Hearing The Sounds Of Paul Thomas Anderson Films Is Pretty Interesting

I don’t immediately think of the sound when I think of Paul Thomas Anderson films because the cinematography of his films are so lovely to get lost in and his characters are so well crafted. But after hearing Jacob T. Swinney’s edit of the sounds of PTA, I don’t think I can watch, or listen, to his films in the same again.

26 Amazing Photographic Negatives

Photographic negatives. They look like strange poltergeists, or an oddworld version of our earth. But as snap-happy Gizmodo readers have proved, they’re not just strange; negatives can also be beautiful…

The Violent And Bloody Scenes Of Quentin Tarantino Movies

No one uses blood and gore and violence in movies like Quentin Tarantino does. Though it certainly drips and probably soaks through a lot of his movies, his scenes with blood can almost be balletic. Well, an excessive ballet, at least. Here’s a collection of some of the bloodiest scenes. NSFW and all that, naturally.

How Avengers: Age Of Ultron's Skull-Crunching Sounds Were Made

Avengers: Age of Ultron is the kaboom, smash, crunch action movie of the moment. Check out this short documentary about how the sonic magic was made.

How The Poetry Of Beautiful Films Is In The Details

Video: The world view changing Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting takes a deep dive into the films of Lynne Ramsay, a director whose work I’m mostly unfamiliar with, and explains how the poetry of a film isn’t in the plot but in the details. Like with most of Zhou’s videos, I walked away learning something I never really considered before.

The Complicated And Neurotic Characters Of David O. Russell Films

Movies made by David O. Russell are always interesting to watch because he always works with the most phenomenal casts. Why is that? Because his movies are filled with the most interesting characters and that allows actors the freedom to just go nuts which lets us watch beautiful people do interesting things. Full circle.

Watch The Top 10 Coolest Aeroplane Dogfight Scenes In Movie History

I’m not sure that CineFix included all the most visually awesome aerial dogfight scenes in their top 10 video for best dogfights of all time, but I do know that it’s always fun as hell to see two flying killer bird machines try to take down each other in an incredible array of skill, weaponry, quick reflexes and masterful film editing.

Man Of Steel Restored In Colour Looks So Much Better Than The Original

Man of Steel was mostly fine, but one huge problem with the movie was that it was just too dark. It embarrassingly cribbed its visual style off of Nolan’s Batman trilogy and that dark tone just doesn’t match up well with Superman. Visual Lab decided to restore the colour in the film and it looks so much better.

Video: A Tribute To 120 Years Of Movies [NSFW]

This video by Joris Faucon Grimaud basically covers the entire history of filmmaking. The clips stretch from 1895 to 2015 and include all the movies you watched as a kid and as a teen and as an adult and those films you didn’t see but know you should have seen just because you’re human.

All The Cool Driving Scenes From Quentin Tarantino Movies

Video: Few directors employ as many trademark shots as Quentin Tarantino. Jacob T. Swinney, who is prolific at documenting QT’s work, is back again this time, taking a look at all the driving scenes from Tarantino flicks. You can see odes to previous shots and scenes done in the same manner to evoke similar feelings.

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