Gmail Just Made Unsubscribing From Bulk Emails Easier Than Ever

You probably still get a bunch of bulk emails, simply because it’s a pain scrolling around to find the elusive “Unsubscribe” link. Gmail just solved that: now, an unsubscribe option pops up right next to the sender’s address in certain types of mail. Scroll no more.

Shutterfly Congratulates Hundreds Of Random Users On Having A Baby

Thanks to what is either the biggest episode of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant ever or an entirely different kind of accident, the folks over at Shutterfly have had a very busy morning. You would too if you had just congratulated hundreds of strangers on their nonexistent babies.

Yes! This Is Exactly Why Writing Emails Is So Horrible

I have to write a lot of emails. A lot of emails. And each and every one is like a holiday to hell. If you’re anything like me, you know exactly why that is, but this video from Domics sums it up so perfectly it makes me want to die and never write another email again.

Apple Is Deleting iCloud Emails That Have The Phrase 'Barely Legal Teen' In Them

Something really weird is happening to iCloud emails. It turns out, Apple is straight up deleting emails sent from iCloud email accounts that have the phrase “barely legal teen” in them. Like, if you sent out an email that included that phrase in the body of the message, it would never be sent to the person. Huh?

Are You Getting Less Spam Mail?

The Economist has a chart from Kaspersky Lab, a security firm, that shows that spam mail is on a decline. Supposedly, it’s a combination of spam filters actually working, the authentication of senders and more police crackdowns on Nigerian princes.

Why Scammers Say They're From Nigeria

We all get them: scam emails that claim to be able to make us millionaires overnight. But why are they so terribly unconvincing? And why do they even admit to being based in places like Nigeria? One Microsoft researcher claims to have the answer.

Proof Amazon's Going To Sell A Shitload Of New Kindles

This email from my mother, just now. She’s never expressed interest in a table of any kind, ever before. She’s extremely smart, but not so interested in tech. Well, she sure is now. And there are millions like her.

Yahoo (Accidentally?) Blocked Emails About Wall Street Protests

Wall Street has been a mess of bodies and police for the past few days as Occupy Wall Street protests have clogged up lower Manhattan. But there were some congestion problems online too, as Yahoo was reportedly blocking emails attempting to organise the gathering.

How Researchers Stole Emails From Fortune 500 Companies

Two researchers who set up doppelganger domains to mimic legitimate domains belonging to Fortune 500 companies say they managed to vacuum up 20 gigabytes of misaddressed email over six months.

Carol Bartz: I've Been Fired As CEO Of Yahoo

Carol Bartz just confirmed she’s been fired from her position as CEO of Yahoo. The short announcement was sent via email from her iPad.