Apple Accidentally Approves A Gameboy Advance Emulator

Awesome Baby Names generator caught the Apple apps approval team napping, it seems, although not for very long.

Nook Simple Touch Hack Plays Sonic Better Than A Game Boy

Kind of like the modern equivalent of hiding a comic book inside the textbook you’re supposed to be studying, someone has hack-loaded a Sega Genesis emulator onto the Nook Simple Touch ereader. So instead of reading at the back of the classroom, you can spend your time chasing rings.

It Look Like The PS Vita, But It Has An Xbox Name And An Android Logo

This is the Droid X360. It’s an Android powered PS Vita-looking device with a touch screen and nine different emulators for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy colour, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega Game Gear. Phew!

Will The Playbook End Up Being A Better PlayStation Than The PlayStation Phone?

The Blackberry Playbook has some excellent hardware, but to date it’s been hampered by a lack of really good apps. The same could be said for Sony’s PlayStation phone initiatives; so far it’s been a lot of promise with little delivery. A PlayStation emulator for Playbook might just bridge the gap between the two.

Android Is BlackBerry PlayBook's Killer New Feature [Video]

The long-awaited Android app player for BlackBerry has been demonstrated by a developer, giving PlayBook owners a future reason to stay loyal. It’s Android, in a little window, courtesy of RIM’s BBX 2.0 OS.

Poof! Android Market Emulators Go MIA

Popular Android emulator developer “yongzh” has had all of his apps yanked from Android Market without warning, he told users today, signaling that Google’s recent bans (started last month at the behest of Sega) are all but over.

Android Gets A Nintendo 64 Emulator With N64oid

N64oid, a Nintendo 64 emulator, will let you indulge your nostalgia wherever you go. Though other video game emulators for Android devices exist, nothing else can bring you this kind of 64-bit gaming goodness. $US6. [Android Market]

Watch The PlayStation Phone Actually Play Games

Oh, hello there, PlayStation Phone! Here’s the clearest video yet of Sony’s mobile gaming messiah living out its main purpose: playing Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer.

You Should Be Able To Guess What iAmiga Does...

The telltale lowercase letter. The word Amiga. Yes, it’s a fully working Commodore Amiga emulator for iPhone and it’ll be launching soon – pending deals with the original software publishers to ensure it’s all 100 per cent legal and legit.

8-Bit ZX Spectrum Gaming Emulator Arrives On The iPhone

If you’ve not heard of the ZX Spectrum, you’re either American or were born on the wrong side of 1990. Or both! Never mind, though, because you can experience what Brits grew up playing in the ’80s on this $1.19 app.

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