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How Movies Changed Aspect Ratios Over Time

If you haven’t learned anything interesting so far today, watch this fascinating history lesson on how the aspect ratios we know (16:9, 4:3) became the standard. For any film geek or ratio nerd, it’s a lovely trip back into time when things can become standard by just doing it for a long time.

The Secret Twitter Music Feature That Adds A Dash Of Pandora

Twitter’s stab at the music scene burst on the scene a few weeks ago, in all it’s celebrity-stalking glory. But there’s at least one feature that’s still hiding behind the scenes: a Pandora-like “similar artists” option, and you can coax it out if you know the secret code.

We All Need To Take A Trip To This Wonderful Toy Museum

Toy Place is a lovely short documentary by Ben Churchill that tours the amazing Vermont Toy Museum that houses a collection of almost 100,000 toys. I want to go there now. We should all go there now.

Would You Pay 300 Bucks For A Radio?

Geneva, maker of very pretty but expensive rectangles that pump out sweet sound, has a radio that costs 300 bucks. To be fair, the Geneva WorldRadio is a little more than just a radio, it has a Bluetooth receiver, touch controls, alarm cock and a headphone jack (along with its FM tuner).

Nexus Q Teardown: Not That American After All

Last week, Google announced the strange-looking Nexus Q: a media streamer built by Americans for… well, we’re not exactly sure who it’s for. But iFixit has taken a look inside, and it’s not quite as American Google might have you think it is.

Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV Of The Future Is $9000

When we saw the gorgeous Samsung Super OLED TV at CES, we were stunned. We wanted it in our living room. We thought about stealing it. We wanted to buy it, but it turns out we can’t afford it. It’s going to be $US9000.

Zephyr Bluetooth Speaker Has Battery Life To Spare And Share

Streaming your music over a Bluetooth connection is yet another convenience that can be a real drain on your smartphone’s battery. So Spar has packed its new Zephyr wireless speakers with an oversized battery that can be used to charge other devices over USB.

Manufacturers Are Finally Standardising 3D Glasses... Together

Big news from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony: they’re teaming-up to put a stop to this silly trend of being forced into buying expensive 3D glasses that only work with one manufacturer’s 3DTV, and will use Xpand’s glasses from next year.

Apple Might Be Launching iTunes Replay Service

Apple just recently let Apple TV users re-download and stream TV shows they’ve previously bought. According to AppAdvice, this same sort of feature could happen for movies too but. It’s supposedly part of a bigger feature called iTunes Replay.

First Look At Transformers 'Dark Of The Moon' Vehicles

The latest Transformers flick “Dark of the Moon” may be yet another extended Chevy commercial, but here’s the first look at the new Camaro ZL1-inspired Bumblebee Camaro and topless Corvette Stingray concept Sideswipe. [Jalopnik]

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