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A Judge Shut Down WhatsApp For 100 Million People

A judge has shut down WhatApp for three days in Brazil, in an attempt to gain access to data from the messaging service.

Report: The FBI Will Be Able To Use The San Bernardino Hack Again

Ever since the FBI opted for plan B and resorted to using the services of some third party to gain access to the San Bernardino iPhone, speculation has been rife about whether the hack could be used again. A new report suggests it can — but only on the same model of phone.

The US Lawmakers Who Control Your Digital Future Are Clueless About Technology

It is becoming increasingly clear that Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr, co-chairs of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, don’t have the slightest clue about how encryption works. Good thing they’re currently pushing disastrous legislation that would force tech companies to decrypt things for law enforcement!

Blackberry Thinks Tech Companies Should Comply With 'Reasonable Requests' From Cops

While Apple has been waging a very public battle, it turns out that Canadian police have been decrypting the messages of millions of Blackberry users. Rather than apologising for the breach, Blackberry CEO John Chen defended his company’s approach.

Canada's Mounties Hold The Keys To Blackberry's Encryption

Blackberry — the financially floundering smartphone maker that prides itself on end-to-end encryption — may have finally met its match in the form of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Motherboard reports that the RCMP, as part of a criminal investigation, was able to intercept and decrypt more than a million Blackberry messages over the course of two years.

US Congress' New Encryption Bill Is A Total Nightmare

Yesterday, US Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein released a draft of what they’re calling the “Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016.” The so-called “encryption bill” manages to be both breathtakingly ignorant and condescending at the same time.

Four Theories About How The FBI Is Cracking The San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

An anticipated courtroom showdown between Apple and the FBI was scheduled for yesterday — but that didn’t happen. The hearing was postponed following an FBI court filing claiming a “third party” had shown the government an alternate method to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, one that doesn’t require Apple’s assistance.

Amnesty International Says Encryption Is A Basic Human Right

Is encryption a basic human right? Amnesty International believes so, becoming one of the latest to weigh in on the Apple v FBI case. In this world of digital communication, encryption is intrinsically tied to privacy and the right to free speech. Amnesty has speculated that undermining encryption as the FBI requested from Apple could potentially open a ‘Pandora’s Box’ for human rights.

Today's Apple-FBI Hearing Has Been Delayed 

Yesterday, it came to light that the FBI may no longer need Apple to unlock the San Bernardino iPhone. The two sides were due to meet in court again today, but the hearing has been delayed.

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