How To Disable Facebook's New Auto-Enhance Photo Feature

Good news if you’re not all that brilliant at snapping Facebook photos on the go: Mark Zuckerberg and his algorithms will now automatically enhance images for you, no extra work required. But what if you don’t want your images tampered with? What if you really were going for that badly lit, washed out look? Here’s how to disable the new feature, should you wish to.

Facebook Is Ditching Bing's Search Results

Facebook and Microsoft have had a relatively long-standing partnership when it comes to search: for years, Facebook searches would also show Bing results, and Bing queries have thrown up results from your friends. But history seems to mean very little to Facebook, which appears to have quietly killed Bing results.

Showing Off On Social Media Is A Stupid Game

If life was a video game right now, it’d be a pretty terrible one. That’s because it would just be levels of Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams and social networks that would encourage us to pimp our lives for likes. And push us to hashbrag what we do. And to make sure the world sees our selfies. Team follow back. Gross.

Facebook Wants To Save You From Yourself And Your Drunk Selfies

Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence research to a potentially creepy end: The social network’s top minds want to build software that can do anything from read your status updates to warn you when you’re about to upload an embarrassing picture. Put another way, Facebook wants to stop you from uploading drunk selfies.

Ebola Ebola Ice Bucket Robin Williams Ebola: 2014 As Told By Facebook

This is what we the users have wrought. Facebook released today a list of topics we wouldn’t shut up about in 2014. Not a spoiler: It’s a whole lot of Ice Bucket Challenge.

Facebook Finally Lets You Search For Specific Posts

Facebook is getting some long overdue functionality to help you find not just people and pages, but also specific posts from the past. So as in the example above, if you search for your friend Jessica’s wedding, it will search full posts for keywords “Jessica” and “wedding” and hopefully return the result you were looking for. It’s hard to believe this is new.

No, Facebook Isn't Reporting People Who Pose With Guns To US Authorties

Is Facebook really reporting people who post pictures of themselves with guns to the Department of Homeland Security? No. It’s just another case of a news “parody” site being mistaken as a legitimate new source.

How Facebook Is Hacking Together A Better Data Centre 

Data centres are boring. They have to be; these are spaces of control, consistency, security. You wouldn’t expect to find much creativity inside the plain facades of these highly-regulated structures — much less hacked-together experiments involving robotic Blu-ray storage systems and thousands of Mac Minis.

What Today's Facebook Supreme Court Case In The US Means For Free Speech Online

How carefully do you think about the things you post on Facebook? Depending on the outcome of today’s US Supreme Court hearing, that answer could soon be way more carefully than you ever have before.

Opinion: You Don't Get To Complain About Privacy Anymore

You may have read reports this week that put Uber in hot water. A company executive has reportedly been caught following a journalist using the company’s back end software, and talked about spying on people who say bad things about the service. That has shocked users around the world. That reaction confuses me. If you’re using a phone, you don’t get to complain about privacy anymore.

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