US Defence Contractor Arrested For Shipping Military Secrets To Iran

Mozaffar Khazaee, a former defence contractor has been arrested by authorities on charges that he attempted to smuggle classified technical data on a variety of military projects — including the new F-35 Lightning II — out of the US and into Iran.

Red October: Global Cyber Espionage Ring Spent 5 Years In Shadows

There are plenty of cyberweapons floating around out there, like Stuxnet, Flame and that whole gang. Now, Kapersky has turned up a cyber-espoinage operation it has dubbed “Red October”, and it’s up there in the big leagues. But unlike its cohorts, it doesn’t look State-sponsored. This is a freelance job, and it’s professional grade.

Turkey Thinks This Bird Is An Israeli Spy Because Its Nostril Is Big Enough To Hold Microchips

Turkish authorities announced Tuesday that they have recovered the body of a daring Israeli spy — replete with feathers. And a belly full of bees.

Woman Caught Stealing Motorola's Lamest Secrets For Chinese Military

You know how you feel slightly nervous when you’re flagged for a random customs screening? Even when you haven’t done anything wrong? Imagine carrying stolen tech, $US30,000 cash and documents from the Chinese government? Listen, guys, I can explain!

China's Nuclear Chief Accused Of Selling Tech Secrets

The only thing more embarrassing than discovering an atomic traitor high up on your government? Revealing the news by accident via a mysteriously leaked internet video. China’s newest (accused) spy is in radioactively hot water.

The Hilariously Bad Disguises Of The German Secret Police

Check out these great cold war-era photos of some totally normal East German citizens, who are definitely not members of the secret police! How innocuous they are, these completely non-suspicious-looking gentlemen, who could not possibly be Stasi officers in disguise, especially not the fellow in sunglasses and the enormous fur coat with the upturned collar. Nope, just some regular guys.

German Executives Hide Phones In Biscuit Tins To Avoid Hackers

You’d think a German chemicals company big enough to worry about people hacking their phones and eavesdropping on R&D meetings would have the budget to just invest in a Faraday pouch. But in the case of Evonik, they’re cheap, so they use biscuit tins.

China Accused Of Spying On Drivers Across Borders In Hong Kong

According to China publication Apple Times, the Chinese government has installed surveillance devices on up to 20,000 cars with dual China/Hong Kong plates, claiming the tags are just for inspection. However, they have the capability to pickup and transmit conversations.

HD Spy Glasses Let You Stalk Future Plaintiffs In 720p

Whether you’re a private eye, an insecure lover, or just an especially industrious pervert, the days of grainy, black and white video being good enough are long gone. You crave HD. ZionEyez Spy Glasses have you covered with their built-in 720p video camera.

DIY: Retrofit An Inkjet Printer With Invisible Ink

While I doubt the super serious stiff in this DIY video is actually a super spy, he does have the DIY know-how necessary to hack apart an inkjet printer and make it into an invisible ink-spitting espionage machine. Enjoy! [MAKE]

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