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Check Out The Wreckage Of SpaceX's Almost-Landed Rocket

SpaceX landed a rocket on a barge earlier this week, until it tipped over and exploded. Now the drone ship is back in port with the wreckage on deck. The Falcon 9’s engines are looking shockingly intact for surviving launch, reentry, landing and an explosion!

SpaceX's Returned Rocket Still Fires, Mostly

A rocket is only reusable if it still works after landing. Elon Musk reports that the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX successfully landed at Cape Canaveral performed well during testing, although with some yet-to-be-explained fluctuations.

Watch SpaceX's Rocket Land, Then Fall Over

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 came very close to sticking the landing on a drone barge earlier today, but sadly, in the space industry, second place just gets you a fireworks show.

SpaceX's Rocket Didn't Quite Stick Its Barge Landing, But The Satellite Is Good!

It’s a mostly-good day for SpaceX. They succeeded in their primary mission, delivering the Jason-3 oceanographic satellite into orbit. Their secondary objective was less successful: the Falcon 9 first stage rocket reached the bard, but crashed on landing.

Just How Dirty Does A Rocket Get Launching To Space Then Returning To Earth?

This. This is how dirty. Coolest part? Check out those huge clean swaths where the landing legs protected the rocket’s paint job from soot, dust, and singeing. We never thought we’d feel tingly about a grungy old rocket, but this one is doing the trick.

These Are The Most Bad-Arse Photos From The SpaceX Rocket Landing

Image Cache: Not only did SpaceX land their Falcon 9 rocket, but they looked damn good while doing it. This is how to do a return-to-flight with style!

Despite Landing In Once Piece, SpaceX's Reusable Rocket Won't Fly Again

Yesterday, SpaceX successfully sent a first-stage booster to space, and then landed it vertically minutes later. It’s a proof of concept that is supposed to make space cheaper by reusing components, but this booster is destined to never fly again.

Try Landing The SpaceX Falcon 9 Yourself With This Flash Game (It's Impossible)

Vertically landing a rocket ship the same way it takes off is one heck of a challenge. That’s why SpaceX hasn’t quite pulled it off just yet, and why this Falcon 9 lander flash game will frustrate you to no end.

SpaceX's New Hangar Is Looking Good

SpaceX is taking over Launchpad 39A, the iconic pad at Kennedy Space Center that launched all the Apollo missions, and the first and last Shuttles. Things are looking good at the future launchpad for Dragons.

SpaceX Still Doesn't Know Why Its Falcon 9 Rocket Blew Up

On Sunday, Elon Musk’s SpaceX saw another rocket explode — this time only minutes after launch. And following what must have been a fun night of review for the SpaceX team, the verdict on what went wrong is in: They don’t have a clue.

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