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A Jagerbomb That Explodes When You Drop In The Shot Is A Much More Awesome Drink

Video: Jagerbombs are awful, gross, taste like medicine and don’t really deserve to exist after you grow up. Explosions are awesome, cool and need to happen more in your life as you get old (the highly controlled, non-violent and fun sort of explosions, of course).

Here's A Blasting Cap Blowing Up Ballistics Gel In Slow Motion

Video: Some really cool things happen when FullMag decided to blow up ballistics gel with some blasting caps. First, when the blasting cap detonates, the gel basically erupts and explodes into this dancing substance. But it doesn’t break! The flubber gel just expands wildly until it withstands the blow and then just traps the remnants of the blasting caps explosion inside. Pretty damn cool.

Put On A Tiny Fireworks Show By Blowing Up Electrical Components

Video: You don’t need dangerous explosives to put on an impressive fireworks show. Just grab a magnifying glass; a bunch of tiny resistors, capacitors and transistors; and then blast them with more electricity than they were designed to handle. The results won’t disappoint, as long as you aren’t hoping for a New Year’s extravaganza.

Are Grenades Deadlier On Land Or Under Water?

Video: YouTube scientist Mark Rober and molten metal obsessive BackyardScientist teamed up to answer a simple question: is a grenade deadlier on land or under water? But in order to answer that, we need to understand exactly what a grenade does.

Dropping A Tank Of Gas From 30 Metres Onto The Burning Ground Is Always A Good Idea

Video: Oh my, to be able to live in a time where the silliness of dropping a tank of gas from a 30m in the air onto a torch on the ground is totally normal. When you first drop it and nothing explodes so you drop it a second time to ensure that the thing will blow.

Watch A Bridge Explode In Super Slow Motion

Video: Here’s footage of an old bridge over the Washita River in Oklahoma being demolished with 272kg of explosives. Because of the super slow motion, you can see how and where the explosives were rigged to the bridge in order to take it down. Explosions: always a good way to go out.

Watch An Underground Nuclear Explosion Melt The Ground Into A Giant Crater

Video: Here is how subsidence craters are formed: An underground nuclear explosion gets set off and creates a hole underneath the ground, the ground collapses because nothing is supporting it any more and then boom. Giant crater. It is so gnarly to see because the ground looks like its melting into the core of the Earth.

All The Largest Nuclear Explosions In History

Video: Nuclear bombs are the deadliest weapons we’ve ever created because of the destruction they have caused to human life and the damage they leave with radiation and the sheer magnitude of their explosions. The arms race led to more and more testing of bigger and bigger bombs. Here are the largest nuclear explosions in history.

Watch The Explosion That Happens When You Put This Piece Of Metal In Water

Video: Sodium, you know what that is. Water, you know what that is. Now watch one of the oldest chemistry class tricks, the combination of two things you already know for an explosion you might have forgotten: if you throw sodium metal into water, it basically sparks up real big and blows up nicely.

Molten Salt Is A Fish Tank's Worst Enemy

Video: Molten salt is, as its name suggests, salt in liquid form. It doesn’t get there until between 260 and 600C, making it one of the worst things you can drop into a glass vessel full of cold water.

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