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Canon EOS M Review: Playing Catch-Up In The Mirrorless Race

Mirrorless cameras have matured into serious alternatives to DSLRs. Some of the biggest brands failed to anticipate that success. One of them, Canon, is now trying to play catch-up. Its first attempt, the EOS M, dropped late last year after much anticipation.

Under The Hood Of The Canon EOS M: Finally, A Tiny Camera That Slays At HD Video

Canon’s compact, large-sensor camera is finally here. Until now, Canon was the last major manufacturer that didn’t offer a mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera, and from what we can tell it was worth the wait. The Canon EOS M looks like a beast. And it’s pretty cheap, too. Get ready to swoon.

Canon EOS M: Honey, I Shrunk The 650D

What you’re looking at is Canon’s latest golden child, the EOS M. What is it you ask? It’s essentially all the goodness of the EOS 650D crammed into a great looking compact body.

Leaked Canon Mirrorless Camera Just Made Me Excited About Digital Photography Again

I have a big Canon DSLR which I never use. I also stopped using my compact a very long time ago, when the iPhone 3G came out — a classic example of convenience winning over quality. But this tiny beauty, Canon’s new EOS-M mirrorless camera with EF-M lens mount, is making me drool for a gadget again based on its looks alone.

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