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Watch This Compilation Of SpaceX Launches For The Crashes

Video: Yes, we could watch that gif of the Falcon 9 rocket landing itself on a drone ship all day long. But, after watching this string of the last four years of SpaceX’s rockets hurtling through the air, it turns out there’s one thing that’s even better: crashes.

SpaceX Just Landed A Rocket On A Drone Ship

Minutes after a smooth launch of its Dragon spacecraft this morning, SpaceX hit a long-standing, elusive goal: It neatly landed the Falcon 9 rocket that had launched the Dragon right down on a drone ship like it was no big deal.

Watch SpaceX Launch An Expandable Space House To The ISS And Then Land The Rocket On A Drone Barge

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is making its first cargo trip back to the International Space Station (ISS) since its June attempt ended unexpectedly with the ship exploding itself, and its cargo, in mid-air. Watch today’s launch happen live right here at 6:43am. Don’t be late!

Watch SpaceX's Fifth Attempt To Launch Its Falcon 9 Rocket Live, Which Will Make You Question The Very Nature Of Reality [Updated]

For the fifth time in just over a week, SpaceX is trying to launch its Falcon 9 Rocket. Am I stuck in a timeloop? Is any of this real? Am I here? Are you?

Watch SpaceX Try To Launch Its Falcon 9 Rocket For The Fourth Time, Live [UPDATED]

SpaceX is making its fourth attempt in less than a week at getting its new Falcon 9 rocket launched. Will it finally make it up? Let’s see!

Watch Falcon 9 Rocket (Which Even SpaceX Thinks Will Crash) Launch Live

Video: Join us to watch live as SpaceX attempts to launch and land its Falcon 9 Rocket. Even the company itself says, “a successful landing is not expected”. Oh dear.

SpaceX Is Getting Busy

Earlier this month, SpaceX said they were ready to move into mass production with its Falcon 9 rocket. Yeah, no kidding.

Check Out The Wreckage Of SpaceX's Almost-Landed Rocket

SpaceX landed a rocket on a barge earlier this week, until it tipped over and exploded. Now the drone ship is back in port with the wreckage on deck. The Falcon 9’s engines are looking shockingly intact for surviving launch, reentry, landing and an explosion!

SpaceX's Returned Rocket Still Fires, Mostly

A rocket is only reusable if it still works after landing. Elon Musk reports that the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX successfully landed at Cape Canaveral performed well during testing, although with some yet-to-be-explained fluctuations.

Watch SpaceX's Rocket Land, Then Fall Over

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 came very close to sticking the landing on a drone barge earlier today, but sadly, in the space industry, second place just gets you a fireworks show.

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