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Facebook Might Have Just Fixed The Apple TV's Dumb Login System

Logging into apps on the new Apple TV currently involves entering a password with an onscreen keyboard, a process that makes Centrelink look organised and efficient. It’s Apple’s screwup, but Facebook might have just come to the rescue.

Here's A Reminder Why You Shouldn't Bother Doing Dumb Facebook Quizzes

When everyone around you is Facebook quizzing, sometime’s it can be hard to resist the lure joining in yourself. But next time, breathe deeply and move on — remembering the privacy implications we’re about to remind you of.

Phuc Dat Bich Is A Massive Faker

The Australian man claiming to be “Phuc Dat Bich“, the Facebook user who had been denied access to the social network as its “Real Name” policy had deemed him a fake, has revealed that the episode was indeed a prank.

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

This week’s apps include a few that will be fun or useful for groups — whether you’re delayed at the airport or sitting around the table after dinner.

Facebook Is Testing A Weird Way To Make Break-Ups Easier

Break-ups suck. There’s no way around it. But now, somewhat perplexingly, Facebook wants to make it easier by offering a tool that will block your ex’s name or photo from showing up and ruining your day.

How Mark Zuckerberg Is Engineering Facebook To Be More Like Google 

A billion people logged into Facebook on a single Monday this past summer, prompting all sorts of hot, hot theories about where Facebook is headed. Now Mark Zuckerberg has given us some insights, and describes a future for Facebook that sounds… a lot like Google.

NSW Police Force Caught Illegally Spying On A Private Facebook Page

Rhys Liam Halvey was in for a surprise when, after four months of illegal surveillance on his private Facebook page, he was arrested and charged with three counts of using a carriage service to offend police and three counts of publishing an indecent article. The arrest has since led to a formal complaint to the Police Integrity Commission, with a magistrate ordering costs against the police and condemning their actions as a “criminal offence”.

How Facebook Is Stealing Billions Of Video Views

Video: One of the best video explainers on the Internet, Kurz Gesagt’s In a Nutshell series, goes on the offensive this time and explains why Facebook is so terrible: they’re turning a blind eye toward people who steal videos so they can goose their video view count to hit billions. And actually, they prefer that stolen footage because they support videos using their own video player over that of YouTube videos. Which totally screws over the people who actually make the videos you like to watch.

Facebook's 'Safety Check' Lets You Locate Loved Ones In Paris

A Facebook feature implemented to help track people after natural disasters has been launched tonight to help people connect with their friends and family after the Paris attacks.

Get Ready For More Ads On Instagram

Facebook is looking down the barrel of a future advertising crisis, so it’s trying to think up new ways to put “buy now” links in front of your peepers. The company’s top brass believe the answers will come from Instagram, Whatsapp, and video.

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