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This Is The Weirdest Engine I Have Ever Seen

According to Duke Engineering, its axial engine is the most efficient and lightest engine you can put in boats, light aircrafts and generators — the mechanical engine of the (near) future! Maybe.

US Senate Panel Sets Aside $US100 Million To Build Putin-Free Rocket

Could the budgetary shot in the arm our space program so desperately needs come from rising tensions between Russia and the US? In the latest development in the New Cold War™, a US Senate panel has budgeted $US100 million to fund a state-of-the-art rocket engine designed and built in Amurica.

Hear The Shocking Difference Between 2013 And 2014 F1 Racing Engines

The rules done changed in F1 racing from last year to now and the most obvious difference between 2013 and 2014 is the sound of the engine in F1 racing cars. Before they used to be so screaming loud that they sounded like the manifestation of space laser warfare on the road. Now in 2014? It’s like hearing weak go karts prancing around the track. It’s that different.

Scientists Built An Impossibly Small Engine But Don't Know How It Works

It must be fun to invent something. One day it does not exist, and the next day it exists. But how would you feel if you didn’t exactly know why your new invention worked? The minds behind this all-new microscopic engine could tell you.

If You're A NASA Engineer You Get To Play With Toys Like These

If you’re a NASA engineer, you get to play with a lot of awesome toys, like these furious mini-rockets. They are models of the Space Launch System (SLS) core stage engines, “scaled down to just 2 per cent of the actual size of the flight hardware”.

Why Engines Are Commonly Measured In Horsepower

We owe this unit of engine power measurement to Scottish engineer James Watt. In the early 1780s, after making a vastly superior steam engine to the then classic Newcomen steam engine, Watt was looking for a way to market his invention, advertising the fact that his engine used about 75 per cent less fuel than a similarly powered Newcomen, among many other improvements.

Monster Machines: You Can Cradle This 3-Cylinder Engine Like A 40kg, 400hp Baby

An engine this small should, by conventional logic, not be this powerful. But, somehow, it is. And at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nissan plans to see just how well its undersized, overpowered hybrid engine prototype handles auto racing’s most gruelling challenge.

GM's RFID Engine Bolts Prevent Assembly Line Screw-Ups

Threaded fasteners haven’t changed drastically since they were invented ages ago. But now, General Motors has put RFID tags in the bolts used on engine assembly lines, turning simple hardware into tracking devices that make sure everything gets assembled properly. That bolt’s got a (2kb) brain!

Monster Machines: It's Not Broken, The Open Rotor Turbine Is Supposed To Look Like That

This is not a broken turboprop engine. It’s a new radical new aircraft engine design by French engine manufacturer Snecma, one that will forgo the traditional bypass system and remove the engine ducting altogether while reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and engine noise.

This Wonderful Sound Is A Turbine Engine's Worst Nightmare

Turbines are huge, intricate, beautiful machines. And if you drop something inside of them, they double as musical instruments. But as YouTuber AgentJayZ demonstrates, the delightful xylophone sound that makes is actually horrible.

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