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McDonald's Invented A Takeout Bag That Transforms Into A Serving Tray

What’s the biggest problem with fast food? Its terrible quality? Its contribution to the obesity epidemic? Obviously it’s the fact that diners have no place to put their food after removing it from the takeout bag.

Hilarious Photographs Recreate Renaissance Paintings With Junk Food

These pictures by photographer Rebecca Rütten made me laugh so much because she re-created Renaissance-era poses and still life paintings with people today and a whole lot of junk food. It’s a wonderful commentary on our culture and is pretty much what the Renaissance would look like, if it happened in 2015.

This Is How KFC Actually Makes Its Fried Chicken From Beginning To End

We’ve seen beyond the greasy curtain of fast food and discovered how KFC actually makes fried chicken from the raw animal to the final product that gets put into buckets and double downs at their stores. It’s basically like how your grandma would do it — except they use an infernal magic machine called “pressure fryer”.

Can Fast Food Restaurants Actually Make Burgers That Look Like The Ads?

Most humans have accepted that fast food burgers will never look as good in real life as they do in commercials and advertisements. Those puffed-up buns, saliva-inducing patties, perfectly melted cheese and wonderfully dressed greens are all disgustingly limp in real life. But we eat them anyway! But what if you asked the fast food restaurants to try a little harder? Could they make a burger look like the advertisements?

Carl's Jr Is Coming To Australia Very Soon

American fast outlet Carl’s Jr is coming to Australia, although you won’t be able to find it in Sydney — or any other capital city — straight away. A store on the Central Coast of New South Wales will be the business’s Australian beachhead, with a total of 10 franchises on the central, mid and northern NSW coast already locked in. Capital cities are in Carl’s sights, but nothing has been signed off just yet.

Fast Food Restaurants Were Supposed To Be Completely Automated By Now

In the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II, the food of 2015 looks incredibly familiar — it’s just prepared a bit differently. Toss a miniature Pizza Hut pizza onto a pan, stick it into your Black & Decker Hydrator, tell the machine how you want it cooked, and three seconds later your pizza is ready. The appliance even slices it for you.

This Crazy Pneumatic Tube System Will Deliver Burgers At 87 MPH

Waiter service too slow for you? How about a pneumatic tube that spits out sliders at 87 MILES PER HOUR? C One Espresso, a cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, has concocted just such a plan to deliver mini-burgers straight to your table via pressurised air.

Scanning Fast Food Makes Fast Food Look Even Worse

This isn’t exactly a news flash but hey, fast food isn’t good for you. And though sometimes that burger or that hot dog might look appetising in your head, it never looks like that in real life. Jon Feinstein’s photography series about fast food takes the common items we know and love and uses a scanner to create images of them. The results are haunting, soulless and almost depressing. This is the food we enjoy!

Burger King Has Invented A 'Hands-Free Burger Holder', Signalling The End Of Humanity's Achievements

We had a pretty good run, folks. Humanity invented some pretty awesome stuff. We figured out how to harness electricity, we split the atom and we’re even closer than ever to understanding the origins of the universe. All of that is for nought now, though: Burger King has just called a halt on all scientific achievements from here on out with the invention of the hands-free Whopper holder. Stop the planet. I want to get off.

The Wonderful World Of Exotic McDonald's Food

The golden arches hold a special place in our hearts (or waistlines). The Big Mac, the chicken nuggets, the french fries — they’re all in your face delicious and define McDonald’s better than Ronald ever could. But McDonald’s in other countries get to enjoy more than just the ordinary greatness; they have wonderful menu items, like poutine, green tea McFlurrys, Spam and spaghetti.

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