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Watch The Best US Air Force Combat Squadron Dogfighting Like In Top Gun

Maverick and the Goose have nothing on the pilots of the 67th Fighter Squadron — the Fighting Cocks flying out of Kadena Air Base in Japan, who won the Raytheon Trophy for air-to-air excellence. The combat action starts at the 1:40 mark.

They May Seem Photoshopped, But These Two F-15 Eagles Are Real

Rich Cooper took this impressive photo of two American F-15s flying over the Baltic. With diplomatic tensions reaching a fevered pitch and Russian military actions becoming more aggressive, NATO is increasing its presence in the Baltic, Poland and other member nations bordering with Russia.

Prank Call Sends Two F-15s To Protect Passenger Plane

Two F-15s scrambled from Portland to meet Alaska Airlines flight 819 in the middle of the Pacific last night because there was supposedly a hijacker on board. A hijacker probably named Mike Crotch, because there was really no hijacker at all — the whole thing was the result of a prank call.

These F-15 Eagles Can Transform Into A Robotech Mecha At Any Time

They are just fooling around in a local training mission over North Carolina, but these three F-15 Eagle fighters look as gorgeous and desktop picturesque as they come. So F-22 Raptors be damned; when it comes to Robotech-worth material, these mothers still win the race.

Watching This Is The Closest You'll Get To Aerial Combat

If you’ve ever dreamt of flying a jet into war — I see you, joystick jockeys — this incredible GoPro footage is your best new alternative. Watch it in fullscreen if you actually want to feel nauseous.

What 70 Fully Armed F-15s On A Single Runway Look Like

If you were impressed by the elephant walk of 27 F-16 Fighting Falcons taxying down the runway, fully armed and ready for immediate take off and battle, check out these 70 F-15E Strike Eagles doing exactly the same.

The Greatest Show Of Air Force Might You've Ever Seen

You know what’s cooler than 20 fighters ready to battle? Seventy fighters ready to battle — all lined up in perfect rows, and deadly as hell.

American F-15 Fighters Intercept Korean Air Boeing 777 Because of Terrorist Threat

Two US Air Force F-15 Eagle fighters launched into Canadian airspace to intercept a Korean Air Boeing 777 on April 10, 5.30am Pacific Time. The plane was going to Seoul when it received a bomb threat shortly after takeoff from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Coolest Air Interception I Have Ever Seen

This image is now making the endless copypaste Tumblr rounds wrongly labelled as “missiles in the stratosphere”. But if those are not really missiles, what are they? The answer is much more interesting, according to Military.com.

Purple Lightning And Death From Above In Afghanistan

This looks like it should be airbrushed onto the side of a really tacky t-shirt, but it’s actually quite real! An Air Force F-15E near Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, illuminated by apocalyptic lightning.

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