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The Face Of An Egyptian Mummy Recreated By A Melbourne Forensic Sculptor

It almost defies belief what modern science is capable of. Take this facial reconstruction of Meritamen, a mummified Egyptian woman who may have lived anywhere from 2000-3500 years ago. The reconstruction was conducted by scientists and researchers from Monash University, the University of Melbourne, the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and many others.

How A Street Artist Secretly Painted An Urban-Scale Mural In Cairo

All over the world street artists have become famous by surreptitiously adding swabs of paint or wheatpaste to city walls. But the most remarkable thing about a new mural in Cairo is not only its size — it covers about 50 buildings — it’s that the artist managed to do it in a place that’s not known for encouraging creative expression.

It's A Quick (And Illegal) Climb To Get To The Top Of Giza's Great Pyramid

Eighteen-year-old German tourist Andrej Ciesielski got a view that few people get to see – Egypt from the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It’s an illegal climb, and he was caught by police when he reached the bottom.

Egypt Sends Eight Museum Staff To Trial Over Botched King Tut Repair

Last year, it came to light that the blue and gold braided beard on King Tut’s burial mask was knocked off during a botched cleaning attempt, then hastily glued back on using epoxy. Now, Egypt’s decided that more than just poor Tut’s head must roll over the debacle.

A Week After India Banned It, Facebook's 'Free Basics' Shuts Down In Egypt 

Facebook’s “Free Basics” program in Egypt has been shut down, according to Facebook. It’s unclear why the new free internet service stopped working. However, the news arrives a week after the Indian government temporarily banned the program in the wake of ongoing net neutrality concerns.

There Are Strange Hot Spots On Giza's Great Pyramid, And No One's Quite Sure Why 

Well, that didn’t take long. Only a few weeks after a team of scientists began a project using novel scanning techniques to analyse Egypt’s major pyramids, they have discovered strange temperature anomalies — but it’s still unclear what’s causing them.

How To Desalinise Water Using Half The Energy Of Traditional Methods

In the next ten years, Earth’s population is expected to increase by one billion, and only three percent of our planet’s water is fit for drinking or farming. Most of that relatively small amount is trapped in frozen glaciers. But Egyptian researchers have developed a way of removing the salt out of sea water for our growing population in a way that’s super energy efficient.

Egypt Wants To Build A Second Cairo... In Just Seven Years

1.1 million units of housing. 10,000km of boulevards. 2000 schools. $US45 billion dollars. Egypt is planning a sparkling new capital outside of Cairo, and it wants to do it fast.

Egypt Is Building A New Pyramid 

Egypt, a country in the grips of a severe housing crisis, announced a glitzy new development this week — and it’s a throwback either to Vegas or to ancient Egypt. Or maybe a little bit of both.

Archaeologists Discover Mythical Tomb Of The God Of The Dead In Egypt

A reproduction of the mythical Tomb of Osiris as described by Egyptian lore has been discovered in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes, Egypt. The complex includes a shaft that connects to multiple chambers, including one with demons holding knives.

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