Opinion: You Don't Get To Complain About Privacy Anymore

You may have read reports this week that put Uber in hot water. A company executive has reportedly been caught following a journalist using the company’s back end software, and talked about spying on people who say bad things about the service. That has shocked users around the world. That reaction confuses me. If you’re using a phone, you don’t get to complain about privacy anymore.

Facebook Groups: Another New App You Don't Want Or Need 

Facebook’s Great Unbundling isn’t stopping anytime soon. And the latest little birdie pushed from the nest is none other than Groups. Because someone somewhere has to want a standalone Groups app somewhere. Probably?

WhatsApp Now Provides End-To-End Encryption For Your Messages

Encryption is a vital tool in helping keep your messages tucked away from prying eyes. But trying to stay safe while texting meant also being siloed into effective-yet-niche chat platforms such as Silent Circle. But today WhatsApp will start bringing end-to-end encryption to its 600 million users.

Report: Facebook's Working On A New 'Facebook At Work' Site

Fancy creating a little more distance between your social and professional facades on Facebook? Well, the Financial Times is reporting that Zuckerberg and his people are working on a new site called “Facebook at Work” that will do just that.

Facebook's Wind-Powered Data Centre Is Now Processing Your Posts

Facebook’s first data centre powered solely by renewable energy is now in operation in Altoona, Iowa. The centre was expected to open in 2015, so it’s ahead of schedule.

How To Open Links In Your Mobile Browser Instead Of The Facebook App

There’s a new change to Facebook’s mobile apps that means whenever you tap on a link you’ll see the resulting webpage open up in the app’s own stripped-down browser window. Facebook does display a brief warning — and claims that this new method is faster all around — but if you want to turn it off then you need to toggle a setting inside the app.

Say Thanks With Facebook's 'Say Thanks' Feature

Facebook is about to go live with a feature that will put together a video of you and a friend’s time together, as a way to “say thanks”. It’ll go live on phones and desktops at the same time, with a video recorder and all of your old media to deal with.

Facebook Messenger Surpasses 500M Users

Being the Messenger app that everyone loves to hate apparently doesn’t put a dent in user numbers, as Facebook’s heavy-handed approach to get people using chat with even broader privacy permissions just won half a billion users.

5 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Didn't Answer As He Discussed Appletinis

This afternoon, Facebook users got a chance to interrogate Mark Zuckerberg about the company’s future. Well over 10,000 questions were submitted before the Q&A, many thoughtful, some pressing. So of course he answered the goofy ones.

Facebook Just Made It Super-Easy To Kick Junk Out Of Your News Feed

Facebook’s rolling out a handy little update that lets manage your News Feed better. It lets you see what pages or people you’re seeing the most of in your News Feed, and banish the ones you don’t like. Goodbye forever, Stupid Blog I Hate.

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