Facebook's Latest App Is A Dialler With Caller ID For Android 

Facebook’s quest to conquer your phone continues with Hello, a new dialler app that replaces the one that comes natively installed on your Android phone. And if you’re not partial to anything, it’s probably worth a try.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Just Plain Bad At Net Neutrality

Mark Zuckerberg means well. Or at least the billionaire says he does in a recent blog post about net neutrality and the Facebook-backed nonprofit Internet.org. Long story short, publishers in India are pulling their content from the Internet.org app over apparent net neutrality violations, and well, Zuck’s reaction is pretty much: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Facebook Is Giving Aussies A New Mini Social Network As An Experiment

Remember how Facebook experimented on people and that sucked? This is kind of the opposite of that: Facebook is releasing a new feature just for us that gives Aussies access to a brand new sidebar and a new kind of secret status update. Suck it, America.

Watch A Facebook For Windows App Being Built In Three Minutes Flat

We’re always being told (via the medium of pop-up ads) how easy it is to “make a top-10 app instantly” and “earn $$$ working from home”. But, as this video, which lasts all of three minutes and forty-two seconds serves to show, making an app can be really easy these days.

A Google Patent May Soon Make Social Media Spoiler-Free

It’s something we’ve all felt. The low, sinking kick in the metaphorical groin when you’ve read some arsehole’s tweet or post, expounding on some previously unknown spoiler. But maybe social media doesn’t need to be such a minefield of potential despair.

Facebook's Messenger App Is Now A Full-Fledged Social Network

Facebook just checked off another step in its plan to turn Messenger into its own separate service — launching a distinct web version of its messaging app. If you go to Messenger.com today, you’ll see all your Facebook messages without dealing with Newsfeed.

You Can Now Serve Divorce Papers On Facebook

What to do if you need to serve divorce papers to a spouse that’s nowhere to be found, or dodging your calls and visits? Send them a Facebook message, of course. This is now an accepted way to start the process of ending a marriage.

The Forgotten Offices That Shaped Apple, Facebook, And Google

Online, Apple, Facebook and Google are competing to control the future of technology. Offline, they are competing to build the future of corporate architecture — small cities nestled in the Silicon Valley suburbs that are designed by some of the most famous architects alive today. It’s a space race. Literally.

If You Could Only Use One Social Network, What Would It Be?

Few of us have the mental bandwidth to care about the latest hot new social thing. When Foursquare split its app, I never downloaded Swarm in protest. I never signed up for Ello. Do I sound too get-off-my-lawn when I say screw Snapchat?

What Makes You Block Someone? 

People have varying thresholds of tolerance for putting up with ignorance, dickishness, and other crap online. What does it take for you to head straight for the “Block” button on social media?