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Scientists Have Bred Live Mice With No Need For Fertilised Eggs

For the first time ever, scientists have produced live mice without a fertilised egg cell. The potentially revolutionary technique could one day allow gay men to produce biological offspring, or — even more radically — allow both men and women to self-fertilise.

Can We Turn Stem Cells Into Eggs?  

Northwestern University biologist Jonathan Tilly is certain he’s found egg-making stem cells in adult mice. If he’s right, it would refute decades-old work that showed female mammals finish making all their eggs before or shortly after birth. This might make it possible to grow new eggs inside the ovaries of older women.

The Development Of A Chicken Embryo From Fertilisation To Hatching

This visualisation reminds me of one of those chicken embryo development illustrations in biology school books. Except five hundred and thirty-four thousand two hundred and forty-four times cooler. Give or take.

Elephant Bird Egg Omelettes Will Cost You $49,000

You don’t see any elephant birds around these days, what with them having gone extinct hundreds of years ago. If you did fancy a tasty elephant bird omelette, then, it’ll cost you. How much? $49,000, that’s how much.

Science Proves Whether The Chicken Or The Egg Came First

It’s really embarrassing how many sleepless nights I’ve had due to my brain synapsing and wondering whether the chicken or the egg came first. I flip, I flop, I twist, I turn — it’s definitely a good brain exercise. But after watching ASAP Science definitively answer the question of which came first — the chicken or the egg — I can now sleep in peace.

Sri Lankan Chicken Answers The Question About Egg/Chicken Primacy

You know how chickens lay eggs, which (if fertilised) hatch into chicks? Not so in Sri Lanka, where a chicken reportedly gave birth to a chick… without that whole messy egg.

The Cutting Edge Of Dessert: How It's Made At A Four-Star Restaurant

The Mast Brothers channel old-school artisanal techniques in their chocolate. Now, with our friends at Eater, we’d like to show you the other extreme: How Le Bernardin executive pastry chef Michael Laiskonis crafts one of his signature mind-bending desserts, Egg.

iPhone Case Makes Me Hungry And Gives Me A Brunchner

Hmmm, yes, I would like an iPhone with a fried egg sunny side up, and bacon. Well done. Crispy. Almost burnt. Oh, and a cafe au lait, please. Thanks.

Creative Zii Egg Android PMP Makes Its Hands-On Debut

Creative’s Zii, which is either an extremely exciting platform for Android PMPs or a boring developers’ tool (nobody knows!) has turned up in CNET Asia’s offices. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long before they got a little handsy.

Creative Zii Egg Plaszma: Android-Wielding iPod Touch

Spotted in a recent FCC filing, the now-revealed Creative Zii Egg Plaszma boasts some of the world’s first “flexible StemCell architecture” that uses 24 floating-point processors. But you may care more because it’s basically an open source iPod Touch.

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