Watch More Cute Monster Animation Drawings Get Inserted Into Daily Life

I just love the fake cartoon reality that augmented reality artist Marty Cooper creates within our world because his character drawings pack so much personality that I just want them to be real. Here he is with part three in his Aug(de)mented Reality series, which splices crazy cute monster drawings into normal situations of real life.

These Intricate Neighbourhoods Imagine A Suburban Sprawlpocalypse

If you grew up in the suburbs, you know the windy labyrinth of roads and driveways all too well. In these digital drawings, artist Ross Racine has constructed visions of a world where housing tracts truly know no bounds.

These Cool Anamorphic Drawings Will Play With Your Brain

Italian artist Alessandro Diddi is back with more mind-boggling anamorphic drawings that seem to be popping out of the paper. Even if I know that these are plain 2D drawings, my brain keep telling me it’s 3D.

Can You Recognise These Upcoming Movies From Just A Simple Icon Drawing?

This movie poster by Silenzio actually shows 35 different movies coming out in 2015, all represented with just one icon. Can you tell which movie is which? Some are easy because the sequel numbers are listed, while others are just a little bit tougher. How many can you recognise?

These Drawings Were Made By The Bad Guys In Legend Of Zelda

The other day I was playing SNES on an emulator and it suddenly struck me: The incredible amount of work that went into creating every single tiny box of light on that screen. It sounds like a simple point, but less so when you glimpse the maths and complexity behind video games in action.

These Drawings Turn A Quiet City Into An Apocalyptical Nightmare

The Rule – by Boston-based band Faces of Film — is one of these songs that, despite its calmness, makes my head and feet rock inevitably. The video, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, is as contradictory as the song. It shows a rather quiet city agitated by apocalyptical superimposed drawings of fires and floods.

Short Film: A Stick Figure Drawing Destroys The Computer That Drew It

What happens when the crude artwork you draw in Photoshop becomes sentient and gains superpowers and starts darting across your desktop screen with weapons? A whole lot of desktop destruction. Even worse, the stick figure will draw goons to help them ruin your computer forever. But it will be fun to see.

I Wish These Magically Animated Drawing Journals Existed In Real Life

Video: Spanish illustrator Luis Pastor draws one vignette per day in his pocket-sized Moleskin journal. He put together a video that shows his tiny illustrations so far in 2014, making subtle animations using different digital tools. I wish there was a way to magically do this to my sketches in real life.

They Should Make These Tron Sneakers For Real

The French illustrator Romain Trystram thinks sneakers are an important part of the contemporary culture, and he is right. That why he decided to make these cool series of digital drawings where he mixes them with popular culture icons like Tron, Futurama, Star Wars or even Kebabs.

Man Is Stuck In South Korea After His Kid Doodled All Over His Passport

A Chinese man and his four-year-old son are apparently stuck in South Korea because his son used his old man’s passport as a drawing book. Seriously. While on holidays, the kid started doodling over his Dad’s passport, decorating it with human-ish and animal-ish figures, a lot of scribbles and some added flair. Cute!

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