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Report: Ecuador Has Been Sick Of Julian Assange 'For Months'

It doesn’t matter if you’re an anti-secrecy activist and they’re a leftist government critical of the United States — if you happen to be Julian Assange, everyone gets tired of you eventually.

The Gruesome History Of The Galapagos Islands' Nietzsche-Fuelled Homesteader Death Showdown

The Galapagos Islands are best known for their giant tortoises, but they’re also the site of one of the most bizarre homesteading misadventures ever, complete with proto-hippies, a polyamorous baroness, potentially poisoned boiled chicken, births in pirate caves, and unsolved deaths that look a lot like murder.

Why Won't Julian Assange Condemn Ecuador's Spying Software? 

Wikileaks’ most recent document dump reveals emails leaked from an Italian company called Hacking Team that sells intrusive spyware to governments, exposing myriad government agencies from Bangladesh to the US for purchasing this surveillance software. It also exposes an oily hypocrisy.

This High-Altitude Overlook Perfectly Frames A Volcano

It takes some work to get to Ecuador’s Quilotoa Lake. Visiting the collapsed volcano requires hiring a bus or truck to navigate the steep roads, and a hardy constitution to endure its 3658m altitude. Now a simple yet elegant platform allows a moment of meditative respite on the precipitous edge of the electric blue caldera high in the Andes.

Ecuador's Mountains Sure Look Beautiful From Space

It may look more like modern art, but you’re actually looking at a the highlands of Ecuador seen from the European Space Agency’s Envisat. The peaks pretty much face the satellite, so the radar signals it sends out are reflected right back, resulting in the strong, bright signals you see.

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