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A Deadly Bee Virus Is Spreading And Only Humans Can Stop It

Across the world, bees are succumbing to a deadly virus, and a new study places the blame squarely on humans. The good news is, there are some common-sense measures we can take right now to start protecting the honeybees we rely on to pollinate our crops.

This Shark Shepherdess Looks Like She Stepped Out Of An Underwater Fairy Tale

A lovely shepherdess in a flowing white dress tends to her flock in these gorgeous photographs reminiscent of a fairy tale. The twist: the shepherdess is underwater, and her charges are white-tipped reef sharks.

We Were Wrong About What Happened After Europeans Reached America

The tale of Europeans explorers’ arrival in the Americas is a dark one, coloured by slavery, slaughter and smallpox. But a new study calls key details of that story into question, including how quickly Native American societies succumbed to disease, and how Earth’s climate responded.

You Really Don't Want To Know How Many Species Of Bugs Live In Your Home

Science, isn’t it great? Especially when it’s bringing us fascinating insights like this one: there could be up to 500 species of arthropods — insects, spiders, mites and centipedes — living right alongside you in your home. Apparently, the war on bugs was always a lost cause.

Giant Clams Light Up Like Plasma Screens, Only Better

I bet you’ve never thought about how giant clams will revolutionise future technology. It’s OK. You probably didn’t know about the incredible way these massive mollusks turn sunlight into power.

These Photos Show The Alien Beauty Of Life Underwater

Image Cache: Most of us have a vague, abstract concept of life beneath the sea. But a few men and women are dedicated to brining the secrets of the deep into the light of day. And as the 2015 Ocean Art photography contest shows, they’re doing a spectacular job of it.

Rising Temperatures Are Driving Hundreds Of Species To The North And South Poles

As global temperatures rise, many animal species are edging toward the poles and even climbing mountains to stay within their preferred temperature ranges. The result is a slow but noticeable shift in the world’s ecosystems, both on land and at sea.

Earth's Tropical Rainforests Could Look Completely Different By The End Of The Century

In 2005, an intense heatwave struck a mountaintop rainforest in northeast Australia. Accounts of the event were rather apocalyptic: birds dropping dead out of the sky; entire patches of forest withering to a crisp. But the biggest casualty of all was a snow-white furball that scampered amongst the branches at the highest elevations. The white lemuroid ringtail possum simply vanished.

Scientists Analysed Spiderweb DNA, And The Results Are Super Creepy

Walking into a spiderweb just got creepy. Those sticky strands clinging to your hair and face? They’re smeared with traces of the spider’s last meal, according to a fascinating new analysis of spiderweb DNA.

Baltimore's Stealthy Plan To Make Its Harbour Swimmable By 2020

If a friend told you he was off to take a dip in Baltimore’s Harbour, you’d probably be concerned for his health and sanity. But five years from now, swimming in Baltimore’s waterways might not sound so crazy — and there’s an innovative piece of technology to thank.

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