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This Could Be The Biggest Threat To Our Climate If We Don't Act Fast

When you think “peatland”, you probably picture water, or mosquitoes, or creepily preserved human artefacts. What most of us don’t consider are catastrophic wildfires — but that’s precisely what scientists are now worried about when it comes to one of the most carbon-rich ecosystems on Earth.

The Most Hopeful Place On Earth For Climate Change

Eastern Canada’s black spruce forests are one of the largest untamed wilderness areas on Earth. And in refreshingly optimistic news, parts of this ecosystem are expected to flourish in a warmer world, creating a refuge for species escaping drought-stricken regions to the south and west.

A Big LA Fire Isn't Worse Because People Are Finally Preparing For The Worst

It had all the elements of a catastrophe: A truck hit an electrical pole in the bone-dry canyons outside LA, exploding a transformer. Winds were brisk with temperatures above 32C. Despite that, the 500-acre blaze that looked particularly scary has only damaged three structures, reportedly because local residents had take the right precautions to protect themselves from bushfire.

Swarms Of Octopus Are Taking Over The Oceans

Something strange is happening to the oceans. As coral reefs wither and fisheries collapse, octopuses are multiplying like mad. As soon as they perceive weakness, they will amass an army and invade the land, too.

Human Ancestors Used To Be Snacks For Ice Age Predators

Humans have been fighting each other for thousands of years, but our ancestors had to worry about all sorts of savage killers. As an ancient, heavily gnawed femur bone highlights, we weren’t always at the top of the food chain.

We Are Fertilising The Heck Out Of Our Planet And That's A Bad Thing

The world is getting greener. A global analysis of satellite data finds that an area two times the size of the continental US has gone from brown to green over the past thirty years. Human carbon emissions are doing a hell of a job fertilising the planet — but we probably shouldn’t celebrate.

There's A Gigantic Reef Surrounding The Amazon River And Nobody Noticed

It’s incredible that it escaped notice for so long, but scientists have just discovered a massive, 9500 square-kilometre reef system at the mouth of the Amazon river. And it’s home to some truly bizarre life forms.

How To Tell If A Drought Is Going To Kill Off Your Trees

Droughts are hitting us harder, and they’re only going to keep on coming. But how do you know if your trees can make it through a severe drought? Now there’s a way to find out before the drought hits.

Trees Are Even More Amazing Than We Realised

Trees, is there anything they can’t do? Doubtful. Let’s see: producing half the world’s oxygen, providing habitat for millions of species, creating the soil and timber resources we depend on. Not bad. But all that’s just scratching the surface. As new research shows, there’s a lot more going on beneath the forest floor than we realised.

The Death Valley Super Bloom Is Incredible

Image Cache: Death Valley is one of the harshest environments on the planet, but you wouldn’t know it if you happened to visit last month. As weeks of El Niño-fuelled rains percolated into the soil, thousands of dormant seeds were awakened, and the barren landscape bloomed into an ocean of wildflowers.

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