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Facial Recognition Software Lets You Find A Camgirl Who Looks Just Like Your Crush

Megacams.me, a site that touts itself as a “live sex search engine”, has just introduced its latest feature: A search function that lets you upload pictures of your crush to find camgirls that look just like her.

Palmer Luckey Says He's Sorry, Sort Of

Surrounded by a swirl of controversy after published reports connected him to an alt-right political organisation, the 24-year-old Oculus exec has issued a statement saying he’s sorry his actions “are negatively impacting the perception of Oculus and his partners”.

Facebook's Bad Year Just Got A Lot Worse

While Facebook’s stock has continued to boom throughout 2016, this year has been full of PR nightmares for the world’s most popular social network, which, among other things, has been accused of censorship, grilled by the US Senate and sued by the IRS in recent months. On Thursday, however, that bad press finally became something that could hurt its bottom line when news broke that Facebook juiced a key stat to advertisers, inflating it by “60 to 80 per cent” for years.

Facebook Royalty Reveal Master Plan To 'Cure All Diseases'

Back in April, Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world that he is, in fact, God, and said he wanted to “[help] to cure all diseases by the end of this century.” Today, accompanied by Priscilla Chan, his wife and co-pilot on the God plane, Mark announced a $US3 ($4) billion plan to cure disease.

Facebook, Definitely Not A Media Company, Will Broadcast The US Presidential Debates

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make one thing absolutely clear: “[Facebook is] a tech company, not a media company.” That may or may not explain why Facebook is partnering with one of the largest news organisations in America to cover three of the biggest nights in US television history.

Science Shows How To Be Popular On Facebook

The University of Sydney conducted a study — the first of its kind — into how different kinds of posts on Facebook influence how many “likes” you will receive.

Sheryl Sandberg Grovels To Head Of State After Facebook Botches Vietnam War Photo Removal

On Friday, Facebook screwed up yet again and flagged Nick Ut’s Pulitzer prize-winning photograph of Phan Thị Kim Phúc. After a massive wave of public backlash, the social network finally decided to apologise and reinstate the photo. Now, however, it’s going even further with its apology — all the way to Norway.

Facebook Admits Pulitzer-Winning Photograph Is Not Child Pornography

You probably recognise Nick Ut’s infamous 1972 photograph of charred Vietnamese children running away from the site of a napalm incidienary bomb detonated by the South Vietnamese Air Force in Trang Bang. Earlier this week, however, Facebook effectively banned the Pulitzer-winning photograph from its own site. Now the site is backtracking as quickly as it can.

Facebook Stops 'September 11th Anniversary' From Trending Due To Hoax Story

Facebook’s trending news module is making headlines again, and this time it’s for propping up 9/11 truther nonsense as “news”. Instead of simply removing the offending article, however, the platform has now dropped the trending topic — broadly titled “September 11th Anniversary” — altogether.

Store Is Very Sorry For Exploiting 9/11 With Its 'Twin Tower Sale' Commercial

In a deeply regrettable attempt to cash in on human tragedy using viral video magic, a company called Miracle Mattress decided to film and post a bizarre commercial promoting its “Twin Tower sale.” Welp!

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