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Baltimore's Stealthy Plan To Make Its Harbour Swimmable By 2020

If a friend told you he was off to take a dip in Baltimore’s Harbour, you’d probably be concerned for his health and sanity. But five years from now, swimming in Baltimore’s waterways might not sound so crazy — and there’s an innovative piece of technology to thank.

Why Dogs Will Eat Anything But Cats Are Fussy As Hell

Anyone who’s watched a cat throwing up after munching on grass knows that our feline friends aren’t natural plant eaters. So you might be surprised to discover that these carnivorous animals share some important genes that are more typically associated with herbivores. And this might help explain why cats aren’t always easy to please when it comes to food.

After Decades Of Acid Rain Damage, America's Northeastern Forests Are Finally Making A Comeback

Good news on the environment front, folks: the effects of acid rain on forests in the northeastern US and eastern Canada are finally starting to reverse, nearly forty years after the United States began passing environmental legislation to control the problem.

The Mass Die-off Of Saiga This Spring Was Much Worse Than We Thought

Earlier this year, we were horrified to learn that 60,000 endangered saiga dropped dead in Central Kazakhstan over the course of four days, with the total death toll for the month of May pegged at 120,000. But it was even worse than we realised: According to new estimates, at least 211,000 saiga, 50% of the species, died this spring.

These Are The First Baby Giant Squid Ever Discovered

Giant squid are among the most mysterious creatures on the planet; the camera-shy behemoths lurk in murky ocean basins across the world. We’ve only seen adult giant squid a handful of times, and now, you’re looking at the first ever wee baby ones.

Your Sunscreen Is Killing Earth's Coral Reefs

If you’re one of the millions of beachgoers who slathers yourself in sunscreen before hitting the surf, here’s an additional reason to feel personally responsible for the sixth mass extinction. Your sunscreen, my sunscreen, all of our goddamn sunscreen is contributing to the death of Earth’s coral reefs. Did I mention we suck?

Wildlife Is Making A Comeback At Chernobyl, Now That People Have Left

The accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 had a devastating impact on the local population and forced 116,000 people to permanently leave their homes. But now researchers have discovered that, while the people may not have returned, the contaminated area of Belarus is teeming with wild animals, including elk, wild boar, deer and wolves. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these numbers seem to be on the rise and some of them are higher than in uncontaminated areas.

We Could Have Discovered Climate Change As Early As The 1940s If We Had Just Looked

The signs of global warming are hitting us over the head today — if you’ll remember, the fire and drought-ridden summer of 2015 was the also hottest in recorded history — but how long has our planet actually been feeling the heat? In parts of the tropics, anthropogenic climate change has been tinkering with the thermometer since the 1940s.

Feral Cats Can Destroy The Environment

Cats kill billions of small mammals, reptiles, and birds every year. In environments where cats have natural predators, like coyotes in parts of the United States, this isn’t a problem. But left unchecked, cats can become an invasive species that damages local ecosystems.

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