New Mummy X-Rays Let You Peer Right Inside Ancient Egyptian Bodies

New X-ray data visualisation allow scientists — and the public — to undress ancient Egyptian mummies, peel back their skins and see (virtually) inside. The results looks as terrifying as you might expect.

Archaeologists Unearth Rare Egyptian Sarcophagus And Gold Seal In Israel

Archaeologists have unearthed a rare tomb in Israel with an Egyptian ceramic sarcophagus. Inside, the body of a man who died about 3300 years ago along with a gold scarab with the name of Seti I, the father of Ramses II — the pharaoh that enslaved Moses and the Jews according to the Bible myth. But the buried man was not Egyptian.

King Tut's Body Spontaneously Combusted Inside Its Sarcophagus

The world’s most famous mummy, King Tutankhamen, may not have had quite the civilised send off that we thought: researchers are now suggesting that a botched mummification process led to his body spontaneously combusting inside its sarcophagus.

Archaeologists Realise 5000-Year-Old Egyptian Beads Are From Space

Over 100 years ago, archaeologists dug up these nine blackened, corroded lumps of stone from a pre-dynastic Egyptian cemetery. But it wasn’t until now that we realised just how old they are — and that they came from outer space.

Crazy Villains Caught Trying To Cut Through The Internet's Undersea Cables

While the internet at large was freaking out about an apocalyptic attack that wasn’t really happening yesterday, something nefarious was going down at the bottom of the sea. Egyptian authorites found a trio of divers down there attempting to sever a crucial submarine communications cable.

Lost Egyptian Pyramids Appear On Google Earth

If only Howard Carter had access to satellite imagery, maybe he would have discovered more than just King Tut’s tomb. Fortunately, Google Earth means that anyone can examine the planet for last treasures. Including Angela Micol, a satellite archaeology researcher who thinks she has uncovered previously undiscovered ancient pyramids, hiding in plain sight in Egypt.

Giz Explains: Why There Are 24 Hours In A Day

We live in a base-10 world. The decimal system governs everything from the binary functions of computers to the amount of change you get when you buy a Slurpee. So why isn’t the standard Earth day just 10 hours long? Credit the Egyptians for that one.

America Loves Selling Guns To Egypt

Now that we’ve got YouTube, Google, and Facebook out of the way, how about another Hottest Trends List! This one’s a little morose though. Like, international arms sales morose. So who loves American best-in-the-world weapons? Kings and dictators.

Egyptian Mummy Had Prostate Cancer

A mummy preserved about 2250 years ago in Egypt suffered from prostate cancer. The mummy tumours were detected using a technology that only recently became available, so it might mean lots more ancient cancer cancer cases will be revealed.

Shutting Down The Internet Only Accelerates Revolutions

Though many of the Middle Eastern revolutions have come and gone, the prevailing reasons behind them are still under much debate. The conflict largely hinges on whether or not social media can create action. According to one theory, it can actually stop it.

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