Audi A3 e-tron: Australian Hands-On

Hybrid petrol-electric cars are evolving at a rapid pace, but early examples like Toyota’s Prius weren’t as earth-changing and fuel-saving as we’d all hoped. Ingolstadt is taking care of that last point, though — it doesn’t want to be massively revolutionary, but Audi’s new A3 e-tron city car marries an electric motor to a regular fossil-fueled engine, and it can travel 50km without using a drop of petrol. When it does use dinosaur juice, it does so frugally and sensibly.

20 Weird and Wonderful Comic Book Adaptations Every Comic Fan Should Watch

Guardians of the Galaxy is finally in the cinemas and guess what: it’s actually good! Unfortunately, for every good comic-book adaptation, 10 embarrassingly bad ones are created as well, leaving comic book fans with a plethora of B-movie mediocrity to trawl through. I’ve selected 20 weird, wonderful and laughably appalling adaptations that any die-hard comic fan (or newbie looking for a place to start) simply must see.

How Can We Better Spend Australia's $9 Billion In Research Funding?

Australia allocates around A$9 billion a year of taxpayers’ money for research, but how do we know if that money is being spent wisely? With the Australian Government threatening to reduce the amount of money allocated to research, it is time for researchers to take a more serious look at how to improve the research funding system.

Meet The Cross Board: The New Aussie-Invented Snowboard

Snowboarding is in a decline. The number of riders hitting the slopes is falling every year, and there’s little innovation in the range and variety of boards available to beginners and pros. One Aussie inventor, though, has a fascinating and innovative piece of hardware that might change all of that — and it’s already out on one of Australia’s best snowfields.

Perfectly Imperfect: Why This Next-Gen Driving Game Wants To Look Worse To Feel Better

When Forza 5 was released for the Xbox One, there was a huge amount of fanfare about how “real” everything looked. Perving on gorgeously-lit cars in the Forzavista mode made it the must-have launch title for the Xbox One. Driveclub wants to be the next “most-real” driving game on the market, this time for the PlayStation 4, but to achieve that the developers are actively making it look “worse” so to speak. Why?

How Design Observer Founder William Drenttel Changed The Conversation

Graphic designer William Drenttel died on Saturday, a multifaceted creative who played many roles: a em>Mad Men-era ad man, a design industry legend, an advocate for social change. But as the founder of Design Observer, the influential design blog launched 10 years ago, Bill irrevocably transformed the way we talk about design.

Parts Of New York City Are Built On The Ruins Of English Cathedrals

Last week, Jalopnik’s Michael Ballaban posted about what is easily one of my favourite urban stories of all time, which is that parts of Manhattan are actually built on the wartime ruins of English towns — churches, homes, pubs, libraries, shops, and businesses — all shipped to the U.S. as ballast during World War II.

What Feature Would Make Your Favourite App Perfect?

It’s crazy to think about how much we use our preferred apps. We track runs, take notes, dip into our endless RSS streams, sort Tweets, or use Shazam to keep from embarrassing ourselves when we don’t recognise a song. OK, that last one might just be me. Whatever. The point is that we’re intimately acquainted with these little software nuggets on our computers and smartphones and we know them inside and out.

The Best Future Android Features You Can Get Right Now

It feels like we’ve been waiting for a big new version of Android forever; Jelly Bean is great, but it could do so much more. Surprise: it actually does! All you have to do is take matters into your own hands.

Ed Husic And The War For Australia's Broadband Future

On a battlefield drenched in derp like rainfall drenched the Somme, a war has been fought for four years now and, from all reports, it’s a stalemate. Grenades are lobbed over sandbags in an effort to weaken the resolve of the opposing faction on a daily basis. Nobody is ceding ground and neither side will give up. It’s a war for the trenches of Australia: the pits and pipes and what should be routed through them and, in a bid to break the stalemate and win the war for Labor, there has been a change in leadership on all levels. Meet the new Three-Star General: Ed Husic, Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband, and get ready to take your orders.

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