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Inside The Workshop That Builds The World's Largest Wings

Boeing is busy developing its next ultra-efficient commercial jetliner, the 777x, and one of its biggest features — quite literally — are its wings. This amazing facility is where they will be made.

This Amazing Carbon Fibre Pavillion Was Woven By A Robot

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum has unveiled an incredibly intricate robotically woven and biologically inspired carbon-fibre pavilion in its courtyard.

This Is How NASA Tests Its Return Capsules For Landings At Sea

If you’ve ever wondered what happens at the moment that an astronaut’s return capsule hits the sea, you’re not alone. NASA engineers think about it rather a lot, which is why they have been dropping the new Orion module, full of crash-test dummies, into a huge swimming pool.

This Stretchable Battery Pack Wraps Around Anything And Charges Itself

There’s one big obstacle holding back flexible electronics and conformable wearables, and that’s stiff and bulky li-ion batteries. Now, a team of scientists has developed a stretchable mesh of power cells that sticks to surfaces like a plaster to skin — and it can even charge itself.

Construction Workers Discover Ancient Roman Ruins

If you build a new Metro line in Rome, you have to worry about more than just engineering. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the construction team working on the Metro C, which will run through the centre of the city, has now unearthed a huge suite of ancient barracks.

Solar Impulse Has Made It To Tulsa

Solar Impulse has chalked up another 1600km in its bid to circumnavigate the globe. The all-electric solar-powered aeroplane successfully flew from Phoenix to Tulsa, landing in the dead of night.

This Small Black Strip Is A Clock Accurate To 270 Quintillionths Of A Second

If you want to time something accurately, you could do worse than this new optical clock. Because it can measure intervals of time with a precision of 270 quintillionths of a second (that’s 0.00000000000000027 seconds).

Inspect SpaceX's Fastest Barge Landing In Detail

Video: Last week, SpaceX made its fastest ever successful rocket landing on its drone ship, despite having claimed that it was “unlikely” to be a success. Now you can watch it from three different angles.

Why Is There A Hole In Aeroplane Windows?

Here’s a question you’ve probably asked at some point in your life. Most likely you’ve asked it in passing, while parked in seat 22A on a flight to… wherever: What’s with that little hole in the aeroplane window?

New Scanner Uniquely Identifies Gadgets Just From The Noise They Emit

Without using them, one iPhone or laptop is indistinguishable from another of the same model — to the human eye, at least. A team of researchers, though, has developed a tool that can tell gadgets apart based just on the electromagnetic noise they create.

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