This Skeleton Robot Walks and Swims Exactly Like A Salamander

Pleurobot looks like a salamander skeleton come to life and that’s no coincidence. The robot was engineered to slink around exactly like a salamander. And we mean exactly.

A Room-Sized 3D Printer Will Make Freeform Concrete Design Easy

Concrete is an amazing building material: cheap to create, strong when used correctly and hard-wearing too. But turning it into exotic and shapely forms can be prohibitively complex and expensive. Now, a 3D printer capable of producing one-off moulds as large as a phone booth could help turn architectural dream into affordable reality.

The Eiffel Tower Is Generating Power With A Hidden Wind Farm On Its Legs

Paris hasn’t been shy about slapping on sexxxy new attractions to the 127-year-old Eiffel Tower over the past few years — what with the glittering lights and glass floors. But the latest addition is designed to be neither seen or heard.

This Robotic Bird Can Swoop And Dive (Kinda) Like The Real Thing

Robotic birds are notoriously difficult to make, because the complex motion required brings mechanical weight penalties that are difficult to balance with the modest thrust of the flapping wings. But this new avian bot uses lightweight 3D-printed parts to reduce weight and turn it into an acrobat.

University Lifts Ban On Iranian Students In Science And Engineering

Yesterday, we reported on a troubling policy at the University of Massachusetts of Amherst. They school banned Iranian nationals from enrolling as graduate students in several engineering and natural science programs. After much uproar and protest, the University of Massachusetts has backed down, and will admit Iranian students again.

Why We Didn't Know How Tall The Washington Monument Was Until Now

It only took more than a century, but we now know how tall the Washington Monument really stands thanks to — you guessed it — science. Oh, and we know the exact location too. Finally.

University Of Massachusetts Will No Longer Admit Iranian Students To Engineering And Science

Starting this month, the venerable University of Massachusetts at Amherst will no longer allow Iranian nationals to matriculate as graduate students in many of its programs in engineering and the natural sciences, including physics and electrical/computer engineering.

This Camera Is Going To Hell And Will Send Us Pictures

European Space Agency engineers are going where no human will ever go. They have put a camera inside an automated spacecraft full of garbage (including sewage) to see what will happen during its reentry into Earth’s atmosphere this weekend.

The Fascinating Engineering Details Of The Titanic From A 1909 Journal 

It’s over 100 years since the Titanic’s final, fateful journey. But tucked away in engineering journals dating even further back are some fascinating details about how the ship was built — and in this video, Engineering Guy Bill Hammack casts a thoughtful eye over them.

Watch This Man Scale A Rock Wall With DARPA's Bionic Arm 

The DARPA-funded DEKA Arm System is an amazingly life-like prosthetic arm controlled directly by electric signals from the muscles. It’s the first such prosthetic available to the general public. And it can help you climb a rock wall like a badass.