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Actual Tech Experts Tell US Government Scaremongers To Stop Panicking About Encryption 

If you listen to FBI Director James Comey or GOP US presidential candidate John Kasich, encryption is a dangerous techno-blight that lets bad guys “go dark” and plot in secret. Actual tech experts are puncturing these scaremongering claims, and a new report tells a very different story: “Going dark” is alarmist nonsense. Technology provides myriad novel opportunities to spy on enemies.

International Data Privacy Day: How Secure Are You?

Happy International Data Privacy Day! No, you don’t get a public holiday, but you do get a gentle reminder to check a few important things so you can be certain your discarded information is being disposed of securely.

The NSA Can Spy On You With Or Without Encryption

The leaders controlling the US surveillance apparatus can’t agree on encryption. FBI Director Comey has hysterically characterised it as a safe haven for evil-doers. A high-ranking Department of Justice official insisted that encryption could cause a child to die. Meanwhile, the National Security Agency’s leaders are extremely chill about encryption — which is terrifying.

Australians Join Global Protest Against Laws To Weaken Encryption

A “backdoor” to allow access to any encrypted file — including personal conversations, medical and banking records — will be created if laws proposed in countries around the world are passed, according to the Electronic Frontiers Association (EFA).

How Hollywood Can Use The Law To Force You To Upgrade Your TV

So your mum bought you a copy of Mad Max: Fury Road on Ultra HD Blu-ray for Christmas and you want to play it on your old arse non-4K TV? A line of devices from HDfury makes it possible. Or at least, it used to.

US Senator Accuses Tim Cook Of Omitting Facts About Encryption By Omitting Facts About Encryption

Apple CEO and modestly-sized slice of multigrain toast Tim Cook went on 60 Minutes last night. His appearance lacked big, buzzy announcements, but Cook received a strong reaction from US Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who claims Apple will soon be a go-to company for child pornographers if it doesn’t change its encryption.

Hillary Clinton Wants A Manhattan Project For Encryption

Hillary Clinton suggested that tech companies work together with the government to create “a Manhattan-like project” in the latest US Democratic debate. The Manhattan Project, if you a need a refresher, was a research and development collaboration between the US, UK, and Canada to develop weapons during World War II, culminating in the development of the atomic bomb. It was initially a secret military project. Over a hundred civilians died working on it.

Blackberry's CEO Gives You A Great Reason To Buy An IPhone

Cops and spies alike are up in arms lately over companies like Apple using uncrackable encryption on their devices. But Blackberry, whose clickity keyboards can still be heard in the halls of many government bureaucracy, doesn’t think criminals deserve privacy.

Dumb Human Errors Can Undermine The Security Of Encrypted Communication Apps

You might think that because you use an expensive secure phone or encrypted messaging app like Signal your privacy is guaranteed. Sadly, you may have overestimated the abilities of the humans at each end, whose screw-ups when using the schemes can render them redundant.

In Australia, Even Learning About Encryption Will Be Illegal Soon

You might not think that an academic computer science course could be classified as an export of military technology. But under the Defence Trade Controls Act — which passed into law in April, and will come into force next year — there is a real possibility that even seemingly innocuous educational and research activities could fall foul of Australian defence export control laws.

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