fighter jets

Video: Look How Close Blue Angels Fighter Jets Fly Together

Absurd. Like, seriously. Look at this fleet of Blue Angels jet planes fly in a perfect pattern in a practice session. The flight pattern they were practicing, I’m assuming here, is called “Let’s get these flying metal beasts as close as possible so that one inch of a mistake will kill us all”. The wing of one plane is right on top of the cockpit of the other. Nuts, these guys.

This Swarming Horde Of Black Stealth Fighter Jets Is Not A Movie Scene

We’re not preparing to fight the aliens. This isn’t a scene from Independence Day 2. It’s just a throwback photo of 25 — yes, 20 five — Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk black stealth fighter jets celebrating its 25th anniversary back in 2006. What a beautifully intimidating celebration of power it was.

McLaren Is Using Fighter Jet Technology For Wiper-free Windshields

Anyone who’s ever driven in a southern thunderstorm knows that windshield wipers suck. They smear water more than they remove it, and, my God, is that “whip-flick” sound annoying.

You Won't Believe These Soaring Fighter Jets Are Just Toys

What you’re looking at is not a real fighter plane. It’s a scale model that photographer Dan Ledesma shot to look like a real, full-sized jet. Badass.

Bing Maps Has Revealed Russia's Secret Stealth Fighter Jet

Bing Maps is apparently really great at one thing: revealing top-secret military information. After capturing a top-secret military base, Bing has now caught a stealth Russian aeroplane that’s been shrouded in mystery.

Holy Moly, Check Out This Awesome F-18 Cockpit Video

I love the GoPros or whatever cameras the people at the Carrier Strike Group 8 used to make this awesome video. It shows the complete experience of flying a VFA-103 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet on the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower.

Iran Photoshops New Fighter Jet To Make It Look Like It's Flying

Oh, Iran. Your Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet sure looks intimidating, but it will never get off the ground. So why do you insist on tricking everybody into thinking that the beast can fly? Iran has photoshopped the Qaher 313 onto a stock image of Mount Damavand to make it look like its flying.

These F-15 Eagles Can Transform Into A Robotech Mecha At Any Time

They are just fooling around in a local training mission over North Carolina, but these three F-15 Eagle fighters look as gorgeous and desktop picturesque as they come. So F-22 Raptors be damned; when it comes to Robotech-worth material, these mothers still win the race.

Watch A Fleet Of Red Arrows Fly Across London Spraying Colour To Celebrate The Olympics

The opening of the London 2012 Olympics went off with a figurative and a literal bang. You’ve probably seen countless videos of the fireworks going off over the London stadium, but I bet you haven’t seen three British fighter jets spray Union Jack-coloured cloud over the city.

The 10 Most Incredible British Military Machines

Once upon a time, the British armed forces ruled land, air and sea. That time might have been and gone, but British manufacturers big and small are still designing some of the most epic bits of kit for armies round the world. Forget London 2012, this is a collection of the top ten Made in Britain war machines.