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10 Movies That Used The Same Exact Set As Other Movies

Video: Hollywood recycles plots and story lines all the time. The same actors and actresses and directors are put in movies over and over. And the same sets are used to film completely different movies. It’s an incestuous industry. Sometimes when you’re watching a movie and you can’t quite put your finger down on why a scene feels the same, it might be because the movie is using a film set that you’ve seen before many, many times.

Watch Neil De Grasse Tyson On The Science Of The Good Dinosaur

Video: Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur hits cinemas on Boxing Day. And who better than Neil de Grasse Tyson to indulge in a bit of playful speculation about the film’s premise: what if the K-T asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago had missed Earth?

Every Frame A Painting Explains Why Buster Keaton Is Still A Classic

Every Frame a Painting is a fantastic look at film and how it’s constructed. Now, Tony Zhou has put together a new video essay, this time looking at how Buster Keaton’s works have endured for over a century.

Pixar's Dino Design Kicks It Old School In The Good Dinosaur

The cosmic shock came out of nowhere. One day, circa 66 million years ago, a chunk of space rock about 9.6km in diameter struck the Earth in what is now the Yucatan Peninsula, sparking the fifth mass extinction in Earth’s history. But what if the massive bolide had missed? What would life be like now if that mass extinction had been canceled? Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur imagines just that.

I haven’t seen the film just yet. Like everyone else, I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to watch the adventures of Arlo and his feral human sidekick Spot. But ever since the movie was first announced in 2012 I’ve been anxious to see what Pixar was going to do with its alternate evolutionary history that brings non-avian dinosaurs and humans together. A lot can happen in 66 million years, and I’ve been hoping that the film’s creators would go crazy with designs for new, strange dinosaurs never seen before.

Here Are 6 Movies That Blatantly Re-used Footage From Other Movies

Video: This is a fun one. Screen Rant came up with a list of movies that shows how films have recycled and reused scenes from other movies. This isn’t an act of homage or done in inspiration, this is footage taken from one movie (sometimes shot for shot!) and used again in another movie and hoping that no one would notice. You get to see it all side-by-side.

Fantastically Edited Video Combines Hitchcock And Kubrick Films Into One World (NSFW)

Video: Two masters of film get mashed up in what has to be the trippiest way possible. Jimmy Stewart wanders a world that combines elements from both Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick movies in this really well edited clip. We see Stewart run into Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining and walk through 2001 and more. It’s really weird but fun to see too.

Luc Besson And FIA Have Made A Nail Biting Child Road Safety Film

Titled Save Kids Lives, the film has been released to coincide with International Walk to School Day. According to WHO, 500 kids are killed every day in road crashes around the world. Watch the film and see some of the risks for yourself.

A Short Film Shot Through A Water Droplet Is Hauntingly Beautiful

An iPhone, a 5 yen coin, and a drop of water. That’s all Japanese designer Dan Tomimatsu needed to create his haunting surrealistic short film, O (eau), shot entirely through a makeshift “water lens.”

A Movie's First And Last Scene, Compared Side-by-side (NSFW)

We’ve seen film editor Jacob T. Swinney juxtapose the first and last shot of a movie before. Now he’s back again, comparing how 70 more movies open and close. Obviously there may be some vague-ish spoilers in some of the closing shots and a few of the scenes in this cut are NSFW but it’s really interesting just to see how movies start and wrap up their stories, visually.

10 Awesome Bloopers That Actually Made It Into Movies

Video: There is so much preparation that goes into a movie — so many takes captured of any given scene, and so much effort that goes into the camera work, and so much practice for the performances but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Mistakes happen, lines are forgotten, and bloopers are created. But sometimes those happy accidents end up being better than what the filmmakers originally intended.

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