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Japanese Company To Build The World's First Autonomous Farm

We had a hunch that the future of farming was going to be all about robots, and naturally, Japan is taking the lead. Last night, Kyoto-based firm Spread made a bold announcement: In two years time, it intends to be running the world’s very first fully-automated, (mostly) human-free farm.

We're Growing Twice As Much Food (with Far Fewer Farms) Than We Used To

How do you grow more food? One answer that makes sense is with bigger farms and more farmers. But if you look at the last half century-or-so worth of data, that’s not at all what’s been happening.

GMO Food Isn't Coming To Get You, It's Been Here All Along

Worried that genetically-modified foods could be quietly, secretly, making their furtive way towards your plate even as we speak? Don’t be — people have already been eating them for a long time now.

Watch This Massive Machine Dig Up A Ridiculous Amount Of Carrots At Once

Video: Seeing the actual process of farming vegetables or fruit or any food item is always fascinating because we get to see how it’s actually done in real life as opposed to just seeing the end result at the supermarket. Machines have also made the concept of farming so much different than what it used to be so it’s enlightening just to see the sheer impact that these behemoth monsters have. I mean, just look at how many carrots this Dewulf GKIIISE snares.

No, El Niño Will Not Fix California's Drought

The newest forecast on El Niño and California’s drought suggests the state could be in for a very wet winter. Does this mean the drought will finally be fixed and Californians can go back to filling up their swimming pools with kilos and kilos of almonds? Nope, not even close. Here’s why.

A Simple Explanation For The Paradox Of How California's Almonds Boomed In The Drought

Something strange is happening in California: A punishing drought has been hanging over the state these last five years. And yet, in the middle of it, water-guzzling almond production is skyrocketing — and has been every year of the drought. What’s going on? The answer lies in an agricultural quirk.

The Underwater Farms That Could Help Stop The Death Of Our Oceans

It seems like every week brings a new doomsday study about the death of our oceans. But off the coast of Long Island, an underwater farm is demonstrating how sustainable ocean farming can clean the water, give sea life a safe haven, and turn kelp into the “next kale.” Its creators hope the model will catch on — and a recent $US100,000 award will give it more capital to develop the idea.

By 2100, Spring Could Come to America Almost A Month Earlier

Something odd is happening to the seasons in America. Spring has been showing up progressively earlier, and a new model shows that by the end of the century, it will likely be showing up a full 23 days earlier — but it may not look quite like the Spring right now.

How Low-Tech Farming Innovation Can Make African Farmers Climate-Resilient

Scientists, politicians and the Pope are not the only ones calling for action on climate change these days. Farmers are observing changes in rainfall, temperature and other patterns in weather that have spurred them into shifting their farming methods. In fact, while climate change is not a source of scientific contention, how to farm in the future is a hot topic in the scientific realm.

It Takes $1500, 6 Months, And A Lot Of Farming To Truly Make A Sandwich At Home From Scratch

How do you make a sandwich at home? Grab some bread, slap together some mustard and mayo, throw in some turkey, add some cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions, and then eat it right? That’s what normal people do but that’s a total shortcut. How do you truly make a sandwich at home and from scratch? It involves farming vegetables, milking cows, killing a chicken and so much more.

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