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5 Beyond Brilliant Action Scenes In Movies

Video: Action movies are fun to watch but there’s a smart way to do action scenes and an epically dumb way to do it. The smart way focuses in on the details, tells a story within a story and makes sure we know just what the hell is going on amidst all the crazy. The dumb way? Explosions, shaky camera effects, chaos to blur the action and just a general messiness that doesn’t make any sense but looks cool.

How Different Colours Convey Different Emotions In Movies

Video: You may not realise it as you’re watching a movie, but directors are manipulating how you feel by playing with certain colours in each scene. Here’s a compilation of how the psychology of colour works in movies. For example, pink is often used to convey sweetness or femininity, while red is utilised for violence. Green for nature, blue for isolation.

What Makes Dialogue Great In Movies

Video: Dialogue is not exactly cinematic. It’s just people talking to each other, and it’s not always fun to watch either, since it’s often just words spewed to further the plot. But what makes some dialogue scenes so much better than others? Is it good dialogue like a real conversation?

The Beautiful Extreme Long Shots Of David Fincher

Video: It’s interesting when a director like David Fincher decides to step away from the action and place his camera far away from the scene to capture the world from an outsider’s point of view. Those long shots can reveal the isolation of his characters and can also provide a unique view that lets us take a breath as we’re absorbing everything that’s going on.

Why The Screenplay Is An Essential Part Of What Makes A Movie Great

Video: Who gets the credit for a great movie? The director, obviously. It was his vision that came to life. The lead actors and the rest of the cast too. Their performances left an impact. The cinematographer even gets some love for how the movie was shot. And, of course, we have to give credit to the story.

Here's Why Stanley Kubrick Was Such A Great Director

Video: If you have some free time, watch this 20 minute dive into why Stanley Kubrick was such a master filmmaker. If you don’t have some free time, make some. Channel Criswell’s look into the cinematic experience of Stanley Kubrick is so well done and so well researched that it’s absolutely worth checking out.

Cars 3 Will Feature An Intriguing New Character With High-Tech Credentials

Cars 3 isn’t due out until next year, but we’ve just learned a new tidbit about the latest entry in the popular Disney-Pixar series: there will be a character whose purpose is to help the ageing Lightning McQueen adapt to the newfangled ways of high-tech racing. Bonus: it will be a female character, too.

How Movie Sequels Play With Our Emotions By Recycling Nostalgia

Video: The Nerdwriter has a really interesting breakdown on intertextuality in movies, or the idea of how something seen in a movie is shaped by something previously seen in something else. A call back, of sorts. A cultural or genre nod, even. But what’s really interesting is how intertextuality is now used in a world of movies dominated by sequels, adaptations, remakes and shared universes.

What Makes A Movie Great?

Video: It’s a big sweeping question that can’t possibly have an answer. Is it the story? Is it the characters? Is it the cinematography? This examination by Now You See It attempts to break down what makes a movie elevate from good to great, and focuses on a few things: the impact it has on filmmaking (also known as why Citizen Kane is so great), the impact it has on our culture (also known as why Jaws is so great) and the impact it has on the individual viewer (also known as why whatever movie you think is great is so great).

The 100 Best American Movies In Film History

Video: To make this list — which I’m absolutely sure will be totally definitive, with no need for anyone to ever debate it, right? — critics from around the world were polled by the BBC to name the greatest American movies in film history. I’ll save you some surprises: Citizen Kane was first, The Godfather was second.

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