That Time The Whac-A-Mole Inventor Accidentally Blew Up His Warehouse

It was lunch time on a muggy late September day in 2013 when an explosion shook downtown Orlando, Florida. A warehouse on west Jefferson street was the casualty. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks were already on their way by the time Tim Roth, a good Samaritan, was on the scene. As he searched through the rubble and debris for injured humans, what he found was something else entirely.

Watch The Metrodome Implode And Crumble To The Ground

After being voted the number one worst stadium in the United States by Time in 2012, Minnesota’s iconic Metrodome has received its just reward: complete and utter destruction.

How To Crush A Soft Drink Can Without Using Any Physical Force

Crushing cans with your bare hands or stepping on them with your full body weight or shooting them with a bb gun are all fun ways to destroy an aluminium can. What might be most fun is letting it crush itself. How? Magical pressure.

The Watermelon Might Be The Best Thing To See Explode In Slow Motion

What’s your favourite thing to see explode? Never thought about it? How could you. I think it might have to be the watermelon The hard outer shell of the fruit makes for perfect fragmentation, the watermelon’s shape holds an explosive pretty darn well and its red flesh makes for colorfully gory splashes (especially against the green shell). Plus, it’s watery so the explosion range is fantastic. I don’t think it’s a competition. Just look at the SlowMoGuys blowing up a watermelon and try and think of something better to blow up. The watermelon looks like some super bomb from Mario Kart.

How ILM Created Hong Kong With Special Effects Just To Destroy It

Probably the most insane fight sequence of Pacific Rim was when a Jaeger fought a Kaiju in the streets of Hong Kong. The entire city was destroyed, glass shards flew everywhere, neon lights were exploding, streets were being crushed, shipping containers somehow were involved and the whole battle was just beyond epic.

Here's What An Explosion Of Flavours Literally Looks Like

We know it’s tasty and delicious but who knew flavour could be so beautiful? This audio visual installation by Schwartz Flavour Shots riffs off the explosion of flavours one tastes with spices by literally exploding those flavours. Several tons of black pepper corns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli and coriander were placed in explosive bags, rigged to explode on certain notes. Looks delicious.

Train Derailment Creates Massive Explosion

Oh my. This is beyond scary. A 1.6km-long train carrying crude oil derailed near a small town in the US state of North Dakota and sent explosions, flames and dark black smoke into the sky. Luckily (and almost unbelievably), no one was hurt in the accident that looked a lot more like a nuke exploding than a train derailment.

Christmas Meets New Years With Slo-Mo Ornament Explosions

Here, for your holiday season pleasure, are some Christmas baubles blowing up in festive slow-mo for new years.

The 12 Explosions Of Christmas

What do you get when you rig up flame launchers, giant snowmen, water pistols filled with conic acid, a firework tree, and more? The 12 Explosions of Christmas.

Helicopter Incredibly Rescues A Man Trapped On A Crane After Explosion

Here’s where you don’t want to find yourself in the freezing cold after a building explosion: stranded on top of a freaking crane with no way to go down because of said explosion. Luckily, you can go up. What? Yes, up. Like a scene from some impossible 80′s action movie, a guy trapped on top of a crane was rescued by helicopter after a fiery explosion on the ground. Amazing.