FCC Releases 2,444,672 Public Comments About Net Neutrality

The FCC’s proposed “Open Internet” rule is the single most commented-on rulemaking in the history of the agency, with nearly four million submissions to date. The FCC just dumped all of the words from the second commenting period, which ran from July 19 to September 15.

Nexus Player Pulled From Google Play Store Over FCC Certification

It’s been a rollercoaster day for Google fans: first, the new Nexus Player and Nexus 9 pre-orders went live on the Play Store; but just a couple of hours later, Google’s set-top box was pulled, apparently because of its lack of FCC certification.

How To Make Sure Your Net Neutrality Comment Matters

If you’re in favour of a neutral internet — one that’s doled out equally to everyone, not preferentially to whomever pays the toll — you have a few more hours to do something about it. At least, to do something about it the official way, by submitting a comment to the FCC urging the agency not to overturn net neutrality. Here’s how to yell so that your voice gets heard.

The Internet Threw A Protest And No One Came

Remember when the internet rallied to defeat SOPA/PIPA? That was fun. Today, a coalition of websites are trying to create the same digital fervor to protect another looming threat to the free web: net neutrality. Unfortunately, this most recent campaign hasn’t impassioned the masses so much as briefly inspired a collective, heh?

FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comment Deadline After Responses Crashed It

After an overwhelming surge in traffic the past few days that essentially crippled the FCC’s comment page, the Commission has decided to extend its deadline. Meaning you now have until Friday, July 18, to post your initial remarks — if you can get the site to work, that is.

The Biggest Misunderstanding In The Net Neutrality Debate

Pending public rage, the FCC’s flawed net neutrality rules will kick in later this year. And yet despite the impassioned coverage in the media, it’s obvious that most people are still missing the point. As Wired points out today, a type of internet fast lane already exists, and nobody’s talking about how to shut them down.

Who Should Really Decide Net Neutrality's Fate?

Tim Wu, the guy who coined the phrase “net neutrality”, went nose-to-nose with the House Judiciary subcommittee on Friday morning to fight for the future of the internet. Congress wants to know if somebody other than the FCC should decide the fate of net neutrality. Wu, for one, thinks that’s a pretty silly idea.

Maybe It's Time To Build A New Internet

Last month, the US Federal Communications Commission voted to advance a plan that would strike down one of the core tenets of net neutrality, the principle that asserts that all internet traffic be treated equally. This act marked the latest move in a decade-long fight between internet users and large service providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.

The FCC Is Trying To Do Something Good For Once

In a blog post, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler recently promised the American people that his agency will intervene if more states pass laws that limit community broadband networks. It’s a nice promise. But remember: It’s just a promise.

Big Cable Is Tricking Advocacy Groups Into Fighting Net Neutrality

The public wants net neutrality. We’ve all made it pretty clear. But the cable companies don’t. They have already ginned up some lobbyist-funded, anti-neutrality groups, but now it seems they’re going a step further, tricking real groups into joining up.

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