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Beautiful Video Explains How Light Has Been Harnessed For Communication

Whether you have fibre supplying Internet access to your home or not, you use optical systems to send and receive information every single day. This stunning video takes a look at the scientists and engineers that have enabled light to be used for human communication.

Moving The Most Powerful Space Telescope's Mirror Is A Terrifying Job

Don’t drop it! In this picture you can see a team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Calibration, Integration and Alignment Facility moving the James Webb Space Telescope’s mirror. Slipping isn’t an option.

How It Felt To Work At Bell Labs In The 60s

Just 45 miles outside New York City in Murray Hill, New Jersey sits Bell Labs: the birth place of lasers, transistors, mobile phones and many other modern technologies. In this video, Professor Brian Kernighan remembers what it was like to work there.

The World's Most Powerful Laser Has Been Fired In Japan

Take cover: scientists from Osaka University have begun using the world’s most powerful laser, that pumps out 2 quadrillion watts. That’s 2,000,000,000,000,000 watts.

This Material Wouldn't Melt, Even At The Center Of The Earth

Researchers have discovered a material that could break the record for the highest melting point of any substance.

Watch This: Inside China's Prolific Technology Manufacturing Region

The bulk of the world’s gadgets are built in the Pearl River Delta region of China. There, cheap labour, mountains of electronic components and high finance co-exist — if a little awkwardly — to provide a haven for engineers and entrepreneurs. This video takes a peek inside what that’s like.

Mechanical Wrist Will Take Robotic Surgery To Places As-Yet Inoperable

Robotic surgery has become a relatively commonplace, with 1.7 million robotic procedures occurring between 2007 and 2013. This new tiny robotic wrist, however, will take the procedure into the head, face and neck.

This Tiny Light-Emitting Device Flashes 90 Billion Times A Second

This may look like a piece of abstract art, but you’re actually looking at the cutting-edge of optical technology. Using a branch of physics known as plasmonics, this microscopic set-up can pulse light on-and-off a bewildering 90 billion times per second.

How One Company Plans To Launch Rockets Using Beams Of Microwaves

More people than ever are joining the private space race, developing new ways to loft craft into the night sky. But the Colorado space startup Escape Dynamics has an unusual plan to achieve that goal, which will use beams of microwaves to power a rocket into space.

This Transistor Is Made From A Molecule And A Few Atoms

It might look like some kind of grade school abstract painting, but you’re actually looking at a microscopic transistor which is made up of a single molecule and a smattering of of atoms.

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