The Designer Of The Nike Swoosh Was Originally Paid $US35

In 1971, Carolyn Davidson was a design student at Portland State University. This is where Phil Knight, one of the founders of Nike and an assistant professor at PSU, struck up a conversation with her and asked Davidson to come up with some logo designs for his new sportswear company. Davidson designed the swoosh, perhaps the most recognisable logo of the 20th century. She was paid just $US35 for her work.

These Sunglasses Are Made Of... Hemp?

Briefly: These sunglasses may make you look good, but they could make the planet look better, too — because rather than plastic, their frames are made from flax and hemp.

Bellroy's Elements Collection: Leather Wallets For The Outdoorsman

We love Bellroy wallets here at Gizmodo. They’re made from lush leather, they’re well-built and they’re all about slimming down and getting rid of unnecessary bulk. The new Elements range of three weatherproof sleeves look like they should stand up to some serious punishment, while looking pretty damn good at the same time.

This Season's Vans Are Made Of... Cork?

If you’re after a new pair of kicks, Vans is offering up a new take on its classic designs that are made of… cork. With black eyelets, laces, fabric lining and an ultracush HD rubber outsole they look kinda neat — just don’t let anyone come close to you if they’re holding pins.

Watch Plastic Ocean Junk Become A Pair Of Wild Multi-Coloured Sneakers

The fact that our poor oceans are overflowing with our disgusting floating garbage is not news, but we keep on keeping on disposing of a crazy amount of non-biodegradable trashola — and lightly worn wardrobes. A new project called Your Shoes Are Rubbish represents one small step towards increasing awareness of the massive problem; these kicks were made entirely from washed up junk.

This PVC Pouch Folds Up Like Origami To Protect Precious Things

An origami-inspired purse sounds needlessly complex. Futzing around with folds when you’re trying to find your keys in the abyss of a bag? No thanks. But! But: The reality of this Distortion clutch, designed by tech-friendly design icon Issey Miyake, is rad. Like, I-would-definitely-carry-the-hell-out-of-this rad.

I Would Totally Wear High Heels Equipped With Hydraulic Springs

Oh, high heels. You look so hot but hurt so much. Think a little interior padding will save your feet from a world of pain? Psssh. The Kinetic Traces collection by London College of Fashion grad Silvia Fado Moreno, however, are like Easy Spirits with an advanced engineering degree. Check out the hydraulics on these babies!

Google's First Fashionable Glass Frames: Perhaps Not That Fashionable?

We’ve long known that Google wanted to make Glass fashionable, and now it’s teamed up with Diane Von Furstenberg to create a series of alternative frames for its face-mounted computer. You can decide for yourselves if they look good or not.

Adidas Climachill Shirt: Australian Review

The worst part of running isn’t actually the running: it’s sweating like a pig and overheating to the point of throwing up. Adidas has developed a shirt it thinks can help you out, and we’ve been outside for a change to give it a test.

Four-Year-Old Boy Recreating Fashion Poses Is Just Adorable

I think we’ve met the cutest four-year-old boy that has ever existed. Or, if not the cutest, at least the coolest. But, if not the coolest, then definitely the most stylish. His name is Ryker and he recreates fashion poses to adorable success. Just look at him, he looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ.

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