Electricity-Eating Bacteria Are Real And More Common Than We Thought

In the extreme world of bacteria, stunts such as living in hot springs or without oxygen are, like, totally unimpressive. But then there are bacteria that live off electricity, feeding directly on naked electrons. Even more surprisingly, scientists are finding that these bacteria are not even that rare.

This Machine Generates Electricity From Humidity

This silver cube looks like it belongs on a spaceship — but actually it’s way more exciting than that. In fact, it can create electricity from humidity, as water condenses on its internal surfaces.

Your Set-Top Box Is Wasting Absurd Amounts Of Energy And Money

Electricity bill got you down? Blame your cable box or PlayStation or printer or refrigerator or any of your smart, networked devices that have a gentle-sounding but energy-sucking “standby mode”. A new report from the International Energy Agency puts the energy from networked devices worldwide at 616 terawatt-hours. That’s more than the entire energy consumption of the United Kingdom.

Scientists Swapped A Toxic Chemical In Solar Cells For A Tofu Ingredient

Thin-film solar cells promise to bring flexible, low-profile solar power to all kinds of surfaces. Unfortunately, constructing thin-film panels requires cadmium chloride, a finicky, expensive and toxic material. Now, University of Liverpool scientists have figured out how to make solar cells using magnesium chloride, a compound so innocuous, it’s actually used in the production of tofu.

Wind Power In South Australia, And No Angry People

Almost 150 wind turbines are built or nearing completion around Snowtown in the north of South Australia. It’s the state’s biggest wind farm, and the towers dotting the landscape stretch 30 kilometres — but homeowners and residents are apparently happy with developer Trustpower’s clean energy project.

We Still Don't Know How Static Electricity Works

At some point in physics class, your teacher probably rubbed a balloon against his hair and explained static electricity. But what your teacher didn’t tell you — the full story about static electricity — is that scientists are just now realising it is a lot more complicated than thought.

Truck Transported On A Ropeway Going Up A 1646m Mountain

Linthal 2015 is one of the most fascinating power projects going on in the world right now. When finished, this 2.35-billion-dollar pumped storage system will be able to generate as much power as a nuclear power plant — 1,480 MW. The only problem is that there are no roads connecting the construction sites, so they have to lift all heavy machinery using a ropeway.

IKEA Is Powering Its Australian Stores With Solar Energy

Everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture store is getting a green makeover. With a Queensland store already well on the way to its maximum PV potential of 741kW using almost 2500 solar panels, solar programs for four NSW and Victoria retail warehouses, and four new stores planned for construction with solar, IKEA will be the nation’s largest solar business.

Why Bitcoin Miners Are Moving To Tiny Towns In Washington State

There’s not much in rural Washington, but there are lot of dams. And dams mean hydroelectric power. Following the lure of cheap electricity, Bitcoin miners and their power-hungry server farms are making out for sleepy little towns in the US Pacific Northwest.

You Can Drive Over This Parking Lot Paved With Solar Panels

If you’ve scampered barefoot across asphalt on a sunny day, then you know driveways are already absorbing plenty of solar energy. What if we could actually harness it? Solar Roadways has created solar panels so strong you could drive a tractor right over them — plus they light up at night and heat to melt snow.