Chalk That Can Draw Deadly Weapons Look Fun Until They Kill You

Screw playing Call of Duty or Halo or Titanfall or any next generation video game, I want this Chalk Warfare game where you draw your own weapons and fight your friends to become real. Your weapons are only limited by your imagination and, well, your drawing skills.

Artist Inserts His Hilarious Monster Drawings Into Real Life

To have a little bit of fun, artist Marty Cooper drew some cute critters and funny looking monsters on a transparent sheet and inserted them into real life. As in he superimposed his drawings into the environment around him. It’s like what the world would look like if monsters were living among us.

Watch Wind-Up Toys And Walkmen Create Intricate Mechanical Drawings

Art can happen where you least expect it, which is definitely the case with the work of Echo Yang, who uses small toys and everyday electronics to create detailed drawings.

Watch This Etch A Sketch Tell The Story Of Its Inventor

Drawing on an Etch A Sketch is hard. Well, it is if you want to do more than just make a horrible mess of angularity. But the squarish beauty of the line-drawing toy is put to great use in this clever little animation that tells the story of André Cassagnes, its inventor.

Bebo To Relaunch, Promises Fewer Male Genitalia Pics

Remember Bebo? It must have been one of the first social networks you joined, right? All that information up there for you to share with your friends. Like many social networks, it was murdered at the hands of Facebook, but that won’t stop the original founder from buying it back and relaunching it, this time, without the male genitalia drawings that made the Whiteboard feature so infamous.

Lovely Mum Draws Awesome Pictures On Napkins For Her Sons' Lunches

Mother’s Day is on May 12 this year, so it’s a pretty good idea to tell your mum you love her. But you should do that every day! Especially if you’re the sons of amazing Nina Levy. She turns regular ol’ lunch napkins into wonderful pieces of art. Just look at them.

20 Cutaway Drawings That Will Slice Open Your Mind

When I was a child I loved to bury myself in the centrefold cutaway illustrations of the monthly scientific magazines my father subscribed to for me. Cars, tractors, ships, trains, engines — I loved every tiny detail. I loved pretending I was one of the tiny men in the pictures. As an adult, I appreciate these drawings not only as educational objects but as beautiful pieces of art, unfortunately sometimes created by forgotten or unknown artists. I dare you to disagree with me after checking out these 20 drawings from the history of this amazing genre.

The Best Sketch Of The New York Skyline You Will Ever See

I love New York. It’s a beautiful city that has to be seen to be believed. I’ll get back there one day, but for now we can all gather around and watch this amazing free-hand sketch of the New York skyline and marvel at the skill of artist Patrick Vale.

When In Doubt, Get A Sharpie-Armed Robot To Do Your Work

Terrible drawers of the world, unite – and arm yourselves with a 3-axis CNC machine that’s been outfitted with a Sharpie pen for converting a vector image file to a tangible drawing in seconds.

Express Your Abstract Side With Sktch For iOS

Everyone and their brother has downloaded a brushes-based drawing app for their iPad. Those apps are fine, but if you’re looking for a something outside the box, you need to check out Sktch.