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Nerd Out On This Sprawling Oral History Of Apple Design

If you, like me, pored over the Steve Jobs biography (or perhaps over Jobs) looking for juicy tidbits about Apple’s design culture, you likely were sorely disappointed. We know plenty about Jobs’ mercurial management and even about his own aesthetic sensibilities, but for a company that’s so devoted to design — heck, it even stamps “Designed by Apple in California” on its products — we know very little about the designers behind Apple’s products.

The Most Beautiful Way To Clean-Up Space Junk

Space junk is everything from spent rocket upper-stages that measure metres across, to lost bags of tools let go by careless astronauts, to shattered Chinese satellites to flecks of paint moving at 25 times the speed of sound. Under the wrong circumstances any piece of junk could kill a perfectly good satellite or even an unlucky space-walker. How should we prevent dead satellites from adding to this dangerous cloud of debris? 

The State Of Internet Music On YouTube, Pandora, iTunes, Facebook

“The music business historically has been built around albums. This album-centrism is like saying the sun revolves around the Earth. We don’t listen to albums now; we listen to collections of songs.”

One Day A Tiny Flapping-Wing UAV May Spy On You

Robot aircraft – UAVs – are going to be big news in the future of warfighting, as the reveal of the UK’s new one proves. But have you thought about tiny UAVs for spying? Check out this robot insect to see the future of surveillance.

How A Small Studio Pulled Off A Major 3D Film Using Energy-Saving Technology

Traditionally, only the mammoth Hollywood studios could afford to work with 3D – it’s too expensive to build the necessary server farms that are air-conditioned 24 hours a day. The company behind Despicable Me tried something new, and cut the AC.

Intel Supercomputer Predicts Gulf Spill Atlantic Bound

BP may not know where oil from the Gulf gusher will go next, but Intel does.

The Check-Outs Of The FUTURE...Future...future

The team at Fast Company recently visited National Cash Register’s “Innovation Center” to get a sneek peek at some of the technology that might show up in ATMs, kiosks, and self-service systems in the (hopefully) not to distant future.

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