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Jeb Bush's Plan To Gut Net Neutrality

United States presidential hopeful Jeb Bush just published a love note to big business that would be amusing, if it didn’t give me second-hand embarrassment at witnessing a governor so explicitly express his adoration for corporatism.

To Test Its Drone Fleet, Google Uses A Sneaky Legal Loophole

Google has been working with NASA to test delivery drones in private US airspace, according to documents reviewed by the Guardian. While laws mostly prohibit commercial drones from such activity, NASA offers Google a convenient loophole.

PayPal Kills Its Terrible Robocalling Policy

When PayPal updated its user agreement earlier this month, people were pissed off. The agreement left people with two options: Agree to receive robocalls from PayPal, or stop using the service. Now the company is back-pedalling on the whole “deal with our obnoxious, aggressive automatic calling or GTFO” policy.

The FCC Wants All Phones To Feature Theft-Prevention Features

The Federal Communications Commission’s head Tom Wheeler has issued a challenge to the smartphone industry: he wants them to roll out a range of theft prevention features across the board at “no cost to the consumer”.

US Government Gets Impatient, Wants Cars To Talk To Each Other Now

In the future every car will talk with other cars on the road through vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V). But the US government doesn’t think that tech is coming soon enough. The US Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it will accelerate efforts to mandate V2V on American roads.

Read The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Here

This is it. This is the day that your overly specific and impressively sceptical questions about the Federal Communications Commission’s new net neutrality rules can finally be answered. The agency just released the full text of the policy that will protect the open internet.

Why America's Internet Is So Shitty And Slow

You may have heard that the internet is winning: net neutrality was saved, broadband was redefined to encourage higher speeds, and the dreaded Comcast-Time Warner Cable megamerger potentially thwarted. But the harsh reality is that America’s internet is still fundamentally broken, and there’s no easy fix.

The Lamest Official Reactions Against Net Neutrality

Let’s all agree on one thing: The Federal Communications Commission passing the strongest net neutrality rules in America’s history is a step in the right direction. But that didn’t stop an army of naysayers from crowing about an imaginary government takeover of the internet or how the new plan would slash their profits. Some chose half-intelligent ways to make those arguments. Others did some pretty dumb stuff.

A Look Back At The Long Road To Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on a proposal today that effectively bars Internet companies from prioritising some internet traffic over others. As John Oliver famously explained, “ending net neutrality would allow big companies to buy their way into the fast lane, leaving everyone else in the slow lane.”

Net Neutrality Wins: What Now?

It’s a historic day for the internet. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just passed the strongest net neutrality rules in this country’s history. This is great news! But let me repeat: The battle for net neutrality is still not over. In a sense, the real battle begins now.

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