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Drobo 5D And Drobo Mini: Leaner, Meaner, Faster, Thunderbolt-Equipped

The Drobo family of products are generally respected among professionals and tech nerds, but the one complaint was that the dynamic storage arrays were too slow. Drobo listened, and now they’re answering back with the Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini, two devices designed to handle the most demanding of file transfers.

8-Bay Drobo Pro Reviewed, Approved

PC Perspective put the $US15000, 8-bay Drobo Pro through all the paces, and they found that, yes, it’s wonderful, and yes, it lacks eSATA. But if you need/want eSATA, there’s always the 5-bay Drobo S. [PC Perspective]

Drobo S: A Faster, Fatter Storage Robot With ESATA

What’s the ‘S’ stand for in Drobo S? Speed. Uh, more speed. And more storage. Specifically, a fifth drive bay for more redundancy, faster FireWire and a new eSATA port. As always, it’s not cheap — $US800 sans drives.

DroboPro Squeezes In 8 Networked Drives, 16TB of Data

The Drobo is a pretty renowned little NAS, making it easy to add networked storage to your home/office. The new DroboPro is a bigger, meaner NAS that’s equally simple to use.

DroboApps Makes Your Drobo Smarter, More Useful

If you have a Drobo, the storage robot that takes care of your hard drives so you don’t have to worry about reliability–or so they say–, you will be interested in the new applications for the platform. Called DroboApps, they will convert your Drobo into a web server, an iTunes media server, a BitTorrent client, or an FTP server. [Drobo via CrunchGear]

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