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Pruning The Mississippi River Could Protect New Orleans From The Next Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans a decade ago, its destructive power was unprecedented. But these days, extreme weather events are becoming eerily common. How to prevent the next big storm from walloping the Big Easy? We might need to let the mouth of the Mississippi die.

If Humans Never Existed, The World Would Have More Mammals

There aren’t many large mammals around anymore in, most of the world. That’s mostly because one mammal species — Homo sapiens — has taken a heavy toll on its competition. Now, a team of researchers demonstrates what would have happened to the world’s megafauna if humans had never existed.

Bats In India Like To Live Among Coffee Plants

If you’ve had a cup of coffee recently, the plants it grew on may once have been home to bats and other threatened wildlife. It turns out that when coffee plantations encroach on natural forest habitat, bats are happy to live in the coffee.

We've Used Up Our Annual Supply Of Earth's Resources -- And It's Only August

Happy Earth Overshoot Day, that singular day each year when humanity’s resource demands outstrip the planet’s ability to regenerate them. Last year, we faced our ecological debt on August 19th, this year, we’ve reached this milestone six days earlier. Well done.

Venomous Frogs Use Deadly Face Spines To Slay Their Enemies

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t try to eat a poison dart frog. But you probably don’t want to go anywhere near one of these adorable little suckers, which use the tiny, bony spines on their faces to jab threatening animals with a venom more potent than that of a deadly pit viper.

You Can Thank A Fungus For These Crazy Hair Ice Sculptures

Fungi are some of the weirdest and most fascinating creatures on Earth, but they have really outdone themselves with this one: Hair ice. According to new research, the icy hair-sculptures that crop up overnight in forests before melting away in the sun have fungal fingerprints all over them.

The Way Boa Constrictors Kill Is Even Creepier Than We Thought

Death by suffocation is nightmarish enough, but boa constrictors do something even more sinister: They cut off your blood supply.

It's So Dry Even America's Old-Growth Rainforests Are On Fire

The season of terrible drought and fire keeps getting worse in North America. In the past few weeks, hundreds of patches of forest in the Canadian and Alaskan boreal have gone up in flames. Now, one of America’s last remaining old growth forests — the Queets rainforest in Olympic National Park, Washington — is also burning.

The Biggest Danger From America's Historic Wildfire Season

Wildfires are tearing across Alaska and western Canada at a record-breaking rate this summer. But stands of blackened trees and cross-continental plumes of smoke are only the most visible signs of damage from the 300 or more fires currently raging. The biggest concern may be what’s happening below ground.

Giz Explains: The Most Important Thing We Will Need To Survive In Space

None of us would be alive today without plants, and if humans want to survive beyond Earth long-term, we’ll need to bring our leafy greens with us. Eventually, astronauts are going to have to become space farmers.

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