine traffic stop ended with a Colorado teen doing hard time. The offence? Not returning a House of Flying Daggers DVD to his local library. Come on, Colorado. You’re better than that.

Parents Of Balloon Boy Hit With $US42,000 Fine

Ah, Balloon Boy. It happened barely two months ago, yet it already seems ready to show up on an I Love the 00s nostalgia-fest. Anyway, Balloon Boy’s a-hole parents just got hit with a $US42,000 bill for the stunt.

Student Forced To Pay $US675,000 To RIAA For Sharing 30 Songs

Joel Tenenbaum admitted to sharing 30 songs with Kazaa back in 2004 (Kazaa! So quaint!) and was originally fined $US150,000 per song. He worked that down to “only” $US22,500 per song, but that’s still $US675,000 in total.

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