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A Bullet Fired Underwater Doesn't Shoot That Far

Video: No one should ever have to face the other end of a gun barrel. But if you find yourself in such a situation, let’s all hope that it’s underwater. Here’s our favourite physicist Andreas Wahl proving how the velocity of a bullet slows down like crazy when it’s fired underwater with a lovely visual experiment. The bullet nosedives after getting shot and only travels about a metre. If you’re more than like 2m away from the rifle, you’d be fine.

Bathing In 227 Kilograms Of Liquid Glass Putty Is A Terrible Idea

Video: The Liquid Glass Thinking Putty that Vat19 sells makes for a great desktop toy for those times when you don’t feel like working. But as the folks at VAT19 discovered, the putty also makes for a terrible substitute for water when it comes to bathing.

Putting Exploding Expanding Foam Inside A House Is Totally Crazy

Video: Here’s an easy way to both clean an entire house while totally destroying it in the process: release expanding foam that will cause a huge explosion and spray foam everywhere. It’s a fun little thing to see happen (especially if it’s not your home) because the foam monster grows and grows and shoots its guts everywhere.

Man Soaked In Water Slides Through A Huge Fire And Escapes Unharmed

Video: The folks at NRK Viten are up to their usual nutty antics in their latest experiment. The concept behind this video is that it takes a lot of heat to evaporate water so if a person soaked himself in water and then slid down through an extremely huge fire, the water would provide a sort of protective layer that would prevent said person from turning into human barbecue. Physicist Andreas Wahl tests out this idea… on himself.

Your Olive Oil Is Only 100% Real If It Tastes Like Ibuprofen

Saying your olive oil is sub-standard isn’t an accusation, it’s just a probability. Adulterated olive oil is extremely common and surprisingly hard to spot. If you’re curious, you might want to grab a bottle of ibuprofen and do a taste test.

Mesmerising HD Footage Of Coloured Water On The International Space Station

This is really cool: astronauts onboard the International Space Station have long shown off what it’s like to play with water in microgravity. Now, they have taken some ultra high-def footage with colour and effervescent tablets.

Pouring Molten Aluminium Into Different Melons Casts A Bad Arse Hand Grenade

When you mix molten aluminium with a watermelon, you get something truly awesome. So what about other melons? Here the Backyard Scientist tries pouring molten aluminium into honey dew and cantaloupes to see what happens. Cantaloupes don’t really offer much but honey dews capture the liquid metal and turn it into a hand grenade-looking sculpture.

A Sword Made Of Fire Is The Coolest Thing

There are swords that are on fire, swords made in fire and now, swords that are made of fire. The Backyard Scientist created this “fire sabre” which is basically a seltzer bottle that spits out a stream of butane which lights on fire with a lighter. The look of the fire stream resembles a light sabre, hence the fire sabre.

What Happens When You Put A Coin Into A Block Of Dry Ice

Video: Everything starts shaking, and the coin looks like it’s trying to escape the block of dry ice in a fit of fury. The ol’ science experiment is always fun to see because everything reacts so quickly. What’s actually happening is that the coin warms up the dry ice, turning it back from solid carbon dioxide to gas, which furiously moves the coin around.

Venereal Disease And Self-Experimentation Should Not Go Together

Early scientists were not at all shy about experimenting on themselves. Isaac Newton stuck a needle into his own eye socket. Robert Hooke shoved his arm into a vacuum chamber. And in the first episode of Sacrificed from Fusion, we learn what 18th century physician John Hunter thought was an effective way to investigate gonorrhoea and syphilis.

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