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Not many people realise that Australia actually has a small but active group of robot warriors. From small events in a local shed to national and international competitions, these backyard boffins do battle.


This animated short by Nina Paley — in the tradition of the best Monty Python music skits — might not be an orthodox history lesson, but it's an accurate depiction of the horrible 6000-year bloodshed in the region of Palestine, with dozens of tribes and nations fighting each other to claim ownership of that land.


Who will win? Bruce Lee and his mighty kung-fu moves? Iron Man and his Martini-powered armour made out of cocktail shakers? You'll know as soon as you watch this cool video:


After Darth Vader kicked a Jedi Master's arse with the Dark Side of the Crutch, District Judge Andrew Shaw issued an arrest warrant against the Lord of the Sith. After dictating it, he added: "I hope the force will soon be with him" (really—God save the Judge, Queen, and English humour.) Vader arrived later, pleading guilty to assault. During the trial, however, the court found that the events weren't exactly as we were initially told: the Jedis were actually even more moronic than previously imagined.


A drunk guy dressed as Darth Vader, wielding a metal crutch, and probably making sounds like *swwoooshh* and *pew*pew*, assaulted and effectively kicked the arse of the founder of the first Jedi Church of England. The dork, a hairdresser called Barney Jones whose Jedi name is Master Hehol, was beaten down in his garden by the anonymous Vader while he was being interviewed for a documentary. Really. We mean this. The Jedi actually had this to say after the assault:


What do most of us do when we're repeatedly yanked around by Gadget companies who refuse to completely fix broken electronics? Most of the time we give up, resigning ourselves to the fact that we're not getting anywhere and eventually just buying a new phone/mp3 player/toaster to replace the defective unit. This man in Singapore refused to take this route when Nokia essentially ignored his repair claim, and took matters into his own hands using their version of small claims court. He sets a good example for all of us.


A woman who was sued by the RIAA for file sharing and had the charges dismissed with prejudice isn't done with the courtroom yet. She's decided to file a lawsuit against the RIAA for malicious prosecution.

Tanya Andersen, a disabled single mother, describes how she provided evidence of who really was using the Kazaa username in question, yet the RIAA ignored it and kept pushing on with their suit. They even tried to directly contact her 8-year-old daughter, calling her both at their apartment as well as at her former elementary school under false pretenses. If this case manages to succeed it will set a new precedent that will open the door for other former targets of the RIAA to jump on the pigpile. Go Tanya, Go!

Exonerated defendant sues RIAA for malicious prosecution


Dum-da-duuuuuuum! I wish I had some fabulously portentious-sounding music to play you, complete with booming Timpani, to announce some mano a mano between a bunch of Robotos and their crazy machines. This is a recent Robot Fight which took place in Osaka between a bunch of machines from the Two-Footed category. They're quite a bunch of Wacky Racers, IMHO.

There were 92 entries for the two categories (Super Regulation Class and Over Regulation Class) and we've got our hands on clips from both the finals. Super Digger took on Guardian - and won - in the SRC, and Dr GIY vs Ivre (which means "drunk" in French, useless fact fans) got up close and personal in the ORC. Check out the crazy referee who looks like he is talking to the 'Bots as they grapple away like a pair of rutting Meccano sets. galleryPost('robotfight', 8, 'robotfight');

Tons of clips, after the boink.