Facebook: The DEA Can't Use Fake Profiles To Chase Suspects

Remember how the US Justice Department decided it was just fine for a Drug Enforcement Administration agent to steal a woman’s identity and set up a fake Facebook account to chase subjects? Well, Facebook’s not OK with that.

Facebook Now Lets You Log Your Safety After Natural Disasters

There’s a growing trend of social media being used in the aftermath of natural disasters for information sharing — but Facebook is now working to formalise it. It’s launched a service which allows people to register themselves as safe when large-scale disasters occur.

US Justice Department: It Was OK For A Federal Agent To Impersonate This Woman On Facebook

An overlooked US Justice Department court filing explains that a federal agent had the right to commandeer a woman’s identity, set up a fake Facebook account using her details and even post provocative photographs of her found on a seized phone. Buzzfeed reports that a Drug Enforcement Administration agent stole the identity of Sondra Arquiett, who then went by the name Sondra Prince, back in 2010.

Report: Facebook Is Going To Release An Anonymous Chat App

Facebook’s stance on real names drew criticism recently, and it looks like the social network is leaping vigorously in the other direction. Sources within the company told the New York Times that Facebook plans to release an app that would let people talk anonymously.

Looks Like Facebook Messenger Is Prepping Friend-to-Friend Payments

Facebook Messenger has a friend-to-friend payment feature in the works, and it’s already set up in the app. It’s just not turned on for the general public.

Reuters: Facebook Is Working On Its Own Healthcare Services

Facebook already knows the most intricate of details about your life. Now, according to Reuters, it has plans to monitor your health too.

Casey Neistat Riffs On How Snapchat Is Murdering Facebook With Youths

To us olds, it might not immediately be apparent why Snapchat is good for anything other than sending people NSFW photos and videos. But to the kids it’s the only way to communicate. Casey Neistat explains in his latest video.

Facebook Says Whoops, Updates Rules For News Feed Manipulation

A few months ago, the world found out that Facebook made its users into test subjects, showing some folks artificially happy (or artificially sad) News Feeds to see if it affected the emotions in the user’s own posts. The internet was not happy about that. Now, Facebook says it’s updated its research guidelines in response.

Facebook Apologises Over Real Name Policy But Doesn't Back Down (Yet)

Facebook just posed a statement apologising for the consequences of its draconian policy requiring that people use their “real” names on Facebook. The policy was used to unfairly target members of marginal LGBT communities, but we’re promised a solution is in the works.

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