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The Long Pointy History Behind Hillary's Brilliant Logo

Since the announcement of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was no secret, it was her campaign design that was the big reveal of the week. The giant blue H marched its way to the forefront of the breaking news, but at the centre of Clinton’s logo is another, far more critical graphic element: The arrow.

How FedEx Has More Bandwidth Than The Internet

If you’re looking to transfer hundreds of gigabytes of data, it’s still — weirdly — faster to ship hard drives via FedEx than it is to transfer the files over the internet. But why is that, and when will it change?

Watch This UPS Employee Steal The iPad Mini That FedEx Just Delivered

Vimeo user alversae has posted a video which shows a UPS delivery guy wander up to the front of his house and steal his daughter’s Christmas present — an iPad mini — right off the porch where it had just been left by FedEx.

Amazon And 7-Eleven In The US Want People To Pick Up Packages Whenever They Want

Amazon and 7-Eleven in the US are now teaming up to address the problem of waiting and missing packages in the form of a parcel locker. In fact, it sounds pretty similar to a concept that Australia Post is trialling in Brisbane.

Does Patent Mean Google Has Shipping Companies By The Balls?

Patents related to shipping logistics normally aren’t the concern of the public. But when Google receives a patent for electronic shipping notifications, one has to wonder what that means for online merchants, like Amazon, and major shipping companies, like UPS.

Living With Complexity: How Apple Reinvented Music Distribution

iTune’s dominant position atop the digital music market is not happenstance. Donald A. Norman discusses how, through the integration of its products, design and service, Apple became a media distribution juggernaut.

Who Ships Those 300 Million Holiday Packages, Visualised

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or least, if you’re in the parcel delivery business. But who exactly is doing the brunt of the shipping this holiday season? Here’s how it breaks down.

Which Shipping Company Treats Your Packages Better?

It’s time to order presents in and probably send packages out. To me, a crucial question is: What’s the best shipping company? Who treats my stuff better while in transit? Popular Mechanics made a scientific test. Here’s the result.

FedEx Employees Rob FedEx Truck For Apple Gear

FedEx driver Francisco Matute was having a normal Wednesday until four masked individuals stopped his truck at gunpoint. Then two of the men got into the truck and took 10 boxes full of Apple gear. They were FedEx employees too.

Hopefully Your Courier Doesn't Throw Your iPhone 4 Like This

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Here’s a video we captured of a FedEx guy “dropping off” a package at our home. Hopefully the packaging on your iPhone is protected enough that this doesn’t happen to you.

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