Here Are 12 Of The Best Long Takes In Movie History

There are few legal things that can teleport you to another world as well as an excellent long film take in a movie. When those happen — think of those scenes in Children of Men or Goodfellas — you don’t feel like you’re watching a movie anymore, you feel like you’re seeing it happen in real life.

Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop: Where Gadgets And Dreams Collide

It’s not often that you get a chance to see the place where your childhood memories were literally built. It’s kind of like peeling back the curtain on your dreams and finding the architects of them busily at work, pulling the strings, painting the scenery and creating the characters you will vividly remember decades later. That’s what it’s like to visit Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

This Mystery Man Took Hundreds Of Photobooth Self-Portraits -- But Why?

We don’t know the identity of the mystery man in these photos, but, starting in the photobooth boom of the 1930s, he began snapping black-and-whites of himself. Thirty years later he had hundreds of nearly identical shots, and now the entire collection is being shown to the public for the very first time. This is some Amélie-in-real-life biz, and hoo-boy it’s fascinating.

George Lucas Explains The Birth Of Lightsabres

The lightsabre is perhaps the best ever sci-fi weapon — but how did it come to appear in the Star Wars movies? In this short documentary, George Lucas, actor Mark Hamill and sound designer Ben Burtt discuss how the lightsabre was born.

Watching Real Strangers Kiss For The First Time Is Not Pretty

Getting 20 hot, confident models to make out — like they do every day, for their job — is pretty and all, but it’s no big feat, really. Vice got 20 completely normal strangers to kiss each other. Some of them are awesome, some of them are weird, all of them are normal. It’s real life! Enjoy it.

This Sci-fi Death Match In Space Short Is Better Than Hollywood Movies

If you crossed Hunger Games with Oblivion, mixed in some feelings of Moon, sprinkled a little of action from that Bourne movie without Matt Damon and shook it all up with astronaut suits, futuristic guns, another planet and an eerie death match you would get Project Skyborn, a heart pumping short by Marko Slavnic. It’s amazing.

Take A Rare Tour Of Dubai's Crazily Hectic Shipyards

All that cement and steel has to come from somewhere. In an amazing video by filmmaker Brandon Li, we get a chance to stroll through a world not many see: The dockyards of Dubai, where everything from food to construction materials arrive in the UAE city.

How Many Of These Famous Movie And TV Cars Can You Recognise?

Famous cars in movies and TV shows are just as much a character to the story as the actors and actresses. If Batman drove a Volvo or Marty McFly time traveled in a Toyota, it just wouldn’t be the same. They’re iconic. So how many of these cars do you recognise?

OK, So Vertical Videos Are Now Art?

Unperturbed by the scourge of vertical video shot on mobile phones, a bunch of Serious Artists have banded together for a film festival devoted exclusively to incorrectly oriented videos. Why subject our eyeballs to such unnatural composition? For art, duh.

Watch Famous Movies Get Hilariously Recreated As Super-Fun Animations

This is so great. Famous movies you know and love — like Citizen Kane, Blade Runner, The Shining and others — are re-imagined and re-told in the form of a 30-second animation movie trailer. So E.T. becomes a horror flick, The Big Lebowski is now a Kung Fu tale and Citizen Kane becomes a story about a Gross Butt and not Rosebud.