Hypnotic Flapping Wing Turbines Keep Working In The Gentlest Breeze

There have been many proposed alternatives to the spinning propeller blades used on wind turbines, but none as unorthodox as Festo’s new DualWingGenerator. Inspired by the company’s work on winged flying robots, the design keeps working when winds are as slow as 14km/h.

These Futuristic Villas Would Produce More Energy Than They Consume

It’s sort of an environmentalist’s dream. Forty-five gorgeous villas built on a wasteland that are so impossibly eco-friendly that they produce more energy than they consume in a given year. Ideal as it sounds, Vincent Callebaut has designed just that.

Colour Solar Panels Let Stained Glass Windows Produce Cheap Power

Because solar panels are designed to accumulate as much light from the sun as possible, they’re typically very dark in colour. It makes them more efficient, but also kind of an eyesore, minimising their adoption. So researchers at the University of Michigan have developed what they believe to be the world’s first semi-transparent, coloured solar panels.

Water Vapour Will Be The Only Emission From Toyota's New Fuel Cell Car

Electric-only cars might be envogue right now, but Toyota is pursuing another eco-friendly alternative to gasoline engines with its FCV concept. The company is now claiming the vehicle will be available sometime in 2015.

Hankook's Shock-Absorbing Airless Tyre Will Never Go Flat

Inspired by Bridgestone’s puncture-proof tyres, and Michelin’s Tweel, Hankook has decided that it wants to get into the next-generation tyre market with its own i-Flex. Like the previous creations from its competitors, Hankook’s tyre trades an air-filled bladder that’s prone to leaks and punctures for an engineered rubber framework that provides support and shock absorption.

World's Fastest Electric Superbike: All The VROOM, None Of The Fuel

Electric vehicles are quickly making strides towards widespread adoption; just look at the Nissan Leaf or Tesla S. The same holds true for motorcycles, although these battery-powered two-wheelers are built more for urban commuting than hardcore performance. That’s where the Mission RS comes in.

Monster Machines: How To Inspect Windmill Blades Without Leaving The Ground

Getting to the top of a wind turbine is no small feat — akin to summiting the Washington Monument — and even more difficult when the wind farm is at sea. So rather than force human inspectors to make the perilous climb, Helical Robotics has developed a magnetic turtle to do it for us.

Throw & Grow Confetti Turns Celebrations Into Lush Flower Gardens

Are you worried about the eco-impact of all that tossed confetti at your upcoming nuptials? Or maybe you don’t want to have to pay someone to clean it all up. Either way, just opt for Niko Niko’s new Throw & Grow eco-friendly confetti. Made of a biodegradable paper-like material shaped like little blossoms, the confetti is filled with seeds that will eventually sprout into a patch of wildflowers.

Check Out This Thermal Image Of One Of The World's First Passive Houses

Last night we talked about the Living Building Challenge, a certification system that rates the sustainability of a building over the course of a year. Here’s a followup about 23 Park Place, a Brooklyn Heights townhouse that’s probably the most energy efficient home in the city, thanks to its Passive House certification.

Don't Spill Anything On This $55 Foosball Table

You’d assume that a foosball table made from 100 per cent renewable materials — cardboard and wood — would be best suited for students on a limited budget. But even with a handy cup holder, the odds are the Kartoni would be soaked in spilled beer after just a couple of games, destroying its structural integrity.