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The Underwater Farms That Could Help Stop The Death Of Our Oceans

It seems like every week brings a new doomsday study about the death of our oceans. But off the coast of Long Island, an underwater farm is demonstrating how sustainable ocean farming can clean the water, give sea life a safe haven, and turn kelp into the “next kale.” Its creators hope the model will catch on — and a recent $US100,000 award will give it more capital to develop the idea.

By 2100, Spring Could Come to America Almost A Month Earlier

Something odd is happening to the seasons in America. Spring has been showing up progressively earlier, and a new model shows that by the end of the century, it will likely be showing up a full 23 days earlier — but it may not look quite like the Spring right now.

How Low-Tech Farming Innovation Can Make African Farmers Climate-Resilient

Scientists, politicians and the Pope are not the only ones calling for action on climate change these days. Farmers are observing changes in rainfall, temperature and other patterns in weather that have spurred them into shifting their farming methods. In fact, while climate change is not a source of scientific contention, how to farm in the future is a hot topic in the scientific realm.

It Takes $1500, 6 Months, And A Lot Of Farming To Truly Make A Sandwich At Home From Scratch

How do you make a sandwich at home? Grab some bread, slap together some mustard and mayo, throw in some turkey, add some cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions, and then eat it right? That’s what normal people do but that’s a total shortcut. How do you truly make a sandwich at home and from scratch? It involves farming vegetables, milking cows, killing a chicken and so much more.

The World's Largest Indoor Vertical Farm Is Being Built In The US

This week, a former steel factory in Newark, New Jersey began its transformation into a new life as a vertical farm that will feed millions of people — it will grow up to 907 tonnes of kale, arugula and romaine lettuce per year when it’s finished.

Swarms Of Soil Sensors May Help Farmers Water Smarter During The Drought

We’ve extensively covered California’s drought, in which farming is playing a key role. While there’s no easy answer about how to restrict agricultural water use, a new startup wants to help farmers all over the country conserve valuable H20 using smart sensors that dictate where — and when — to water their crops.

The Complicated And Fascinating Life Of Farming Leafcutter Ants

Here’s an interesting look at the life of leafcutter ants, the tiny little farmers of the world. They cut off the leaves of trees and essentially use it to farm the fungus they need to feet their little ant colony. It’s an impressive undertaking, carrying the leaves as they do is the equivalent of humans carrying more than 600 pounds with our teeth.

Watch How Seeds Grow Into Vegetables In These Fascinating Time Lapses

It’s shameful, but I think it’s true for most of us city-dwelling non-farmers: almost all of our experience with fruits and vegetables come from the supermarket. We’re completely clueless on how things grow and what they look like in the farm. Here’s a few quick timelapses that show how radishes and broccoli and kale grow from seed to fully edible vegetables.

Government-Subsidised Cotton Farms Are Sucking The Colorado River Dry

Not too many drought stories have focused on cotton. As one of the thirstiest crops, it was long abandoned by many farmers in the regions hardest hit by unprecedented water scarcity. Except for one part of Arizona, where cotton blooms defiantly, even today. Because here, the more cotton fails, the more the US pays farmers to keep growing it.

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