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Scientists Have Created An Exoskeleton That Kicks Its Wearer In The Knee

There are all kinds of exoskeletons out there. Some save you energy. Some help you do heavy work. Some lightly kick you in the knee. The question is, why does that last one exist? A Swiss research team thinks it can help them build better prosthetics.

Scientists Can Make Aerogel From Waste Paper

Aerogel is usually the preserve of expensive laboratory experiments — but what if you could make it from garbage? Now, a team of researchers has developed a technique to turn scrap paper into an incredibly light, highly insulating super material.

We Finally Understand How Concrete Behaves At A Microscopic Level

In modern cities, there’s concrete at every turn. So it might surprise you to hear that, until now at least, we haven’t really understood how it works at the microscopic level — despite the fact that we trust it to build huge structures.

The Ambitious $US55 Million Plan To Replace The Lead Pipes In Flint Will Only Take A Year

Today, Flint’s mayor announced an ambitious plan to replace the damaged and dangerous drinking water infrastructure below the city’s streets — and work can begin as soon as next month.

These Gorgeous Buildings Showcase The Surprisingly Innovative Future Of Wood

Wood is the future. That’s the feeling you get after looking through the 2016 award winners named by WoodWorks, the United States’ wood building council.

This Robot Changes Colour Like A Chameleon

Imagine a world where robots creep up on you: Electric motors just a gentle whir, hard shells changing colour to blend in with their surroundings. Well, there’s no need to imagine — it’s happened.

A New Ceramic Film Promises Electronics That Fold Like Paper

Bendable devices may still be a little way off, but a new kind of ceramic that is flexible in the same way as paper could certainly help speed things along.

This Simple Black Film Made From Carbon Nanotubes Is Stronger Than Kevlar

This looks like the kind of thin material you might make a trash bag out of. But that would be a waste because this material, made from carbon nanotubes, is stronger and more compliant then kevlar or carbon fibre.

A New Light-Based Transistor Could Completely Change The Way Chips Work

Transistors are everywhere — in your computer, car, phone and refrigerator — but they’re not shrinking fast enough to satisfy our hunger for ever-faster devices. A new kind of light-based transistor might just fix that.

Delicate Robotic Fingers Pick Up Fragile Objects Using Electrostatic Force

Ask most robots to pick up an egg and you end up with… a broken egg. But this pair of automated fingers uses an incredibly delicate thin film and some simple physics to grasp fragile objects with relative ease.

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