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Explore The Paranormal History Of Ghostbusters' In This Gorgeous New Book

Ghostbusters’ gallery of ghouls has quite the history behind it, even if the films never really delved that deep into the origins of its most famous spooks and demons. A new book plans to do just that, and we’ve got a first look at some of the details held within.

Person Of Interest's Final Villains Are Mark Zuckerberg And Isaac Asimov

For years, Person of Interest has been right on the cutting edge between commenting on current events and speculating about the future. With its final season, the show is depicting a futuristic nightmare — and yet, it’s also more topical than ever before. We talked to producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, and they told us the real villain of Person of Interest is Facebook.

Betrayal At The House On The Hill Is Finally Getting Its First Ever Expansion

Betrayal at the House on the Hill has been an icon of board games for over a decade now. But despite having reprints and new editions, the game has never officially been expanded beyond its original scope. That is until now: a whole new series of horrifying new haunts are on the way, and we have the first look.

Roger Corman Talks About Modern Technology And The Female Leads Of Death Race 2050

Though April 5 was Roger Corman’s 90th birthday, he’s still working like he’s 20. In recent weeks the legendary filmmaker has been prepping Death Race 2050, a modern spin on one of his most famous movies, which will feature two female leads and lots of new twists.

Choose A Side With This Exclusive Captain America: Civil War IMAX Poster

Captain America: Civil War is coming. It’s one of Marvel’s biggest movies yet and when you’re talking about big movies, you have to talk about IMAX. Especially when the filmmakers shot some of the movie with IMAX cameras. Now, a new poster sets up the war that will take place on IMAX screens April 28.

See For Yourself Why This Dark Urban Fantasy Book Is Making So Many Waves

This exclusive preview chapter from Borderline by Mishell Baker contains the best line I’ve seen in ages: “Suicide is not a way of ending pain; it’s just a way of redistributing it.”

Valiant's New Archer & Armstrong Emojis Are Cute As Hell

This week, the hysterical combo of immortal drunkard Armstrong and wannabe assassin Archer make their return to Valiant’s roster of comics, and to celebrate the publisher is releasing a series of downright adorable A&A-themed emoji stickers for you to disseminate around the web as you see fit.

Your Favourite Pop Culture Characters Just Got A Brand New Look

The essence of a character’s appearance is their profile. Head, face, shoulders — all the parts that get sculpted in a bust — should work together to be instantly recognisable. Artist Tom Whalen has now brought the majesty of the pop culture bust into two dimensions with these super cool art prints.

A Must-See Trailer For An Incredible Animated Steampunk Adventure

On March 25, one of the year’s best genre films is going to be released. It’s not live-action, it’s not American, but it’s got more life and wonder in it than 90 per cent of the films released in the States combined. It’s a French, steampunk animation called April and the Extraordinary World.

See How History Inspired Horror In The Other Side Of The Door

Video: If you experienced the unimaginable loss of a child, what would you do to make the pain go away? That’s the question at the centre of the new horror film The Other Side of the Door, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak.

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