Passengers Heat This Battery Bus Shelter By Holding Each Other's Hands

The only thing worse than the cold is when you’re stuck in the middle of it waiting for a bus. So to make the experience a little less awful, Duracell turned a bus shelter in Montreal into a giant battery that powered a set of warmth-providing heaters.

We Would Not Have Survived CES Without This Gear

New gadgets take the spotlight at CES. And though we’re occasionally blinded by the bright, shiny things, we know where our loyalties lie. Behind the barrage of posts and sprinting between booths, the real stars of the show are the tried and true bits of gear we’re using behind the scenes. Each of us has our own beloved item — tech or otherwise — that we’ll swear is the only reason we made it out of Vegas alive. Spoiler: There are a lot of batteries mentioned in this post.

This Incredibly Thin Card Could Bring Wireless Charging To Any Device

Inductive charging means you’ll never have to plug your phone in again, and to avoid clunky add-on solutions if your device doesn’t have it built in, Duracell has created this wafer thin adaptor card that slips in alongside its battery.

Duracell MyGrid USB Charger Charges Wirelessly, Gives Gear A Boost

Once you juice it up wirelessly atop a myGrid inductive charging slab, Duracell’s new $US35 myGrid USB charger will power pretty much anything that has USB, including smartphones (about four hours), MP3 players (~30 hours) and ebook readers (~100 hours).

The Original Energizer Bunny: Starting At $US15,000

Own a piece of the fascinating battery spokesbunny saga, for a minimum of $US15,000! “What fascinating battery spokesbunny saga?” you might ask. Well, have you ever heard of the Duracell bunny?

Review: Duracell Instant Chargers Are...Pretty Perfect?

We’ve all seen those mini mobile phone rechargers at airports, but Duracell has released a line of rechargeable pocket chargers that can refill any USB-compatible device (like iPhones) through compatibility with your own adaptors. And our favourite model is cheap.

Duracell Energy Drink Is Probably Delicious With Vodka

Monster? Red Bull? Pfft. Duracell has been powering the world before you were but a gleam in Xtreme sports’ eye.

Duracell's Smart Power Lineup Includes Wireless Charging Pad

Duracell is expanding their mobile charger lineup with new “Smart Power” products—but it’s their myGrid wireless charging pad that has us excited.

Lightning Review: Duracell Powerpack 450 Talking Portable Power Unit

The Gadget: Duracell’s Powerpack 450 is a portable power source for AC, DC and USB-powered electronics. It also features a vehicle jump starter, air compressor, flashlight and a voice feature.

Battlemodo: Energizer vs Duracell Rechargeable Batteries

Duracell vs Energizer was one of the headlining tech fights of the ’80s, as Walkmen chewed through cell after cell. Today, a better match up is the one between their rechargeable batteries.

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