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Sony Vaio E-Series Adds 14- And 17-Inch Blu-ray Sporting Models

A couple of extra sizes of the E-series Vaio range first announced in February have been shown off today: a more portable 14-incher and desktop-hog 17-incher. Both have Blu-ray drives, and the 17-inch model has a Core i5 chip.

Nokia's New Phone Series Naming Structure Becomes Official

Along with the fairly staid C5 phone, Nokia today announced a new structure for its phone series – as we heard a few weeks back. Now, all Nokia phones will come in four different classes – the classic C-series, entertainment and media-themed X-series, business E-series and flagship “high end” N-series. [Nokia Conversations]

Sony S And E Series Walkmans Hit Stores Next Month

We already knew a bunch about the S Series, but Sony has now confirmed the 2.4-inch (QVGA) LCD player will be $US110 (8GB) and $US130 (16GB). Less expected: A cheaper E Series Walkman will arrive at the same time.

Nokia And Microsoft Announce Mobile Office For Symbian

So that Microsoft and Nokia partnership announcement happened last night. Not quite the Windows Mobile on Nokia announcement some pundits expected it to be – instead the two companies are working together to bring Mobile Office to Nokia’s Symbian platform.

Sony's E And B Series Walkman For Entry Level Listening

We’ve been talking about retro Walkman players quite a bit during out Gizmodo ’79 coverage, so it is only fitting that Sony Europe unveils two new devices aimed at the entry level market. The Walkman E-Series and B-Series.

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