Monster Machines: Australian Solar-Powered Ladybug Might Just Save Global Agriculture

It’s getting increasingly difficult to feed humanity’s seven billion-plus mouths, especially as climate change begins to wreak havoc on the world’s staple crop supplies. While efforts are being made to find hardier alternatives, a research team from the University of Sydney has developed a tool to better manage the crops we’ve already got.

There's A Plan To Breed Bald Chickens That Can Survive Global Warming

In a few decades, global warming will likely make our unbearable summers hotter, longer, and even more unbearable. So think of the chickens. Or, if you can’t find a place for chickens in your heart, think of the chicken nuggets and hot wings that you’ll miss. That’s why researchers at the University of Delaware want to breed a heat-resistant chicken with no feathers on its head and neck.

Monster Machines: This Manure-Tossing Monstrosity Can Shred And Spread A Whole Car

Fertilising your garden is no easy feat when you have acres upon acres of farmland to cover. That’s why industrial farming complexes rely on massive mechanical manure spreaders to evenly distribute cow crap. And atop this poopy pile sits the king of shit slingers, the Artex CB1200.

One Man's Insane Plan To Make Oculus Rifts For Chickens

Problem: Too many chickens don’t have room to roam around and be happy. Solution: Strap virtual reality headsets onto said chickens so they think they’re free-range. No seriously, an assistant professor at Iowa State University seems to think this is a good idea, but he has to be kidding. Right? RIGHT?!

Corn Grown In Space Caves Could Be The Future Of Farming

A new discovery could take corn farming to perhaps the last place you’d expect to see it: in underground mines and caves. Perhaps, eventually, even to other planets. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s real, and it could drastically change the future of food production as we know it.

Commercial Beekeeping And The Rise Of Bee Thieves

Every year, bees all over the United States make a long, artificial migration to California by truck. Renting out bees to pollinate almond trees has become a big business with the explosive growth in California’s almond industry. Where there is money, of course, there are thieves.

The Food Growing On This Building Will Be Served At A Restaurant Inside

France will make quite a statement about feeding the world when it unveils its pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. Not only will vegetables, herbs and hops grow on the building’s exterior, but that same food will also be served at a restaurant inside. In fact, the whole place is set up to be like a market from the future.

Monster Machines: This Weed-Seeking Airport Tractor Spells Death For Dandelions

Weeds growing up through the cracks in airport tarmacs aren’t just unsightly, they can create traction hazards for landing aircraft. But rather than rely on a squad of human herbicide applicators, one French airport is leaving the job to a single computerised spraying system. They call it “The Weedseeker”.

Tour The Fish Farm Hidden In A Hong Kong High-Rise

In cities as crowded as Hong Kong, there is nowhere to go but up, up, up — even for fish. So, on the 15th floor of a high-rise, is a mini ocean in the sky: 80,000 litres of salt water where young groupers swim under cool, blue light. Could this be the future of urban farming?

The US Grows The Most Productive Plants In The World, Says NASA

Remember learning about America’s “amber waves of grain?” Well, it turns out that the United States’ bread basket — a.k.a., the Corn Belt — is even more productive than previously thought. In fact, during its growing season, it’s the most productive land on Earth, according to new NASA data.