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The Very Worst Of E3 2011

You’ve seen the best E3 2011 had to offer. Now see the worst. The very worst. Oh good Lord is some of this bad.

Nintendo's Two Reasons For Making A New Wii Now

We’ve been playing the same old Wii since 2006, which makes the calls for Nintendo to create a new Wii – Wii HD! Wii 2? Wii-As-Powerful-As-The-Xbox-360!?! – about… four years old. As recently as last November, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was telling Kotaku that it wasn’t time to talk about a new Wii yet.

Crowd Jeers Over AT&T 3G Exclusive For New PlayStation

The announcement last week that AT&T will be the exclusive 3G provider for the hot new PlayStation Vita did not go down well.

This Is The Wii U Console In My Ink-Stained Hands

This is the Wii U console, the part of Nintendo’s big new gaming machine that’s been getting a lot less attention than its stunning screen-based controller. I got my hands on the console today. Take a video tour with me.

Nintendo Talks Wii U Pricing

Wii U is the Nintendo Wii successor. That doesn’t mean the upcoming HD console is going to pick up where Wii pricing leaves off.

Nintendo Used 360, PS3, PC Game Footage In Wii U Demo Reel

This morning, Nintendo showed off a highlight reel of third-party games supposedly running on its new Wii U console. They looked great. Turns out that footage wasn’t running on anything of the sort.

Wii U Discs Will Be 25GB In Size

In a wide-ranging interview with Kotaku regarding the new Wii U console, one of Nintendo’s chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi, confirmed that the system’s proprietary disc format will hold 25GB of data.

Nintendo Wii U Hands On: An Entirely Different Way To See Things

It looks like the product of a fevered fanboy wetdream. A 6.2-inch touchscreen, surrounded by dual analogue sticks and oodles of buttons. Like the portable hardcore gamers wish Nintendo made. But it’s the most incredible controller ever.

Seven Different Ways To Play The Wii U

Combining the Wii U’s innovative new controller, the console itself, the stylus, and Wii remote and nunchuk controllers, here are seven different ways you’ll be playing with the Wii U come 2012.

Zelda Games On Wii U Could Look This Stunning

This is only a test. A test to show off what kind of HD graphics the Wii U can produce. It is also a test to show off how lovely the game can look even if you’re playing it just on your controller. I’d love to show you the HD version of this video, but, for now, enjoy this.

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