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Living With Data: Are News Sites Tracking My Clicks And Changing What I See?

This is the second instalment of the Living With Data series, exploring encounters with data in our everyday lives.

Australian Electoral Commission Says E-Voting Is Coming, But It's Hard

The Australian Electoral Commission is having a bad few weeks. After being forced to recount the votes for Western Australian Senate seats, the AEC declared it had lost around 1400 ballot papers, opening up a Pandora’s Box of problems including potential by-elections, recount demands and court cases. It’s easy enough to say that this could all be solved with computers and fancy e-voting, but the Electoral Commissioner isn’t so sure.

Opinion: Australia Voted, Don't Mourn For The National Broadband Network

I’m seeing a lot of people wailing on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook this evening, saying that the National Broadband Network is “dead”. “Goodbye, NBN”, one of my friends wrote. Here’s why you should stop being so dramatic.

Tony Abbott Wants An Australian Billion-Dollar Drone Program, But Why? [Updated]

If I had $1 for every time Tony Abbott had said “stop the boats” in the last four years, I’d probably have enough cash to fund his latest proposal: he wants to buy seven UAV drones to scour the Australian coastline for illegal boat arrivals at a cost of $1.5 billion.

Game Of Seats: How The Election Played Out For Geeks [Updated]

The counting is still underway in the tally rooms, but it looks like the Coalition led by Tony Abbott will be our new leaders within hours. There are a lot of numbers being thrown around right now, but here’s how the election ended up for the MPs you care about.

This Game Of Thrones-Themed Election Rap Is Surprisingly Excellent

It’s easy to sit down and think to yourself, “hey, I’ll make something Game Of Thrones-related and put it on YouTube. It’ll be great!”. So often it sucks, but this is not one of those times. Welcome to A Game Of Polls, featuring Julian Assange as John Farnham.

Watch Malcolm Turnbull Do A Google Hangout On Election Issues

Coalition heavyweight and Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, today did a Google+ Hangout with journalists from Fairfax about various election issues. The first question is about the quality of the Coalition’s fibre-to-the-node plan as it compares to other countries, and the conversation lasts for about an hour. Perfect for your train ride home if you need your daily dose of politics.

Turnbull: The Coalition's NBN Is More Of A Threat To Foxtel Than Labor's NBN

Media markets have rapidly evolved since the proliferation of the internet as a form of content distribution, and now that both major parties are advocating high-speed broadband in the lead-up to the 2013 Federal Election, old-world content providers like Foxtel must be quivering in their boots. Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has fired a warning shot for traditional broadcasters, saying that the Coalition’s NBN plan should represent more of a concern than Labor’s NBN for Pay TV providers.

The Federal Budget Explained In Three Minutes

I had every intention of watching the Treasurer’s 2013-14 Budget Speech, but I have to admit that took a nap when I got in last night and missed all of it. Thankfully, there’s this little helper that Labor has made in the vein of our favourite science explainers to lay out what the new Budget means for Australia.

How Fast Is The NBN Vs. Coalition Broadband? This Site Might Help

This coming election is going to focus heavily on telecommunications policy and who has the best national high-speed broadband strategy, but how do we decide which one is going to be best if we haven’t used them? Meet James Brotchie. He’s built something that might be of use for those looking to make a comparison: a website that gives you a visual representation of the differences between the Coalition and Labor Party strategies.

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