Here Is The Spy Equipment That Powers The FBI's Secret Dragnet

The FBI is going to remarkable lengths to hide information about its surveillance program that intercepts calls and texts with equipment called Stingrays.

Where Are The FBI's Drone Privacy Reports?

The FBI is known to have flown unmanned aerial vehicles since at least 2005 and, like any other federal agency, it’s supposed to conduct a privacy impact assessment prior to such activity. But, according to Muckrock, the Bureau can’t track them down, and nor can the Justice Department office that’s supposed to collate them.

Plan C: America's Nuclear Doomsday Plan To Declare Martial Law

Newly released documents show that the US government drew up a plan in April of 1956 for how to deal with an impending nuclear war. What was its strategy? Declaration of martial law, evacuation of top American personnel to secret offices, and the immediate detention of over 12,000 people with ties to “subversive organisations.” It was called Plan C.

Google Handed Stacks Of WikiLeaks Email Straight To The FBI In 2012

WikiLeaks is demanding explanations after it has come to light that Google gave the FBI emails and digital data belonging to three WikiLeaks staff members when warrants were served in March 2012. It’s taken almost three years for Google to admit to WikiLeaks that it handed over the data to US authorities.

The NSA Saw Signs That The Sony Hacks Were Coming

When the FBI blamed North Korea for the Sony Pictures hacks, some wondered how that finding had been made so quickly. Now, new interviews and documents reveal that the NSA had tapped into North Korean networks years before the attacks and saw indications that such an attack may be imminent.

Report: The FBI Oversaw The NSA's Email Surveillance 

A newly declassified Justice Department report shows that the FBI has had a leading role in the NSA’s email surveillance program. The 231-page report, obtained by the New York Times, explains that “in 2008… the FBI assumed the power to review email accounts the NSA wanted to collect through the ‘Prism’ system.” It also developed the protocols that were used to ensure that the email accounts that were targeted didn’t belong to US citizens.

Report: FBI Will Finally Explain In Detail How North Korea Hacked Sony

The Intercept reports that the FBI Director James Comey will explain later today how his organisation determined that North Korea was behind the Sony Pictures hack.

FBI Director Says North Korea's Sony Hackers 'Got Sloppy'

FBI director James Comey just explained new details of the Sony hack at a cybersecurity conference at Fordham University in New York City. “Several times they got sloppy,” he told the audience, referring to the hackers. In more technical terms, the hackers revealed IP addresses in North Korea that they “exclusively used.” That’s how the FBI knows it was North Korea — or so says the director.

FBI Says It Doesn't Need A Warrant To Spy On Mobile Phone Calls In Public

If you’re in a public place, don’t expect your phone calls and texts to stay private. At least not if the FBI flies a Cessna over your head or drives a car around your neighbourhood while you’re out for a walk.

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