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That Homeless Person You Just Helped Might Actually Be A Robot

This doesn’t mean you should stop being helpful or charitable to homeless people you encounter on the street — but if you see this guy, there’s something about him you should know. At a recent Maker Faire in Nantes, France, a man wearing worn clothing and pushing a shopping cart actually turned out to be a lifelike robotic hobo, or robo, as they prefer to be called.

Self-Pouring Liquid Behaves Like It's From Another Universe

Video: Growing up on Earth you learn from a very young age that liquids will remain in a cup as long as it stays upright. But Steve Mould demonstrates a liquid that laughs at gravity and other forces that govern our universe: Polyethylene oxide. It’s a polymer made from long chains of molecules that allow it to pour itself out of a container — even if it’s not tipped over.

Google's New Science Journal App Turns Your Android Phone Into A Lab Full Of Sensors

If you’re working on a rocket destined for Mars, Google’s new Science Journal app might be a bit limited. But if you’re an aspiring scientist, the free app will turn an Android smartphone or tablet into laboratory full of experiments by grabbing data from the device’s various sound, light and motion sensors.

A Few Scraps Of Paper Can Turn Dirt Into A Super Strong Building Material

As far as building materials go, they don’t come much cheaper than dirt, which is literally everywhere and mostly free. But, as anyone who has ever made a sand castle knows, soil isn’t terribly strong and has a habit of forming a shallow pile rather than more structurally-beneficial shapes. We’re going to let you in on a little secret — making dirt super strong is incredibly easy.

10 Silly Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily Do At Home

Video: Other than youth, recess, holidays, nap time, lollies, junk food, energy, a fast metabolism, hope, excitement, bubbles, being with your friends every single day, first memories, playgrounds, no worries and probably a million other things, one of the things that you miss about being a kid when you’re an adult is the lack of silly science experiments. Sometimes you just want to put some food colouring on a plate and make it blow away with some dish soap. You don’t want to know the science behind it, you just want to see a volcano explode.

Styrofoam Dissolving In Acetone Is What Giving Up Looks Like

This cute little styrofoam cup is meeting its gruesome end with a brave face.

'Living Lens' Made From Stem Cells Could Treat Blindness

Scientists have used stem cells to cure blindness in rabbits — which could be incredible news for visually impaired people.

Lighting 100,000 Sparklers At Once Is The Quickest Way To Make A Working Volcano

Video: Igniting 10,000 sparklers at once was a cute way to ring in the new year, but assembling 100,000 sparklers into a tower and adding fire is probably as close as one could get to building an artificial working volcano.

5 Totally Bizarre Ways To Put Out A Candle

Video: How do you put a candle? It’s simple, just blow it out. Easy enough, right? But so not interesting. The always inquisitive Physics Girl shows us five weird and wacky ways to kill the flame from a candle and each are more interesting than the next. You could use a copper coil or a rounded obstacle or an open glass cap or pouring CO2 onto it or even just freeze the flame with liquid nitrogen.

Chopping Open A Giant Rubber Band Ball Basically Reveals A Hidden Monster Inside

Video: A giant rubber band ball? So much fun. Just slice the thing open and you’ll see it quickly grow and explode up and basically unleash the monster that wants to escape from its rubber ball prison. The sound is also interesting to listen to once it is cut open. You can hear the slow movement that the bands are making in an attempt to jump out.

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