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FDA Moves To Ban Shock Devices Used To Treat Behavioural Problems

The US Food and Drug Administration wants to ban electrical stimulation devices used to treat behavioural problems, saying they pose an “unreasonable and substantial” risk to public health. Uh, you think?

It's About To Get Even Harder To Track Food Poisoning Outbreaks

Tracking food poisoning cases is laborious detective work, and sometimes the culprit is never revealed. Now the task of identifying sources of contamination could be even harder — and, paradoxically, it’s because of a test designed to diagnosis food poisoning faster and easier than ever before.

Proposed FDA Guidelines Remind Us How Terrible Tanning Booths Are To Our Health

The US Food and Drug Administration is proposing that minors be restricted from using tanning beds, and that adults sign a waiver acknowledging the risks. Given similar guidelines elsewhere in the world, and in consideration of the many health risks involved, these measures are long overdue.

These People Took DDT Pills In The 1970s To Prove It Was Safe

In 1971 two people in North Hollywood started eating DDT pills every day. That’s right, they willingly swallowed 10mg of poison every single day for three months. In front of witnesses.

US FDA Approves Device That Can Plug Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds 

The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared the use of the XSTAT 30 — an innovative sponge-filled gunshot wound dressing device — for use in the general population. Approved last year for battlefield use, the device can plug a gunshot wound in just 15 seconds.

US FDA Approves Salmon The First GM Animal Safe To Eat, Doesn't Require Labels

After decades of indecision, the US Food and Drug Administration has finally approved its first genetically modified animal as safe to eat. Welcome a fast-growing GM Atlantic Salmon to your plate.

Reminder: 'Natural' Food Means Literally Nothing In America

A box of powder-cheesed macaroni? Natural! A candy bar? Sure, why not: natural! A can of 7-Up? All natural! A bag of fruit snacks? Just chock full of natural flavour, friend.

Tim Cook: We May Make A Medical Product, But It Isn't The Apple Watch

Apple may make a medically approved device, but it won’t be the Apple Watch. At least that’s a according to Tim Cook in an interview with The Telegraph.

FDA Approved A Pill For Female Sexual Desire Disorder, But It's Still Not 'Viagra For Women'

Yesterday the Food and Drug Administration in the US approved flibanserin, a treatment for some premenopausal women who have lost their desire for sex.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram Ads Are Under Fire From The FDA

Kim Kardashian has shilled for a wide variety of different products, including diet pills and Silly Bandz. But her recent promotion of a morning sickness drug on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has gotten her into some hot water with the FDA.

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