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Sanctioning China For Cybercrime Would Be Very Naive  

Remember when Obama declared a national emergency in April and issued an executive order to allow sanctions for cyberattacks? The administration is now talking about using those sanctions to punish China for stealing US trade secrets, including nuclear power plant designs.

Why Does Montreal Have A Bitcoin Embassy?

In the heart of downtown Montreal, between a boarded-up bar and a poutine shop, there’s a three-story glass building. It looks for all the world like realtor’s office — that is until you spot the sign swaying in the wind: “Bitcoin Embassy”.

Tesla Is A 'High-End Disruptor', Despite Being A Startup

Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla has defied expectations and succeeded — despite having a product that nobody was sure even had a market. But how did it happen?

It Turns Out That The US' GMO Warning Labels Didn't Work

The US has seen widespread campaigns to warn them against the horrors of frankenfood by putting GMO labels on cans, but a new study shows that even when food has GMO labels, nobody cares.

Why My Car Costs More Than Taking Uber Everywhere

Two weeks ago, I sold my car. It was a great car: a 2002 Subaru WRX with 36,700 miles. It did 0-60 in 5.9 seconds (and I’d tested it out enough times to appreciate that). Super fun. Carried groceries and anything I needed. Good for city, good for climbing and camping trips. Worked well. Nothing wrong with it.

Good riddance.

Bubble Wrap's New Design Is Unpoppable, And It's All Our Fault

Our ruthless new era of super-efficient global shipping has made it irrelevant. The new product is called — hold your boos until the end, please — iBubble Wrap. It’s a version of an unpoppable wrap that’s been around for a few years, but as an interesting story by the Wall Street Journal’s Loretta Chao explains today, now it’s being introduced by Sealed Air Corp: The original makers of bubble wrap.

The Campaign To Crowdfund Greece's Bailout Has Crashed Indiegogo

Yesterday we told you about a silly crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece. Apparently there’s been so much interest that Indiegogo’s servers have been overloaded. The campaign is currently down. No joke.

US Students Granted Up To $US3.5 Billion In Debt Relief

It’s an unprecedented move in higher education, but a welcome one. The US Secretary of Education has pledged to forgive the loans of as many as 350,000 students who were defrauded into taking on huge student loan debts by online schools owned by Corinthian Colleges. More students may also be eligible.

How Verizon Buying AOL Subverts An Open Internet

US telecommunication companies were up in arms in February after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made net neutrality the law of the land by classifying broadband internet as a utility, seeming to ensure there would be no pay-to-play fast lanes.

Wearables Are All About Giving You A 'Rich-Person Experience'

Over the weekend, economist Paul Krugman wrote an interesting column for the New York Times that explains why Apple is emphasising wealth and luxury in its Apple Watch campaigns. Krugman believes that’s because all wearables are aimed at giving you an experience that only super rich people can have.

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