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How Movie Sequels Play With Our Emotions By Recycling Nostalgia

Video: The Nerdwriter has a really interesting breakdown on intertextuality in movies, or the idea of how something seen in a movie is shaped by something previously seen in something else. A call back, of sorts. A cultural or genre nod, even. But what’s really interesting is how intertextuality is now used in a world of movies dominated by sequels, adaptations, remakes and shared universes.

What Makes A Movie Great?

Video: It’s a big sweeping question that can’t possibly have an answer. Is it the story? Is it the characters? Is it the cinematography? This examination by Now You See It attempts to break down what makes a movie elevate from good to great, and focuses on a few things: the impact it has on filmmaking (also known as why Citizen Kane is so great), the impact it has on our culture (also known as why Jaws is so great) and the impact it has on the individual viewer (also known as why whatever movie you think is great is so great).

The 100 Best American Movies In Film History

Video: To make this list — which I’m absolutely sure will be totally definitive, with no need for anyone to ever debate it, right? — critics from around the world were polled by the BBC to name the greatest American movies in film history. I’ll save you some surprises: Citizen Kane was first, The Godfather was second.

Here Are The First And Last Appearances Of Characters From Quentin Tarantino Movies

Video: Spoiler alert, obviously. Actually, are there really spoiler alerts when it comes to movies by Quentin Tarantino? Everybody knows that everybody dies. Room 237 made this really fun video of characters from all of QT’s films, like Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds, showing their first and last appearances. More often than not, that last appearance is when they’re bloodied up and about to die because they got shot or sliced or maimed in some way or another.

Retro Movie Posters With Retro Casts Look Better Than The Modern Versions

Sure, Jurassic World was fine. But what if it starred Harrison Ford in a retro sci-fi flick reminiscent of Westworld. That’s what the fantastic work of Peter Stults explores, dreaming up time-displaced posters movie with period-specific casts for films you’d kill to see.

How Excellent Film Editing Makes Us Feel Luke Skywalker's Failure

Video: A good movie owes a lot to great writing and acting. But the people responsible for the rhythm of emotional arcs and intimate moments of conflict are rarely if acknowledged. Those people are film editors, and counterintuitively, an editor is often at their best when their work is totally invisible.

The Expert Use Of Colour In Films By Guillermo Del Toro

Video: Films by Guillermo del Toro are always worth watching because they’re set in imaginative worlds that are filled with monsters and creatures and, apparently, drenched in colour. Quentin Dumas stitched this video together to show how del Toro uses red, blue and yellow tones (and sometimes all of them) to paint his films in order to evoke specific emotions.

Check Out These Famous Movie Scenes And Their Visual Doppelgangers

Video: New films are constantly building on the tropes and ideas of the films that came before them. Great films can be creative fuel for decades and decades of movies.

So How Does Analogue Film Work Anyway?

Even though it contains some of the most memorable images in human history, how many of us really know how film actually works?

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