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Photography Is Even More Satisfying When You Build Your Own Camera

If there’s one thing that’s keeping traditional analogue film still alive, it’s lomography’s relentless pursuit to keep the medium alive with unique cameras that always seem to bring a new approach to film photography. This time around it’s introducing the Konstruktor: a $35 build-it-yourself plastic camera that gives photographers a crash course on how they’re soul-stealing device really works.

World's First Handheld Movie Camera Was Shaped Like A Gun

You may have expected the first ever portable motion picture camera to be housed in some form of stuffy box. In fact, it was shaped like a rifle, which lends a new accuracy to the idea of shooting some film.

In A Fast Moving World, We Could All Do With A Roll Of 36 Exposures

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About everything. The business. Our “craft” and the economics and sustainability of what we do as creatives in this ever changing world. But that’s for a later post perhaps, and I always tend to think too much anyway…

Beautiful Things Happen When You Swallow 35mm Film

As part of a final project for a photography class, two students at Kingston University in the UK swallowed 35mm film and let their internal organs do the heavy lifting for them. After “collecting” the slides in a dark room, they fixed the silver and scanned the film with an electron microscope. The result is quite lovely.

The Only Film Camera I Would Kill To Own

I can’t put this Hasselblad 500EL in my pocket. And I can’t use it to snap shots on a daily basis — it will cost a gazillion dollars on film and development. But I would love to have one at home. Just to look at it. It’s a work of art. And it was used in the Apollo program. You know. On the moon.

This Gigantic Camera Takes Two-Story-Tall Photos

To celebrate the 200th birthday of the invention of the camera, photographer Dennis Manarchy built one of his own. It looks just like a classic film camera with a wooden frame, leatherette, and brass hardware but, oddly, I don’t remember cameras normally being 35-feet long.

Polaroid Z340 Looks Like Love Child Of Polaroid One And Point-And-Shoot

Polaroid might’ve ditched the instant film business but it doesn’t mean they can’t make digital equivalents. The Polaroid Z340 looks like a great digital compromise: classic body, digicam innards like 14 megapixels, flip-up LCD, etc. and ink-free prints.

Samsung's Crazy Boxy Camera Was Created To 'Look Into Future Technologies'

Unfortunately, Samsung’s lost camera prototypes that appeared on their website back in May were developed for “internal purposes” only, but one of their product managers has confirmed that the boxy model was a digital medium format camera.

Lomography Paints The LC-A+ Red For Russia Day

Eleven months before the next Russia Day, Lomography’s wrapped the classic Ruski film-camera in red goats’ leather and painted fertility symbols on it. Why they did that, I’m not sure, but I do like the soviet badge on the back.

Laser-Cut Camera Takes Film But Is Cutting-Edge In Other Ways

Considering this is a homemade camera knocked together with a few borrowed parts, it’s surprisingly high-tech, with the main selling point being that it was laser cut – and that you can make one yourself.

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