A OnePlus One Just Blew Up In Its Owner's Rear Pocket

You can now add the OnePlus One to the list of phones that have managed to explode in their owners’ pockets at some point.

Putting 400kg Of Explosives Below An Abandoned New Zealand Suburb For Science

It’s not every day that the average person gets to blow something up at their job. Even rarer: Getting to blow up the neighbourhood where you used to live. But as Next City reports today, that’s exactly what happened to the last remaining resident of an abandoned suburb that served as the testing ground for an experiment that may lead to safer, more earthquake-proof buildings.

Cars Exploding In Drag Races Look Like They Are Made Out Of Jelly

Video: The NHRA put together this gnarly video compilation of wild rides from the first half of the 2014 season and it’s just nuts. These drag races look a lot more like horizontal rocket launches crossed with the flames of Ghost Rider than the cars you and I drive.

The World's Largest Firework Fills The Sky With Hundreds Of Explosions

Video: It costs $US1500, measures in at about 1.22m in diameter and causes an explosion in the sky close to a kilometre long. It’s the infamous Yonshakudama firework from Japan.

Watch 150m Of Detonation Cord Blow Up In Slow Motion

Video: More slow-motion fun from RatedRR, who seem to find an infinite amount of explosive material and a passion to blow things up with high-speed cameras. Fine by me, because watching 150m of detonation cord blow up in slow motion is definitely fun.

Aluminium Powder Fireballs Look Like Tiny Slo-Mo Supernovas

You probably think of aluminium as a solid metal, the kind of thing that could protect you from explosions. That’s not always the case — as the magnificent mad scientists at Periodic Videos are here to show us with supernova-style flame balls made from powdered aluminium.

This Is What Fireworks Do When You Fire Them Inside Your Living Room

Video: Dumt & Farligt (Stupid & Dangerous) is a Danish TV program that really lives up to its name: They do lots of dumb and hazardous things while filming using a Phantom camera in slow motion. Like firing big fireworks in a living room, burning all the furniture in the process.

That Time The Whac-A-Mole Inventor Accidentally Blew Up His Warehouse

It was lunch time on a muggy late September day in 2013 when an explosion shook downtown Orlando, Florida. A warehouse on west Jefferson street was the casualty. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks were already on their way by the time Tim Roth, a good Samaritan, was on the scene. As he searched through the rubble and debris for injured humans, what he found was something else entirely.

Watch The Metrodome Implode And Crumble To The Ground

After being voted the number one worst stadium in the United States by Time in 2012, Minnesota’s iconic Metrodome has received its just reward: complete and utter destruction.

How To Crush A Soft Drink Can Without Using Any Physical Force

Crushing cans with your bare hands or stepping on them with your full body weight or shooting them with a bb gun are all fun ways to destroy an aluminium can. What might be most fun is letting it crush itself. How? Magical pressure.

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