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Watch The Incredible Force Of A Typhoon Move A Skyscraper's 700-Ton Mass Damper

Mass dampers are designed to counteract the swaying of a skyscraper as it’s buffeted by strong winds or earthquakes. But it’s incredibly rare to see one of these huge devices moving more an a few inches. Unless, of course, there’s a typhoon nearby.

Could You Charge An iPhone With The Electricity In Your Brain?

Ever since Morpheus explained how the machines use humans as batteries in The Matrix, we’ve been fascinated by the idea. But can the human body actually generate enough current to do anything useful? We decided to find out, by asking experts how long it would take a human brain to charge an iPhone.

Objects That Couldn't Be Made Before 3D Printers Existed

3D printing isn’t just for making unique stuffed animals or weird fake meat. It allows us to fabricate objects we never could with traditional manufacturing. Here are some of the incredible things we can print now, which were nearly impossible to make before.

This Little Fusion Reactor May One Day Power The World

Fusion power has seemed like science fiction — a boundless energy source that would light up the world forever, if only we could figure out how to contain it. And yet we’re always about thirty years away from solving that mystery. Until now.

We Need To Seriously Rethink How We Prepare For Future Floods

Planning for anything beyond our own lifespans is tough work — not only does it force us to acknowledge our pitifully brief lives, but what we think is a good solution today might be making things worse in the long run. And according to some scientists, that’s exactly what’s happening with how we’re protecting our cities from rising tides.

'Yolk And Shell' Nanoparticles Could Make Batteries Last Longer

As batteries go through repeated charge-and-discharge cycles, their electrodes expand and contract — and the physical damage that causes leads to gradual battery degradation. Now, a team of researchers from MIT has a new kind of nanoparticle that may ease the problem.

A New Wastewater Treatment Captures CO2 And Produces Energy Too

A team of engineers has developed a new kind of wastewater treatment that manages to capture CO2 and produce energy at the same time as cleaning water.

NASA Wants This Gas-Jet Drone To Find Resources On The Moon And Mars

This might look like a slightly ramshackle home-brew drone, but in fact its a new kind of robotic vehicle developed by NASA that “can gather samples on other worlds in places inaccessible to rovers”.

This Air Force Workshop Is Like An Engineering Operating Theatre

At home, you might be content with a wrench and an oily rag to fix up your car. But that doesn’t cut it for Air Force mechanics.

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