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Why This Suburb Is The Best Place To Build A Drug-Smuggling Tunnel

So say you need to get a few hundred kilograms of cocaine from Mexico to the US. Underground, preferably, so as not to attract too much attention. Where’s the best place one might, hypothetically, do this? Asking for a friend.

Addiction Could Be More Like A Learning Disorder Than A Disease

When Saturday Night Live aired a skit this weekend riffing on America’s new heroin epidemic — a satirical fake ad for “Heroin AM” to help addicts remain productive while using — many people weren’t laughing. That’s because heroin and other powerful opiates are killing more people than ever, across all demographics. So much for the War on Drugs. Maybe that approach is failing because we’re thinking about addiction all wrong.

There's A Portable Drug Factory Inside This Fridge-Sized Box

Producing drugs is usually a time-consuming process that requires several large factories, each handling a different step in the process. But for smaller on-demand batches, MIT has developed a portable pharmacy that’s only about the size of a commercial-grade fridge and promises much faster turnarounds.

This Is What Really Happens To Your Brain When You're Tripping On LSD

For the first time ever, researchers have peered into the brains of people tripping out on LSD. The groundbreaking scans reveal the dramatic extent to which the psychedelic drug affects normal brain function, while pointing towards therapies for similar psychological disorders.

Behind The Mysterious Powers Of The Placebo Effect

Video: The placebo effect is real, we all know that. Our bodies can be tricked into getting better and healthier even when we’re take taking sugar pills or fake drugs or undergoing treatment that isn’t even supposed to help us get better. If we believe it will help, it sometimes really does help. TED-Ed dives in a bit on the mystery behind the phenomenon. The placebo effect is proof of how extraordinary the human body is but also that it’s not always a good thing.

This Is How Drones Will Deliver Blood And Drugs In Rwanda 

Forget your eBay package arriving beneath a drone: In Rwanda this winter, urgent deliveries of blood and drugs will be dropped by drones to help save lives.

Researchers Have Discovered A Fast Way To Make Artificial Arteries For Testing Drugs

When new drugs are tested on humans, they can sometimes be ineffective, and sometimes deadly. Testing drugs on human tissues, without a whole human involved, can save money, time and lives. A fast new system that makes ultra-tiny human blood vessels could change the way we test drugs. Someday it could even help us quickly build organs.

Mice Prefer Videos Of Fighting To Videos Of Sex But They Prefer Drugs Most Of All

Researchers at Keio University spent weeks showing laboratory mice footage of mouse porn, mouse fights and mouse sniffing. They found out that mice can distinguish between social behaviours — and that they prefer seeing fighting to sex, unless drugs are involved.

You Can Train Your Body Into Thinking It's Had Medicine

Can we harness the mind to reduce side-effects and slash drug costs?

Someday We May All Be On Anti-Aging Drugs 

Ampakines are a class of drugs that have been shown to reverse the adverse effects of cognitive disorders in rats. A new study indicates that they might also help rats with ageing, but still healthy, brains. Could the future belong to these kinds of anti-ageing drugs?

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