FCC Mysteriously Lost Hundreds Of Thousands Net Neutrality Comments

As the Sony hack makes internet regulation a top priority, startling new revelations about how the FCC handled public comments on net neutrality just came in. New analysis of the data the FCC recently released about the process shows that the agency lost and/or ignored a whole bunch public comments. How many is a whole bunch? Oh, about 340,000.

Half Of Anti-Net Neutrality Comments From 'Shadowy' Koch Bros Group

When the second round of the FCC’s call for comments on net neutrality ended this past September, something seemed a little off. Sure, the 1.6 million submissions fell about a million short of the first round, but that wasn’t the weird part.

Intel, Cisco And Other Tech Companies Come Out Against Net Neutrality

More than 60 huge tech companies including Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco and IBM have written a letter to leaders in US Congress and the FCC opposing net neutrality. The free and open internet isn’t going to happen without a fight.

Future Gadgets In The US Won't Have Those Strange Logos On The Back

Ever looked at your phone and thought it would be a whole lot prettier without all those FCC logos and regulatory compliance numbers printed on the back? Well, from now on, they will be a thing of the past. Here’s why.

Politicians Who Regulate Big Cable Invest In AT&T, Comcast And Verizon

Ever wonder why big cable companies can do whatever they want? It’s partly because the FCC keeps its revolving door spinning. But it’s also worth knowing that the politicians in charge of regulating the US telecom industry not only receive campaign funds from them; some of them directly invest in companies like AT&T and Comcast.

90% Of American Households Have 3 Or More Devices Online

How pervasive has the internet become? Roughly 90 per cent of American households have three or more devices connected to the internet. And about half have five or more.

FCC Considering A Break With Obama's Thinking On Net Neutrality

On Monday, Barack Obama finally stood up for the internet — but the head of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, is said to be ‘frustrated’ with the President’s plan. And that means it may well break with Obama’s thinking.

What Obama's Net Neutrality Plan Gets Right

Yesterday, President Obama gave internet-lovers a virtual exploding fist bump in the form of a powerful statement on net neutrality. More than that, he gave the outline of a plan, and despite what some political opportunists would have you think, it’s a good one.

FCC Chairman Wants Time To Act On Net Neutrality

As a response to US President Barack Obama’s earlier call for the FCC to consider the internet as a utility, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has released a statement. It kind of agrees with the President, but… It kind of doesn’t.

Obama's Plan To Save The Internet, Detailed

Good news. The US president, Barack Obama, is finally standing up for the internet, and asking the FCC to classify it as a public utility. In other words, he’s asking the agency not to allow destructive things like fast lanes (a.k.a. paid prioritisation) or throttling. It’s a great day!

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