How To Pass A Urine Test (Or At Least Stand A Fighting Chance)

You’ve got enough to worry about for that upcoming job interview without stressing over whether or not you’ll be judged by what you pee into a cup. And sometimes it’s just too late to go all the way straight-and-narrow. Fortunately there are ways of maximizing the chance that your future employment won’t be sidetracked by Friday night’s doobie. Here’s what you need to know to have your best chance at passing a urinalysis test.

How Yesterday's Drugs Became The Medicines Of Today

My sister is a witch. Or, more precisely, a Wiccan astrologer and tarot reader. Growing up as a kid who worshipped Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, I found it hard to square her worldview with my own.

Do Colour Blind People See More Colours When They Take Hallucinogens?

If you gave a colour blind person something like LSD or some other sort of hallucinogenic drug, would they see colours they couldn’t before? Interestingly, there is a great deal of crossover in how people affected by protanopia (red light dichromacy) and deuteranopia (green light dichromacy) see the world, as such “red/green colour blindness” is often used as a catchall term. As a side note, this is also by far the most common kind of CVD.

How Mexico's Drug Cartels Are Driving Up The Price Of Limes In The U.S.

A lime shortage is threatening the U.S. food and beverage industry, with some bars and restaurants jacking up drink prices, charging extra for a slice — or refusing to serve the citrus at all. But there’s another reason to rethink that margarita: The pricey limes you’re buying from Mexico might be supporting drug violence.

A Broken Billboard Looks Psychedelically Drugged Out

It’s ok. It’s not just you. You didn’t pop a pill you shouldn’t have before your afternoon coffee. You’re not in a dream world. The billboard actually looks like that in real life and apparently it’s on purpose, the broken electronic billboard is being tested for all working colours. I see acid.

Ecstasy In London? Heroin In Zagreb? The Answer Is Found In The Sewers

Drug users might be less than forthright about their illicit habits — but they all have to pee. With that in mind, scientists are drug-testing entire sewer systems to study just how popular illegal drugs have become.

Aussie Mum In Anti-Bitcoin Crusade After Son's Death

This is a tragic story. Anna Skelly came home from holiday with her husband to find her son dead on her bed after what looks to be a bad reaction to cocaine. Cocaine which he reportedly acquired from an online drug marketplace, financed by Bitcoin transactions. Now the Sydney mother is going on a crusade against the crypto-currency, calling on the Federal Government to ban it in Australia.

There's A New Drug Test That Can Beat The Poppy Seed Defence

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine fails a drug test after eating a poppy seed bagel? Many modern pee-in-this-cup drug test can’t differentiate between the harmless opiates found in poppy seeds with the eye-rolling opiates found in black tar heroin — and it’s become a big problem. But a newly developed drug test is poised to fix it.

Scientists Find A Marijuana-Blocking Compound Made By Your Brain

Marijuana may make you feel nice, but according to new research, your brain may not want to go along for the ride: turns out, when your brain senses THC, it produces a hormone that counteracts the drug’s effect. Buzzkill.

Cleaning Up Former Meth Houses Is A Booming Business

Even if intrigue and criminal activity aren’t quite up your alley, you can still cash in on meth. That’s because riding on the coat tails of the meth epidemic is the growing industry of meth lab cleanup. You won’t be Walter White, but you can still wear a fluorescent hazmat suit, and you probably won’t have international drug cartels chasing after you.