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Canon's Having Another Shot At Mirrorless With The Nifty New M3

Wave goodbye to the Canon EOS M: there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called the M3, and it’s a gorgeous little thing.

Is This Nokia's Full-On PureView Windows Phone?

We heard Nokia was planning on releasing a true, full-on PureView Windows Phone that would have a sensor as ridiculous as Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808. Only this time it would run Windows Phone. Could this be it?

Report: Nokia Will Launch Full-On PureView Windows Phone This Year

Rumours are emerging that suggest Nokia is planning to launch a “true PureView Windows Phone” — codenamed EOS — sometime later this year.

Canon's EOS 5D Mark III Will Cost From $4399

Details of the EOS 5D Mark III’s specifications were leaked prior to its official release today, and they ended up being pretty much on the mark; it’s a 22MP serious DSLR with an equally serious price point.

XXIT Is 11 Minutes Of Awesome From Stargate Studios

XXIT is the story of a time-travelling replicant who travels into the past to save her original human form, her “donor.” The very foxy Nicollette Sheridan, from such titles as Desperate Housewives and Beverly Hills Ninja, stars.

This Mixtape Watch Has More Soul Than Anyone Born After 1985

It saddens me to realise that so many of our readers never courted a gal with a mixtape. (And no, “playlists” are just not the same.)

Weekend Gadgets: It's All About The Kindle

In the craziness that was Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch yesterday, I received a little delivery. As I tore open the box marked ‘Amazon’ with excitement, I was trying my best to contain my excitement. As the Kindle appeared, resplendent in its shiny cream plastic and brushed aluminium back, I allowed myself a grin, because I’ve been waiting for this frickin thing for too long.

First Look: Canon EOS 7D

Is it possible to bring something fresh to the table in the DSLR market? Sure it is, but it all comes down to the same thing in the end. Better specs, filling a niche position in the market, and refining the product. Hello, Canon 7D.

Rumour: Palm's Cheap Eos "Pixie" WebOS Phone Due Next Week

TechCrunch hears that Palm’s going to reveal Pixie (aka Eos), its second WebOS phone that’s supposedly gonna be small, skinny and cheap, sometime this week, for Fashion Week.

Supposed Cannon EOS 7D Poster And Lenses Turn Up Online

CannonRumors has what they claim are pictures of posters and lenses for the yet-to-be-confirmed Canon EOS 7D. Not much new information can be gleaned from the poster, but at least the lenses look nice.

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