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The 10 Scariest Ways To Die

Death is scary no matter what — but it gets even scarier once your imagination, and all your most insane phobias, begin to take hold. We white-knuckled our way through this list of the most terrifying ways to die. (Got a scarier one? Share it in the comments. Nightmares for everyone!)

Why Scaring Animals Is Good For The Environment

Big carnivores are scary, both to humans and the animals they prey upon. But as a new study demonstrates, the fear that these predators instill among their prey can have a positive influence on ecological health and biodiversity, a finding with important implications for conservation.

Fear Can Actually Kind Of Curdle Your Blood

Next time someone refers to a horror movie as ‘bloodcurdling,’ they might actually be kinda right. A new study shows that the fear experienced when watching scary movies is in fact associated with an increase in clotting agents in the blood.

I Thought This Crazy Dude Jumping Off A Radio Tower Was Going To Crash

Video: I started to watch this video expecting a routine BASE jump, but no, it’s nothing routine. “JT Holmes follows Mark Broderick as he pushes the limits of base jumping with nine front flips on a tower,” says the description. Indeed. Broderick cut it so close that, for a moment there, I thought he was going to crash.

This Is What Cocaine Addiction Looks Like In A Transparent Mouse Brain

Last year, neuroscientists unveiled a remarkable new technique called CLARITY that makes whole mouse brains invisible. And now they’re proving it’s not just a cool trick. A striking new video shows the complex circuits that light up when mice experience fear or cocaine addiction.

Avalanche Smashes A Skier In Scary Helmet Cam Video

Video: Luckily for Eric Hjorleifson, the avalanche that he started by going down a big mountain pillow line doesn’t fully consume him, leaving him relatively unscathed — he just “twisted his knee a bit.” You can hear the fear in his heavy breathing after the incident, though. I don’t blame him. It’s quite scary.

Watch Two Crazy People Climb The World's Second-Tallest Building

At this point, we’ve all seen the insane Russian dudes who dangle off of tall things. But that looks like child’s play when you see these Ukrainian guys scale the second tallest building in the world. Like, they literally go to the very top.

The Craziest Of The Russian City Climbers Is Beyond Insane

Kirill Oreshkin doesn’t appear to have any fear or vertigo. That or he’s the craziest of the craziest Russians who climb — without any safety measures — to the top of buildings, cranes, towers or any other structure that guarantees that they would end like a flesh omelette if they make the tiniest mistake.

What Happens To Your Brain When You're Scared Out Of Your Mind

Everyone knows what it feels like to be absolutely terrified. And while it might not be your favourite flavour of fun, you can’t deny it’s a rush. That’s because your brain takes fear as a cue to start dishing out its own kind of Halloween lollies in the form of delicious neurotransmitters.

Scientists Successfully 'Erase' Fear Using Scent Therapy

Have you had trouble shaking that fear of snakes or dogs or spiders? Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a new technique to re-channel memories while subjects sleep — by blasting them with various odours. It’s like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in Smell-o-Vision.

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