William Shatner's Not A Fan Of Facebook's Celeb App, Mentions

Not for the first time, William Shatner found himself embarking upon a brave mission into the unknown. His destination this time? Facebook’s trial of the Mentions app, designed to help the famous super-followed keep on top of their social media presence.

Facebook Adds A Save Button Since There's Too Much Crap On Your News Feed

Over the years, Facebook has slowly morphed from a voyeur’s wet dream into what is now essentially a popularity-based RSS feed. And since there’s only so many listicles one can read in a day, Facebook just added a “Save” feature that compiles all your readables for viewing at your leisure.

Twitter, Facebook And Snapchat Are Turning Into Storefronts

Earlier today, three of the biggest names in social network land — Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat — all announced major pushes towards mobile payments. But it’s not your friends they want to help you funnel money to — it’s advertisers.

Facebook Now Lets You Buy Things Straight From Your News Feed

Facebook is just full of surprises today. After releasing its new Mentions app earlier, the company has just announced the latest in its long history of experiments: giving you the ability to buy things straight from your News Feed.

Facebook's Newest App Is Just For Celebrities

After nearly a year of quiet testing, Facebook is finally releasing its newest app specifically built for monitoring your interactions on Facebook and dubbed Mentions. The catch? Celeb-status users only, please.

This Girl's Facebook Cover Photos Are Just Fantastic

Facebook cover photos aren’t just a banner at the top of your profile page; they’re an art form. We were impressed when we saw these masterworks from Libby Cooper. And apparently so was Nikki, who took them as inspiration to make an awesome batch of her own.

Facebook Messenger Finally Comes To The iPad

It’s taken its time getting it out to us, but Facebook has finally pulled its socks up and pushed out a universal build of its Messenger app for iOS devices. iPad users can now chat and send silly stickers to their pals just like they can on an iPhone.

What Everyone's Getting Wrong About Facebook's 'Creepy' Study

If you’ve been anywhere near this great, big internet of ours over the past few days, you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s outrageous breach of trust. Except, at least this time, Facebook might not be entirely in the wrong.

Researcher: Facebook Psychology Study Breached Ethical Guidelines

Over the weekend, the internet exploded over the fact that Facebook had conducted psychological experiments on user news feeds. While Zuckerberg’s team doesn’t see a problem with that it did, academic researchers seem think it breached ethical research guidelines.

Facebook Doesn't Think Manipulating Users' Emotions Is A Big Deal

If you missed this outrageous study published earlier this month in an academic journal, here’s the nutshell version: In January 2012, a Facebook data scientist, along with two university researchers, tweaked the News Feed of almost 690,000 users to display more “positive” or “negative” stories to figure out if “emotions are contagious on social networks”.