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Karl Urban: 'Conversations Are Happening' About A Dredd Sequel On Netflix

Ever since Dredd hit theatres back in 2012, the film has become a regular cult classic, with persistent rumours about a followup surfacing every couple of months. While our hopes were dashed last year, there are apparently new efforts to bring the character to a streaming service.

Watch This: Why Dredd 3D Looks So Amazing

No matter what you thought of balls-to-the-wall action romp Dredd 3D, you can’t deny it looked amazing. Slo-Mo — the movie’s super-drug — meant that the world had to look like it was moving at one-percent its normal speed. That means creating some intense images to reflect what the characters are feeling. Here’s how the special effects artists did it.

Karl Urban Talks Judge Dredd, And Why Most Video Game Movies Aren't Up To Scratch

Karl Urban knows a thing or two about movies based on video games. He’s been in one. He’s also been in Star Trek, The Bourne Supremacy and now Judge Dredd.

This Dredd Concept Art Paints A Picture Of Life In Mega City One

Megacity One looks like a rubbish place to live, if I’m honest. Not only is it really crowded, everything out of the city looks dead. Like dead dead. Check out this first batch of Dredd 3D concept art to understand what I mean.

Dredd's NSFW Preview: Sparkly Blood Spray All Round

Remember when the trailer for Dredd first surfaced and I said it would be a gratuitous, non-stop action thrill-ride with shameless 3D and slow motion effects? The first preview clip for the film proves that I can, in-fact, see the future

Dredd First Trailer Brings One Liners, Bullets And Slow Motion Everything

Cheesy one liners, gratuitous slow motion and more bullets than a munitions factory. That’s right, the first trailer for the Judge Dredd film reboot is here, and it’s everything you want in an action heavy thrillfest.

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