How Bigger Atoms Could Help Make Smaller 'Lab-On-A-Chip' Devices

“Lab-on-a-chip” devices — which can carry out several laboratory functions on a single, micro-sized chip — are the result of a quiet scientific revolution over the past few years. For example, they enable doctors to make complex diagnoses instantly from a single drop of blood.

How This Underground Park Is Piping In Real, Live Sunshine

We’re living in an age of extremely ambitious urban technology: floating pools that filter dirty river water; artificial eco-habitats; and even green parks that sit under cities, nourished by actual sunlight literally piped down from above.

The Solar Cells Of The Future Look Very Pretty Up Close

You’re looking at a perovskite. Not an Eastern European bird of prey, nor an exotic toy to play with in the wind, but a potential future of solar power.

Audi's Developing A Moon Rover For Google's Lunar Xprize

Audi is no stranger to branching out from cars, but its most recent project is perhaps more ambitious than usual: with a team of German scientists and engineers, it’s helping build a rover that could one day make it to the moon.

This Full-Colour Display Is Just Microns Thick And Flexible Like Skin

The prospect of a material that can change colour yet is still flexible enough to wear as clothing is a perennial sci-fi dream — and now amazingly close to reality. This new electronic skin is just a few microns thick and yet manages to change colour, acting as a credible digital display.

This Is SpaceX's Second Barge, Preparing To Catch A Rocket On Sunday

SpaceX has been trying for some time now to land a rocket on a barge — and on Sunday it will try again, attempting to set down a spacecraft aboard this vessel, called Of Course I Still Love You.

Even A B52 Looks Serene From This Height

Briefly: It’s not often that you could use a word like serene to describe a B-52H Stratofortress. But in this image, accompanied by Saab JAS 39 Gripen jets from the Swedish Armed Forces, that’s exactly how it looks. This image was captured over the Baltic Sea during training manoeuvres on June 11. [US Air Force]

This Palm-Sized Bug Wirelessly Steals Laptop Crypto Keys

This self-contained snooping device can steal data from laptops within 19 inches of it, sniffing out information based on the radio waves that leak from processors as a result of their variations in power use. And, as its designers point out, it’s small enough to fit inside a pita.

Robotic Emotions Could Help Us Out Of The Uncanny Valley

When the first guests arrive at Nagasaki’s Hotel Henn Na in July this year, they will be greeted and served by robots. In a similar approach, Toshiba’s android Aiko recently held a short-term role greeting customers at a department store in Tokyo. Customers were comfortable approaching Aiko to ask for directions and even the receptionist who normally holds the post felt her android colleague was doing a reasonable job.

iRobot Founder Says She Learnt To Program At Radio Shack

Helen Greiner, founder of iRobot, almost single-handedly started the home robotics revolution. Her company produced the sweeping robot, Roomba, and now makes the PackBot, a military robot that can defuse bombs and aid in rescue missions. But she never would have learnt to program without Radio Shack.