Colour-Changing Markers Let You Know When A Hot Drink Has Safely Cooled

The markers used by baristas at coffee shops to label cups might soon be useful for more than just identifying your drink. Inspired by the experience of burning your tongue on overly hot coffee, the Ink N Drink markers contain heat-sensitive ink that lets you know which drink is yours and if it’s safe to sip yet.

Coasters That Stick To Glasses Protect Every Surface In Your Home

A coaster is only effective if your dinner guests are willing to use them. Once you’ve left the room to check on dinner, it’s all but guaranteed there will be glasses, cans and bottles placed directly onto every piece of furniture you own. Unless, of course, those coasters were stuck to the bottom of every drink.

Happy Hour: How To Build Your Own Carbonation Rig That Adds Bubbles To Anything

Look, SodaStreams are great for their convenience and ubiquity, but there are some drawbacks. For starters, you can only use them to carbonate water. On top of that, the cost of the replacement CO2 cartridges (which you need to keep yourself “in bubbles”) is higher than it needs to be. We’ve explored other systems that let you carbonate cocktails, but they’re prohibitively expensive and very inconvenient. We knew there had to be a better way.

How To Make A See-Through Margarita

When done right, few things hit the spot on a hot night like a margarita. But what if you could take a margarita, retain the same crisp flavour, and make it totally clear? Don’t ask why. Just trust us.

The Brunch Cocktail That Puts Bloody Marys To Shame

It’s the weekend. People are smiling, showing a little more skin, and your favourite brunch spot has opened its outdoor seating area. But don’t reflexively reach for that Bloody Mary. It’s a new year. It deserves a new cocktail.

5 Boozy Drinks To Settle Your Overstuffed Stomach

Oops, you did it again, didn’t you? You had to try every tasty-looking morsel at the Christmas banquet and then go back for seconds. And thirds. Yeah, eventually, you’re going to want to work that off, but, for now, you just want something that will settle your unhappy tum-tum and simultaneously drown out your screaming in-laws. We’ve got some suggestions.

Everything That Goes Into A Cup Of Eggnog

Traditionally, yes, eggnog included raw eggs. However, some countries today, such as the United States, severely restrict the use of raw egg in products, due to health concerns; thus, most commercial eggnog does not include raw eggs. (The FDA actually limits the egg yolk solids in eggnog to less than 1%.) You can, however, buy pasteurized eggs first before making your own eggnog (or partially cook the raw egg in milk to make a custard), but eggnog connoisseurs tend to frown upon this as it supposedly alters the flavour and consistency of the final product.

Thermos Designed A Mug For The Slowest Sipping Tea Drinkers

It’s supposed to be a drink that you slowly slip and savour, but once you’ve brewed a cup of tea it’s a race against the clock — and thermodynamics — to enjoy it while it’s hot. A thick ceramic mug helps with that problem, but even better is the double-walled insulated engineering that went into Thermos’ new tea tumblers.

Halloween Cocktails And Dry Ice: A Spooky, Drunken Primer

Dry ice is one of the most tried and true Halloween special effects. Simply drop a chunk into a liquid, then it begins to “boil” and emit a dense, creepy fog. Not only that, it’s cheap, simple to use and way easier to find than you probably thought. It also happens to be fantastic — and fantastically ghoulish — in a lot of cocktails.

A Salad Spinner For Cocktails Makes Martinis Stirred, Not Shaken

Concocting the perfect cocktail can take years of practice, but everything in life has a shortcut, and for amateur mixologists it’s called the Cocktail Spinner. Imagine smashing a Magic Bullet into a salad spinner at the speed of light. This is what the resulting supernova would leave behind.

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