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A Bomb Of Matchstick Heads Exploding In Slow Motion Is Like Fire Rain

What happens when you light 6000 matchstick heads (that is only the tip of the match)? Basically a huge fire bomb explosion that looks like it’s raining fire. The match heads all ignite and burst a super tall flame in the air and then the match heads start flying everywhere and when it falls to the ground, it looks like individual flames are burning down. So cool.

Why Do We Use A Dumbass Unit To Measure Explosions?

There’s been some confusion over the size of today’s explosion in China’s Tianjin province, with some people mistakenly thinking it was the largest non-nuclear explosion of all time. It was not — that honour goes to the Russians — and you can partly blame our stupid system of measurement for the mistake.

Tianjin Blasts Released So Much Energy They Looked Like Earthquakes

The explosions that devastated Tianjin yesterday were so powerful, they registered as seismic activity by China’s National Earthquake Network. And the “quakes” geophysicists saw don’t even begin to capture the magnitude of the blasts.

Photos From The Aftermath Of The Devastating Tianjin Explosion

Yesterday, Tianjin, China was rocked by a terrifyingly large explosion that left 50 dead and more than 500 people injured. The impact of the blast was devastating, from the initial horrifying explosion to the shockwave that shattered windows and glass a mile away and now to the aftermath, the port city of Tianjin looks post apocalyptic.

Just A Bunch Of Bad Arse Explosions From Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Few actors love their explosions as much as Arnold does. Here’s a 30-minute (yes, 30-minute) supercut of explosions from all his movies. It’s a promo for his goal to blow stuff up to entertain the Internet and help out charities and it includes clips from movies such as Conan, The Terminator, Total Recall, True Lies, Jingle All The Way and so much more.

The Explosive Firework Sculptures Of An Artist Who Draws With Gunpowder

If you use the internet today, you’ll probably see a trending video of a fireworks display, showing a huge ladder of explosions climbing impossibly high into the sky. It’s not photoshop or a hoax — it’s the work of one of the most celebrated and divisive contemporary artists working today.

Nvidia Recalls Some Shield Tablets Because The Batteries May Catch Fire

Over the past year, Nvidia’s Shield Tablet has become one of the top tablets for Android users. Today, the company recalled a subset of the devices, saying they’re prone to, uh, no easy way to say this, exploding into flames.

The Truth About Your Flammable Farts

Contrary to popular belief, it’s probably not methane leaking from behind that reckless “bros” light on fire (known as pyroflatulence); rather, it’s most likely primarily hydrogen.

Watch An Adorable Edible Minion Eat A Firecracker At 25,000 FPS

Video: Nothing screams fun like blowing stuff up with firecrackers, right? And with the new Minion movie almost upon us, it seems only appropriate we see what happens when you strap an explosive to one of these adorable little dude’s backs.

What Happens When You Drop A Can Of Coke Into Liquid Nitrogen

Video: It’s going to freeze obviously. But there’s this awesome possibility that the soda can will split in half and start spewing an explosion of almost frozen Coca Cola into the surrounding liquid nitrogen. Once it does that, the exploded coke looks like it has been stopped in time, the soda has frozen into art mid-explosion.

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