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Actual Tech Experts Tell US Government Scaremongers To Stop Panicking About Encryption 

If you listen to FBI Director James Comey or GOP US presidential candidate John Kasich, encryption is a dangerous techno-blight that lets bad guys “go dark” and plot in secret. Actual tech experts are puncturing these scaremongering claims, and a new report tells a very different story: “Going dark” is alarmist nonsense. Technology provides myriad novel opportunities to spy on enemies.

The NSA Can Spy On You With Or Without Encryption

The leaders controlling the US surveillance apparatus can’t agree on encryption. FBI Director Comey has hysterically characterised it as a safe haven for evil-doers. A high-ranking Department of Justice official insisted that encryption could cause a child to die. Meanwhile, the National Security Agency’s leaders are extremely chill about encryption — which is terrifying.

FBI Worried About Communist Spies Invading Disney Theme Park

Disney’s Epcot theme park in Florida includes exhibits of countries from around the world, staffed by student ambassadors from those countries. But before the theme park even opened in 1982, the FBI was concerned that EPCOT might become overrun with Communist spies from China, Poland, and the Soviet Union.

The FBI Director Thinks Encryption Is A 'Business Model Problem'

The latest round of FBI Director James Comey’s War On Encryption came during a Senate Judiciary Commitee hearing yesterday. Comey’s latest revelation is that encryption isn’t a ‘technical problem’: it’s a problem with the ‘business model’ of wanting to keep users’ data private.

IRS Admits To Using The Same Spy Tech As The FBI To Track 37 Phones

Last month, it was alleged that the Internal Revenue Service had been using Stingray devices to track people by scraping their phone metadata. Now, it’s admitted as much — and gone so far as to say that it wants another of the units, too.

Why Did The FBI Redact A Judge's Comments Mocking The FBI? 

The government hides information all the time, for a variety of reasons. As a recently unredacted court documents show, some of those reasons are flabbergasting-dumb.

Carnegie Mellon University Denies Being Paid $1M To Hack Tor

Last week, it was suggested that a research group from Carnegie Mellon University had been paid $US1 million by the FBI to hack Tor. Now, CMU has issued a statement denying that money changed hands — but seems to suggest it was forced to hand over data to the authorities.

Report Claims FBI Paid Carnegie Mellon University $1M To Attack Tor

Last year, Tor — the service which allows people to use the internet with anonymity — was attacked. Now, a new report suggests that the FBI paid Carnegie Mellon University a cool $US1 million to carry out the work.

US Judge Arrested For Trying To Bribe FBI Agent With Beer To Spy On People

A North Carolina judge was arrested this week for allegedly trying to bribe an FBI agent to obtain a log of text messages without a warrant.

The FBI Thinks Ransomware Victims Should 'Just Pay Up'

As documented in numerous Nicolas Cage movies, the FBI has a fairly strict ‘don’t negotiate with the terrorists’ policy. Unless you’re a company that’s had your files encrypted, in which case you should probably just pay the ransom. Welp.

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