The Most Stylish F1 Pit Stop Crew Looks Like Stormtroopers In Suits

Video: Completely silly and self serving but also completely dripping in cool. Hackett Martini Racing teamed up with men’s suit maker Hackett to outfit their pit crew in stylish suits as they go about their pit stop in glorious slow motion. Remember, these stops only last a few seconds but when you look like stormtrooper in suits, that kind of cool stretches a little bit longer.

F1 Is Trialing A Virtual Safety Car In Drivers' Cockpits

The Formula 1 safety car might become a thing of the past, with the recent testing of a new speed governing system in drivers’ cockpits at today’s Grand Prix at the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas. The system, which forces drivers to cut more than a third of their speed to meet pre-determined lap times, can be switched on in the case of an on-track incident.

Here's A F1 Car Racing Against A Motorcycle Racing Against A Supercar

Video: For a second, you think hey maybe the motorcycle has a chance in this Top Gear bit since it screams to a lead but then the land-based jet machine insanity known as an F1 race car steps it up and the other two are fighting not to get lapped by the closest thing we have to a teleportation device on Earth.

Seeing F1 Cars Race In Thermal Vision Is So Freaking Cool

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that racing F1 cars is pretty much insanity. The ridiculous speeds, the punishing G-forces and not to mention the beasts of a machine they call cars. But when you look at a F1 car under thermal vision, you’ll never forget how scary it is: they’re driving fire-breathing monsters.

Bungee Jumping In A F1 Car Seems Like A Crazy Thing To Do

Here’s video from Top Gear showing the Stig making a 300 foot bungee jump while strapped inside a F1 car. It’s exhilarating and completely nuts but must have been so ridiculously fun to do. Sometimes, just bungee jumping or just driving an F1 car isn’t enough. You gotta do both at the same time.

Melbourne Ties Up Formula One GP For 6 More Years

Having lived in St Kilda for a couple of years, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the Grand Prix — the crappier the engines sound, the better in my books. If you do adore cars going around quickly in circles, however, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Victorian Government has secured the race until 2020.

Daniel Ricciardo Still Disqualified From Melbourne Grand Prix After Failed Appeal

After six hours of deliberations before an appeals court, poor Red Bull team racer Daniel Ricciardo is still disqualified from the Melbourne Grand Prix after the court upheld the FIA’s decision following a breach of the fuel flow rules for the new F1 season.

Formula E's Futuristic Sound Puts F1 To Shame

A lot of people are not happy with the sound of the new engines in this year’s Formula One. As a result of extensive rule changes, the 2014 F1 cars are much quieter than last year’s models, with none of that ear-splitting high-pitched scream that made 2013 and earlier cars so appealing. And now, a competitor is putting them to shame.

Formula One Might Get Sued For Having A Crap Engine Sound This Year

I know that not having the same F1 noise as we did last year is a bit upsetting, but did it have to come to this? Organisers of the Australian Grand Prix are reportedly threatening the Formula One management with legal action after the crap noise coming out of the new 6-cylinder engines disappointed spectators who turned up to Melbourne to hear it.

Hear The Shocking Difference Between 2013 And 2014 F1 Racing Engines

The rules done changed in F1 racing from last year to now and the most obvious difference between 2013 and 2014 is the sound of the engine in F1 racing cars. Before they used to be so screaming loud that they sounded like the manifestation of space laser warfare on the road. Now in 2014? It’s like hearing weak go karts prancing around the track. It’s that different.