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Careful Application Of Heat Could Extend The Lifetime Of A Battery

Think of heat and batteries, and you probably imagine a li-on cell bursting into flames. But now researchers think that a little heat at the right time could actually be used to extend the lifespan of a battery.

Disappearing Graphene Circuits Could Make Temporary Electrical Devices

Imagine electrical circuits that you could print off and use for a few hours before they melted away and stop functioning or changed their function. A spy’s best friend, they could become reality thanks to a new kind of electric circuitry printed on graphene.

Even Robots Suck At Building IKEA Furniture

Folks have been fantasizing for years about the possibility of an IKEA-savvy robot. If IKEA uses robots to flat pack its furniture, surely we humans could use robots to assemble it! But despite at least a decade of attempts, one thing remains clear: Robots are terrible at building IKEA furniture.

This Tiny 4-Gram Robot Jumps And Walks Using Memory Alloy Springs

Not all robots needs to be big and clever — those that are small and simple could prove just as useful. Like this little thing created by researchers at EPFL, which folds, flips, jumps and walks, while only weighing four grams.

London Underground Is Trialling Regenerative Braking To Help Power Trains

London Underground has been experimenting with a new system which recovers energy lost by braking trains, and it could save the subway system an impressive 5 percent on its energy bills.

These Structures Are Engineered To Survive A Global Catastrophe

Surviving a global calamity is, thankfully, a hypothetical usually posed only by summer blockbusters and InfoWars. But dammit, let’s talk hypotheticals.

With This Self-Healing Rubber, Your Flat Tire Can Fix Itself

Researchers in Germany recently discovered a way to manufacture rubber that can “heal” after being cut or pierced. In this incredible video, you can see the rubber growing back together.

Simple Collections Of Gold Nanoparticles Can Develop Computational Abilities

We’re used to thinking of silicon as being the go-to material in computer architecture. But now a team of scientists has shown that a random assembly of cold nanoparticles can evolve to perform computational tasks too.

New Coating Radiates Heat To Keep Solar Cells Cool -- And More Efficient

Solar cells suffer a strange problem: the hotter they get as the sun pours down on them, the less efficient they become at converting light into electricity. But now a team of Stanford researchers have developed a new transparent coating that can help them keep a little cooler — and more efficient.

A New Light-Based Memory Chip Could Change The Fundamentals Of Computing

Electrons are quick, but they’re not quick enough — in fact they’re holding back the speed of modern computing. Now, a team has developed the world’s first ever light-based memory chip that can store data permanently, and it could help usher in a new era of computing

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