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Putting Dry Ice In Slime Spawns Some Really Weird Bubbles

Video: Throw dry ice in everything just to see what happens, if you ask me. Crazy Russian Hacker put dry ice in some green slime and a bunch of bubbles started forming out of nowhere. The bubbles eventually pop in a small explosion of smoke but when they first appear underneath that muck of green goo, it’s like seeing eggs spawn or something.

Adding A Petrol-Powered Propeller Makes A Towering 360 Swing Even Crazier

Video: Because riding a 360-degree swing as tall as your house isn’t daring enough, amateur mad scientist Colin Furze has upgraded his latest creation with a petrol-powered parasailing motor, giving it more power, more speed and a guaranteed way to make riders want to puke their brains out after a ride.

What Happens When You Dive Into A Pool Filled With 25 Million Squishy Waterballs?

Video: Would you sink or float if you were tossed into a gigantic vat of squishy gelatinous spheres? Mark Rober, one of the Backyard Scientists, decided the only way to definitively answer the question that few have ever asked was to fill an entire pool with 25 million of the tiny spheres, and dive in.

Watch Liquid Nitrogen Dance Around On Different Fluids

Video: Liquid nitrogen is an endless source of fun. You can freeze things and smash things into pieces. Or you could pour it onto things and then watch the smoke monster move around and then smash things into pieces. Or you could dunk things in it and then watch the smoke disappear and then smash things into pieces. You get the point.

What Happens When You Shoot A Liquid Nitrogen Gun At A Flamethrower

Ah, in a tale as old as ice and fire, here’s a liquid nitrogen ‘squirt gun’ versus a flamethrower. The Backyard Scientist outfitted a liquid nitrogen canister with a release valve that basically turns liquid nitrogen into a freeze ray death weapon of sorts (as in, the pressure makes the liquid nitrogen shoot out pretty strong). He pitted it up against a flame thrower to see how long it would take the liquid nitrogen shooter to win and it’s quite the battle.

Watch Water Pour Upward At The Hoover Dam

Video: Here’s a silly fun experiment to do the next time you’re at the Hoover Dam: try and pour a bottle of water over the dam. Instead of flowing downward like water almost always does, the water actually flies up and flows upward because of the super strong draft.

That Homeless Person You Just Helped Might Actually Be A Robot

This doesn’t mean you should stop being helpful or charitable to homeless people you encounter on the street — but if you see this guy, there’s something about him you should know. At a recent Maker Faire in Nantes, France, a man wearing worn clothing and pushing a shopping cart actually turned out to be a lifelike robotic hobo, or robo, as they prefer to be called.

Self-Pouring Liquid Behaves Like It's From Another Universe

Video: Growing up on Earth you learn from a very young age that liquids will remain in a cup as long as it stays upright. But Steve Mould demonstrates a liquid that laughs at gravity and other forces that govern our universe: Polyethylene oxide. It’s a polymer made from long chains of molecules that allow it to pour itself out of a container — even if it’s not tipped over.

Google's New Science Journal App Turns Your Android Phone Into A Lab Full Of Sensors

If you’re working on a rocket destined for Mars, Google’s new Science Journal app might be a bit limited. But if you’re an aspiring scientist, the free app will turn an Android smartphone or tablet into laboratory full of experiments by grabbing data from the device’s various sound, light and motion sensors.

A Few Scraps Of Paper Can Turn Dirt Into A Super Strong Building Material

As far as building materials go, they don’t come much cheaper than dirt, which is literally everywhere and mostly free. But, as anyone who has ever made a sand castle knows, soil isn’t terribly strong and has a habit of forming a shallow pile rather than more structurally-beneficial shapes. We’re going to let you in on a little secret — making dirt super strong is incredibly easy.

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