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Facebook Will Now Favour Friends Over Pages In Your Newsfeed

Bad news for anyone running a business on Facebook — feed ranking has changed, to preference user’s friends over pages they have liked.

Facebook says the platform was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family, and this change reflects that. An increase in promoted posts and ads from businesses trying to reach a decent audience is surely a less benevolent benefit, though.

Facebook Uses Your Location Data To Suggest Friends

In case there was ever doubt, it’s not a coincidence that after a night at the bar, someone you met there pops up in your Facebook “people you may know” the next morning.

Tech Giants Quietly Automating Process To Remove Extremist Content From Sites

The technology that was designed to remove videos from the internet with copyrighted content could be used for good, according to a report from Reuters. That use? To fight extremism.

US Customs Wants To See Foreigners' Dumb Tweets And Embarrassing Snaps

If you’re a foreigner travelling into or out of the United States, US Customs and Border Protection wants to see your social media accounts. If my Twitter account is any indication, they are in for a dumb, boring time.

Facebook's New Gehry Building Includes The World's Least Functional Bike Bridge

In 2012, Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg posed for a series of photos that sealed their intertwined fates: Gehry, arguably the world’s most famous architect, would design a new campus for Zuckerberg, arguably the world’s most powerful not-lizard person. Surely with all this money and talent coalescing like a hunk of molten aluminium, Facebook’s new HQ would garner universal “Likes“. Instead it’s more “Sad” than “Wow”.

Facebook Offers Political Bias Training In Wake Of Trending Controversy

Facebook is adding political scenarios to its orientation training following concerns, first reported by Gizmodo, that workers were suppressing conservative topics in its Trending news section.

Facebook Is Paying Celebrities To Use It 

Get ready to see Gordon Ramsay in your Facebook news feed, right next to your high-school friend’s endless wedding updates.

Wow, Mark Zuckerberg Is Incredibly Paranoid

Mark Zuckerberg, a man who runs a service that collects the personal information of more than a billion people daily, seems to be worried about being spied on. There’s something very interesting in the photo Zuckerberg posted late last night to celebrate Instagram’s 500 million monthly active users. Can you see it?

Brits Are Mad Because Facebook Told Them It's Summer

Not that anybody needed a Facebook “it’s summer” reminder to begin with, but Brits are doubly annoyed that they got the greeting when it’s pouring rain outside.

The Bizarre World Of Unsolicited Mark Zuckerberg Fan Art

Mark Zuckerberg, who made a fortune turning his own social anxieties into a website, is an odd person to fawn over. He’s not a great public speaker. His motivations are questionable. And he copied his fashion sensibilities from a likely sociopath. And yet! Some members of Facebook are enamoured with him. So much so that they have taken to blanketing his Timeline with their own, lovingly crafted fan art — each Zuck creepier than the last.

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