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10 Famous Movie Scenes That Actually Just Copied Other Movies

Video: It’s not really a secret that filmmakers influence other filmmakers or that movies inspire other movies. That’s just how things work. What’s more interesting is learning the origin story behind famous movie scenes, like how a Nazi propaganda film influenced Star Wars — or how The Shining‘s “Here’s Johnny!” scene was a carbon copy of a silent Swedish horror film.

What Makes Saving Private Ryan's Beach Landing Scene So Brilliant

Video: Some movie scenes are unforgettable, and Steven Spielberg’s reenactment of the Normandy Landing is one of them. Every shot feels chaotic, with indiscriminate bloodshed consistent with this brutal event. But as Nerdwriter1 explains in the video below, Spielberg’s filmmaking choices are anything but random.

The Staggering Evolution Of Stop-Motion In Film History

Video: Filmmakers have been stop-motion animation for aeons, but holy crap man, people have gotten really, really good at it. This video by Vugar Efendi tracks the evolution of stop motion in film starting with The Enchanted Drawing in 1900, which was really just a drawing of a face changing facial expressions, all the way up to the gloriously beautiful Kubo and the Two Strings, which was released this winter.

The Anatomy Of A Brilliantly Tense Movie Scene

Video: I’ve been impressed with the films of director Denis Villeneuve and enjoyed a good amount of Sicario, so it’s pretty fun to share this CineFix analysis of a ridiculously tense sequence in the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you can still probably enjoy the exhaustive breakdown of the scene, but if you have watched Sicario it highlights everything you enjoyed about the visit to Juarez, Mexico with such detail that you’d want to watch the entire movie all over again.

The 10 Best Structured Movies In History

Video: I don’t find myself thinking about the structure of a movie as often as I should. But after seeing this video from CineFix explain the different structures used in movies, I probably will. There’s a lot of information to unpack, and a lot of movies get mentioned, and a lot of their picks for the 10 best structured movies are a tad insufferable, but it’s still fun for me to watch because the movies get broken down from a different perspective.

The 7 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time

What movie scene scared you the most when you first watched it? Was it something embarrassing? Or is it something you’re still scared of, and if you see anything resembling it in real life, you completely freak out?

How To Do Violence In Movies Right

Video: There’s so much violence in movies that it doesn’t even matter any more.

What Makes A Movie Scary?

Video: Not all scary movies are actually all that scary so what is it about the best scary movies that make them so much more terrifying than the rest? It’s in the editing.

The Evolution Of Joker In Film And TV History

Video: The Joker is easily one of the best villains in film and TV (and obviously, comic book) history, but who is the best Joker? Jack Nicholson combined the mischievous campiness of the character with the deranged thirst for violence. Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight Joker is somehow just as iconic as Nicholson and fit Christopher Nolan’s Gotham perfectly. And Mark Hamill has basically become the standard-bearer of the Joker through his work in the animated Batman series.

Here Are The Difference Fight Scene Styles Used In The Bourne Movies

Video: I’m still not entirely sure we needed another Matt Damon Bourne movie after not having one for nearly a decade, but we’ve gotten one. It’s probably not going to be as good as the original trilogy. That’s why it’s nice to look back on the three Bourne flicks that were actually good. Specifically, their fight scenes.

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