Meet Titan Arm: An Affordable Exoskeleton That Will Change The World

Exoskeleton technology, mech suits and robotic prosthetics are the way of the future, both for labourers and those suffering from various medical conditions. The problem with current technology, however, is the astronomical cost involved in getting them built. Thanks to the winning team of this year’s James Dyson Awards, exoskeletons are finally becoming smarter and as cheap as $2000.

Dyson Might Sue Samsung In Australia Over Vacuum 'Rip-Off'

Samsung and Dyson, two giants in the home appliance sector, are both currently warring over alleged patent infringement in the UK courts. Now, you might think, “why do I care when we’re all the way down here?”. You should care because if Dyson wins its action in England, it may end up suing Samsung Down Under as well.

How Dyson Made Its Airblade Hand Dryers 50% Quieter

They’re the greatest thing to happen to public restrooms since those automatic toilet seat covering contraptions, but now Dyson’s engineers have managed to find a way to make its Airblade hand dryers even better by reducing their noise by 50 per cent. Because as impressive as drying your hands in just 12 seconds is, the previous versions came with a healthy dose of volume.

Check Out This Army Of Bizarre Flying Machines Built By Dyson Engineers

Dyson has some kick-arse vacuum engineers, but even the most passionate vacuum designer needs a little break now and then. That’s why Dyson’s team took a break to work on something completely different for a change of pace: weird, hacked-together flying (and crashing!) machines.

Dyson Sues Samsung Over Vacuum 'Rip-Off'

Sir James Dyson is a pretty easy going guy, but he’s no fan of Samsung right now, deciding to use his considerable legal clout to take the gadget giant to court over alleged patent infringement.

'Mains Power' Suction Promised by Dyson’s Cute Handheld DC59

Dyson’s been at it again trying to reinvent the humble vacuum cleaner, claiming that its new cordless DC59 model manages to produce the same level of suck as the mains-powered competition.

Why Hasn't Dyson Made A Robot Vacuum Yet?

Bladeless fans. Impossible hand-dryers. The best vacuums on the planet. These are the hallmarks of Sir James Dyson and his eponymous home appliance company that has attempted to change the world through innovation over the last 20 years. The one question remains, however: why won’t Dyson make a robot vacuum? We spoke to a senior engineer who let us in on the secret.

A Rare Behind The Scenes Look At How Dyson Torture Tests Its Vacuums

Did you know the polycarbonate plastic material that Dyson uses for the dirt collecting bins on its vacuums is the same material used to make police riot shields? We all know that Dyson makes some of the best vacuums on the market, but the company is now giving us an inside look at its R&D labs and exactly how it ensures its hardware sucks so incredibly well.

Samsung NaviBot Corner Clean Review: I Welcome My New Robot Butler Overlord

For the last two weeks, I have had a polite, good-looking, quiet robot move around my house and clean it for me. I for one welcome my new robot cleaning overlord.

The Dyson Hard Just Made Your Floor Mop Obsolete

Not content with making every other vacuum and fan on the market seem like a cheap children’s toy, Dyson has now set its sights on the floor mop that’s been quivering in your broom closet, awaiting its day of reckoning. The unfortunately named Dyson Hard is a version of the company’s handheld cordless vacs that sees the business end replaced with a cleaning head that also sucks away dirt before it scrubs your floors.