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The Intense Shockwave Of Flattening A Car Into A Pancake With Explosives

Video: Mythbusters attempted to turn a car into a pancake with the help of 454kg of ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil) and a giant steel plate, which resulted in a enormous explosion and a really spectacular shockwave. Seeing the whole thing in high speed, you can see the shockwave grow like a bubble beyond the explosion.

US Bombing Of ISIS Cash Depot Sends Money Flying Everywhere

Holy crap. Declassified footage of a US bombing of ISIS cash depots has been released and you can see the airstrike that made millions of dollars fly away in a swarm after the explosion. The money spreads all over the place.

Scientists Made A Battery That Could Keep Hoverboards From Exploding

Hoverboards won’t stop exploding lately, perhaps due to overheating batteries. But what if the battery could shut off before it got all hot and flamey? That’s the idea behind recent research at Stanford, and the benefits go far beyond gimmicky gadgets looking to avoid recalls.

Lighting 10,000 Sparklers At Once Was The Best Way To Ring In The New Year

Today in “amazing ideas the internet had” we bring you an experiment that is without a doubt the best way to celebrate the end of 2015 and an even better way to usher in 2016. One sparkler is fun, but 10,000 igniting at the same time? That’s a science experiment you have to see.

This Handheld, Reloadable Thermite Torch Can Penetrate Steel In Seconds

Crowbars and bolt cutters are Neolithic in comparison to the fancy gear you can get today. Take the Tec Torch, a handheld pyrotechnic gadget powered by thermite cartridges that can bust through steel rods, metal plates and other obstacles in a couple of seconds. If you need to get into something, the Tec Torch claims it can do the job.

What Happens When You Pump Way Too Much Air Into A BasketballĀ 

Video: Kaboom! It’s no surprise that a basketball would explode if you pumped it with a ridiculous amount of air but it’s really cool to see it unravel in super slow motion. The ball basically disintegrates and you can see the limp leftovers tear apart from each other as the orange sphere separates from having too much air inside. Basically, a preview of how the world will end.

Pouring Water On An Oil Fire Creates A Crazy Mushroom Cloud Fire Explosion

Video: It looks like a mini-nuclear bomb, to be honest. But it’s just the result of pouring water onto an oil fire (don’t ever do that!). In this video by Crash Zone, you can see the liquid fire drip down into the ground and then charge right back up creating a truly epic and fiery mushroom cloud.

This 'Bubble Curtain' Will Protect San Francisco's Marine Life From The Bay Bridge Demolition

One of the largest remaining chunks of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is coming down tomorrow, as engineers continue to dismantle the ageing piece of infrastructure. But how to protect the fish and other wildlife in the area as it gets taken down? By blowing bubbles.

This Galaxy Cluster Is Home To The Most Powerful Explosion Since The Big Bang

Astronomers have compiled a stunning composite image of an extraordinarily large explosion that’s being powered by one of the largest supermassive black holes known to science.

NASA Releases Harrowing New Photos Of Last Year's Antares Rocket Explosion

A little over a year ago, NASA’s Orbital ATK Antares rocket, with a Cygnus spacecraft onboard, suffered a “catastrophic anomaly” just moments after launch. NASA has now released a stunning new set of previously unseen photos chronicling the disaster.

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