How 3D Printing Is Making Better Movie Monsters

Cinematic special effects have come a long way since Jason and the Argonauts. What once required dedicated and labour-intensive filming sessions can now easily be generated in near-lifelike quality by modern CGI. But Luma Pictures, an animation studio responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster movie effects of the last decade, has come full circle and incorporated 3D printed analogue modelling into its design process.

Here Are 10 Of The Most Awesomest Movie Stunts In Film History

Video: CineFix has cooked up a list showing off the top 10 movie stunts of all time. They’re all fantastic and involve groundbreaking scenes where actors fight and jump off buildings, stuntmen fly, cars flip over and everyone defies death. They’re all ridiculous stunts that are epically unreal in scale but manage to make your palms sweaty and heart pound when you watch them.

10 Movie Trailers That Were Actually Better Than The Movie

On one hand, having a movie trailer be better than a movie means you don’t need to watch the movie. On the other hand, having a movie trailer be better than a movie means when you watch the movie you walk away with all-consuming disappointment. Here are 10 movie trailers that were better than the movie.

10 Tricks That Famous Movie Directors Use As Their Trademark

With some directors, you can immediately tell you’re watching a movie they directed just by looking at a still frame without any context. There’s a visual style they stamp on their films, a certain special effect they like, a narrative preference they utilise, basically, a trademark they have. WatchMojo came up with a list of the 10 most famous movie director trademarks in the video below.

Why Medium Format Is So Gorgeous (It's About More Than Resolution)

One of the biggest reasons to shoot film nowadays is medium format, an option that yields gorgeous results but whose digital counterpart is wildly expensive. It’s well known that medium format offers an increase in resolution and print size, but there are other advantages that make it a unique tool in a photographer’s repertoire.

A Brief History Of Hollywood And How It Adapts

Video: From patent trolls to online media, this potted history of Hollywood tells a tale of adaptation, profiteering and survival in the face of relentless threats — social, legal, financial and technological. Fascinating stuff.

10 Movies That Show How Great Editing Can Turn Movies Into Masterpieces

Editing is crucial for film. It can ruin a movie, and it can turn a good movies into a masterpiece. It’s a powerful weapon for filmmakers. CineFix has put together a top 10 list detailing what they think are the most effective editing moments of all time in the video below.

Why Is Michael Bay Considered To Be Such A Bad Movie Director?

Everyone knows a Michael Bay popcorn blockbuster is never going to be considered a cinema masterpiece. The same tricks — explosions, 360-degree shots, lamp posts, etc — are used over and over again. But he’s entertaining! Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting goes a little deeper to explain Bay’s ‘Bayhem’ bag of tricks and why Bay just isn’t a director that movie buffs like.

Here's Why Martin Scorsese Is Such A Fantastic Director

If you watch any Martin Scorsese flick you’d know how perfectly he marries music with his movies. But it’s his masterful use of silence that makes some of his scenes hit even harder. The absence of sound can be even more powerful than the perfect song.

How Jurassic Park Changed The Way Movies Are Made Forever

Here’s a fascinating bit of film history: one of the most incredible moments in movie history wasn’t in a movie at all but just a test shot for Jurassic Park. It’s that test footage — of a T-Rex walking — that changed movies forever. It’s that scene — simply called the Dinosaur Skin Test — that made filmmakers realise how powerful CGI was and how they could truly create whatever they wanted in movies.