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North Korea Is Broadcasting Strange Codes On The Radio And Nobody Knows Why

Lately some strange radio broadcasts have been coming from North Korea, according to the South Korean government.

Spy Thriller The Saint May Be Getting A Modern Reboot

Classic espionage property The Saint, last seen as a 1997 feature film starring Val Kilmer and a variety of laughable disguises, may be making a comeback. Paramount has nabbed the rights to the Leslie Charteris book series, and Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is hoping a new franchise will result.

US Justice Department Says Chinese Cyber-Espionage Is A National Security Emergency

Stories of Chinese government organisations hacking American corporations are not new. But in a segment aired on 60 Minutes tonight, business leaders, government officials and security experts paint a picture of a particularly sophisticated attack on the intellectual property of “thousands” of companies.

Secret Cold War Radio Stations Still Broadcast

In the early days of espionage, long before the advent of burner phones, satcoms, and other modern-day spy gadgets, getting word to field agents — especially those working behind the Iron Curtain — proved a dangerous game with global consequences should the agent’s cover be blown. But that’s where number stations, and their uncrackable radio codes, come in.

Monster Machines: This Electronic Stonehenge Once Divined The Secrets Of Soviet Radio

In the early days of electronic espionage, the US intelligence community didn’t have the benefit of all-seeing spy satellites — it had to intercept and interpret high-frequency radio waves transmitted by the Soviet Union. To do so, the Americans relied on a network of mysterious structures whose real purpose was kept highly classified throughout the Cold War.

US Defence Contractor Arrested For Shipping Military Secrets To Iran

Mozaffar Khazaee, a former defence contractor has been arrested by authorities on charges that he attempted to smuggle classified technical data on a variety of military projects — including the new F-35 Lightning II — out of the US and into Iran.

Red October: Global Cyber Espionage Ring Spent 5 Years In Shadows

There are plenty of cyberweapons floating around out there, like Stuxnet, Flame and that whole gang. Now, Kapersky has turned up a cyber-espoinage operation it has dubbed “Red October”, and it’s up there in the big leagues. But unlike its cohorts, it doesn’t look State-sponsored. This is a freelance job, and it’s professional grade.

Turkey Thinks This Bird Is An Israeli Spy Because Its Nostril Is Big Enough To Hold Microchips

Turkish authorities announced Tuesday that they have recovered the body of a daring Israeli spy — replete with feathers. And a belly full of bees.

Woman Caught Stealing Motorola's Lamest Secrets For Chinese Military

You know how you feel slightly nervous when you’re flagged for a random customs screening? Even when you haven’t done anything wrong? Imagine carrying stolen tech, $US30,000 cash and documents from the Chinese government? Listen, guys, I can explain!

China's Nuclear Chief Accused Of Selling Tech Secrets

The only thing more embarrassing than discovering an atomic traitor high up on your government? Revealing the news by accident via a mysteriously leaked internet video. China’s newest (accused) spy is in radioactively hot water.

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