Gay Jeans Reveal Rainbow Threads With Every Wash And Wear

You may think you know a pair of pants when you buy ‘em, but denim’s true character isn’t revealed until your trou are well-loved, worn-in, and sudsed up a few times. Rather than just fade out like most pairs on the market — booooring — Betabrand’s new Gay Jeans (yup) have a technicolour surprise hiding underneath the regular indigo.

This Dude Wore A Different Band T-Shirt For 1000 Days In A Row

Like music? Buy albums? Go to concerts? Wear band T-shirts? Sure. But do you have a thousand different band T-shirts that you can wear for a thousand days in a row? Didn’t think so! Isac Walter does though. And he did it. He crushed it.

LED Fingernails That Actually Flash When An NFC Signal Is Nearby

Well, here’s an absolutely ridiculous fashion trend. Japan’s Takara Tomy Arts has created a collection of stick-on fake fingernails featuring embedded LEDs and tiny antennas that light up whenever the wireless NFC functionality of a nearby smartphone is being used.

You Can Decide What NASA's Next Spacesuit Prototype Will Look Like

The Z-2 suit is the newest prototype in the Z-series, NASA’s next-generation spacesuit platform. After creating the Z-1 prototype, the U.S. space agency wants you to get involved to the development process, because they have three quite different design concepts — and, some times, professionals need a little help.

These Silk Scarves Are Patterned With Real Raindrops

Depending on what you’re wearing, unexpected downpours can be real outfit ruiners. Rather than block the drops, Dutch designer Aliki van der Kruijs used them to make natural patterns on specially-treated silk scarves.

Do These Powerlaces Match My Hoverboard?

Hadley Freeman over at The Guardian has declared that Back to the Future is this season’s big fashion trend. Which makes complete sense, right? It’s almost the year 2015 — the very year that Marty visits in the BTTF sequel — so bring on those Nike powerlaces and hoverboard-friendly sneakers! Or not.

Hipster Beard Transplants Are All The Rage These Days

Everybody’s heard of hair plugs, but did you realise you could get a full beard transplant? A growing number of men are catching on. It’s apparently becoming a very popular thing to do.

The Design Of Abba's Clothing Was Actually A Form Of Tax Evasion

The design of disco supergroup Abba’s stagewear was not just influenced by the sequined needs of being a dancing queen. The design of their clothes was also a form of tax evasion.

Clever New Clothes To Protect You From Germs On The Train

The news that measles might be spreading through San Francisco’s BART network not only triggered a warning from the transit authority itself, it is also a particularly alarming reminder that public transportation can be, well, disgusting. Winter’s runny noses, summer’s sweat, spring’s sneezing allergies — it doesn’t really matter the season. When you ride the bus or train, often the last thing you want to do is touch the straps or hang on. Could a new line of clothing help protect you from the germs?

How A Simple Fabric Pattern Uplifted A Post-War Finland

In the years after World War II, most of Europe was devastated, both physically and financially. From this drab reality, one country began producing bright, technicolour textiles, including a print which bolstered its economy, created national pride, and ended up becoming one of the most beloved and recognisable patterns in the world.