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The World's First Clear Glass Slide Looks Like A Dream

Our perpetually-dropped smartphones have pushed glass manufacturers to create stronger and more durable materials to survive our clumsiness. But if you’re curious just how advanced glass making techniques have gotten, someone has made a 9m working glass slide that’s completely transparent.

This Weird Purse Is Actually A Gun

Video: Forgotten Weapons sees a lot of odd firearms, from a machine gun that Italian troops would mount to bicycles to Uzis that look like horseshoes. But the Frankenau purse gun takes the cake for pure strangeness.

Everyone Needs A Hydraulic Robot Claw In Their Life

Every now and again, you spot something you never knew wanted and it hits you — how did I ever live without it? For some, it’s a piece of vital life-saving technology.

Me? I want this claw.

A 37,000 Litre Fish Tank Seems Like Too Much Work

Video: Any kind of home aquarium takes an inordinate amount of upkeep. Everything needs cleaning and filtering and feeding all the damn time. And fish are nasty little bastards who can’t love you and won’t hesitate to eat each other.

Scientists Harness The Power Of A Special Liquid To Help Clothing Repair Itself

When you rip clothing, you either have to go and get it repaired, repair it yourself or sigh heavily and toss it out. You’re lucky if you have the tools necessary to repair torn fabrics, or just have all the money in the world to pay someone else to fix it for you, but what if you could skip all that?

If You Hate People, Get A Tattoo From A Robot

There is a certain intimacy that comes with getting a tattoo. Not only are you decorating your own skin in a unique way, but you’re also sharing that experience with the artist who is essentially making you bleed over and over again.

Let The Calm Wash Over You As This Dam Opens Its Spillway For The Very First Time

Video: Behold the majestic Banja Dam in Albania. It’s a huge hydroelectric project that hit a big milestone last weekend — its reservoir reached over 550m above sea level. To release some of the excess water, dam operators opened the spillway for the very first time and filmed the event from the air. The dang thing just keeps. On. Going.

This Sensor Can Be Implanted In Your Body And Is The Size Of A Grain Of Sand

Many people may not be ready yet for transhumanist body implants, but a recent study at UC Berkeley promises that future may be one step closer regardless.

You Can Now 3D-Print One Of Watchmaking's Modern Mechanical Marvels

Watchmakers are always striving to add more features to their timepieces, but it’s the most simple and obvious feature — accurately keeping the time — that’s the holy grail of horology. And now you can 3D-print a tourbillon, a complex device that improves a watch’s accuracy, and marvel at its mechanics.

Getting More Girls On Board: Challenging Engineering Stereotypes

Although a rewarding and varied discipline, engineering has — for decades — suffered gender disparity and chronic skills shortage.

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